How to Get More Customers for My Small Business

Jun 13, 2019

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We’ve said it before and we will say it again – small businesses are the backbone of every economy and, unfortunately, struggle to get more customers. If you are a small business owner, you are awesome, and thank you for making our lives better.

However, not many people realise the problems small businesses face when trying to get more customers. Some of them succeed to overcome these issues, while others fail. As a matter of fact, only 75% survive their first two years in business and things only get worse from here on – only half of that number make it to year five. Lastly, only one third reaches the golden 10 year anniversary of their business.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to panic because in this article we will answer the question you’ve been asking all along – “How to get more customers for my business?”.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

One of the most important aspects of attracting customers to your business is creating an ideal customer avatar. A customer avatar is a detailed profile which outlines every information about them, without generalising and grouping them. To identify your ideal customer you will need to gather information like age, location, interests, pain points and other details of crucial significance for your marketing strategy. For example, Suzan, 38,  lives 5 km away from your store. She is too busy and cannot visit your shop physically, but she always shops online and doesn’t mind paying a delivery cost.

Discover the Location of Your Clients

Now that you’ve you’ve built a customer avatar, the next step is to find out where they hang out. You can start with exploring forums like Reddit, Facebook groups or even Quora. These are places where you can find a lot of information (at no cost) about their location and the problems they are having accessing the desired product or service.
With the help of this data you can decide where you should put your focus on. Are they members in some particular social media groups or they prefer real-life conferences and events? For instance, Suzan has an online business – handcrafted jewelry. The little free time she has, she uses to network online in business related social media groups.

Become an Expert in Your Field

The easiest way to attract new customers and bind them with loyalty, is to show expertise. Your customers will gain more trust and respect for you and your business as well, when they realise how deep your knowledge on the specific industry you’re into is. This will make them feel confident and safe to purchase your products or services.

Present Yourself as the Solution

Present your company to the potential clients as the problem solver. Send a clear message to your customers that you’re focused on providing high quality solutions that bring actual value. One of the most effective ways to reach out to your potential and existing customers is by creating and sharing engaging content, such as blog articles, instruction videos on YouTube, podcasts, newsletters etc.

Your overall reach will be increased, thus creating new leads. Also, if you want to expand even further, contact popular blogs or famous YouTube channels. If your content is good enough, you might not spend a dime for the new reach. That way, you will not only be creating brand awareness for your business but show expertise as a solution maker as well.

Adopt a Call To Action Marketing Approach

The Call-To-Action tactics is know to have huge success when it comes to marketing. CTA means reaching out to your audience with an attractive, or even provoking message that offers value and motivates them to react. Additional, CTA campaigns are known to trigger FOMO, thus the reason for being so effective. They invoke a powerful emotion that compels potential customers to react fast.

Show your customers that you understand their problem and give them the solution. They know that it’s best to get the solution sooner rather than later, because the problem costs them time and money. On the other hand, with your products and services at their side, they can rest assured that the problem is long gone.

Build Strong Connections

On your road to find new customers and increase sales you must connect with other companies offering complimentary services. Teaming up with other SMEs provides the possibility to take advantage of synergy, which is essential in developing a successful business.

We believe that strong partnerships are one of the key elements for SMEs success, and that is why we have focused on solving this pain point. For this purpose we have built a B2B platform that offers small and medium sized companies the chance to connect to new businesses and find new opportunities quicker and easier than before. If you require suppliers, transportation services, tech support or anything else from a specific industry, our platform is the place to find the right connection.



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