Types of help desk software: How to choose the right one

June 14, 2022

Types of help desk software

Customer management is an essential aspect of any business, especially pertaining to customer service. You can manually handle customer management when a company is small, but you will need a digital system when it grows to a particular size. Help desk software is the solution that will help you better manage your customers. 

A help desk is a system that enables you to convert customer queries into tickets for resolution. The right help desk could be the difference between happy and unhappy customers, which will subsequently affect your profits or lead to losses.

Types of Help Desk Software

Before choosing help desk software, you should know which types exist.

Cloud-Based Software

A cloud or web-based help desk software is an application hosted on a vendor’s website. Cloud-based software is typically a SaaS (software as a service). When using a web-based help desk software, you make monthly or annual payments instead of a one-time lump sum payment. 

The software company handles maintenance, security, and data backup. You can access the help desk as long as you have an internet connection.

Self Hosted Software

Self-hosted or on-premise help desk software involves you making a one-time purchase for a proprietary software license. The company then owns and runs the software themselves. 

With self-hosted help desk software, you install the system on your own server and ensure its maintenance, data backup, and security, which might require an IT department. The software is often expensive but offers you total control over the software.

Enterprise Help Desk Software

Enterprise help desk software is for large enterprises requiring advanced features and an IT team to manage the software. With enterprise help desk software, you get features like asset management, multi-brand support, advanced encryption, enterprise security, e.t.c. 

Enterprise help desk software is also highly customizable to allow companies to automate advanced functions for their IT team. Enterprise help desk software is the most expensive type.

Open Source Help Desk Software

Open-source software means that you get access to the source code. You can then use and customize the code to suit your purposes. 

Therefore, your IT team can change or improve the software depending on your business needs. Developers can build open-source help desk software over time, add features, fix bugs, manage updates, and enhance security.

How To Choose The Right Software

The following are tips for choosing the right help desk software:

Determine What Kind Of Customer Service You Want To Offer

Your customers are the first and foremost factor to consider when choosing help desk software. Your business should have a customer service strategy and select the software that best helps you execute your strategy. Once you clearly understand what excellent customer service in your business looks like, choosing help desk software becomes much easier. 

Knowing what customers expect from your brand and the main ways they want to interact with your business is vital. Also, consider how your employees would best deliver outstanding customer service. Choose software that makes it as straightforward as possible for them to provide customer service.

Decide On Essential Features

When choosing a help desk software, you will also have to decide which essential features you want it to have. There are many help desk software with plenty of fancy features. However, you know the features your software should have to adequately provide the kind of customer service you want to offer. 

Once you know the fundamental elements that your help desk software needs, you can leave room for other features that improve the customer experience. Ensure the features enhance the productivity and efficiency of your customer service department. Accepting feedback from your customer service team will give you the best chance of getting the best features for your software.

Know Your Budget

Help desk software can be expensive, so you must have a budget outlining how much you are willing to spend on the software. Even if your business is relatively small, you should spend enough money to get the best help desk software you can afford. 

The good news is that there are many SaaS help desk solutions that, despite being rich with valuable features, are affordable for small businesses. A dedicated help desk solution will require a significant investment, whether you will pay an IT team to develop open-source software or pay the subscription for a cloud-based help desk solution.


Scalability is critical when choosing help desk software as it is a factor that will ensure the software can handle the growth of your business. Consult your customer service team and find out the number of customers the solution you want can handle. Moreover, you do not want to pay more for a help desk solution as your business grows, so a scalable solution is vital.


A help desk software is a solution that can benefit many businesses. You should first consider the type of solution you need, which could be a cloud-based, on-premises, enterprise, or open-source software. 

You will then have to consider factors like scalability, essential features, budget, and customer service provision. Choose the right solution for your business, and the effect will be apparent.

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