19 water bottle manufacturers that are trying to save the planet

August 09, 2022

Top water bottles manufactures

Environmentally friendly solutions have become part of almost every industry there is. That’s happening with the water bottles manufacturers industry as well. As we all know, plastic is the number one pollutant. So, it’s just a matter of when everyone will understand the health and eco hazards of non-reusable water bottles.

The reusable water bottles market has been growing throughout the past couple of years. As a result, in 2020, this market was valued at 8.2 Billion dollars. Projections expect this market to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3% projecting it to $10.63 Billion by 2028

What are water bottles manufacturers?

Water bottles manufacturers are companies that are producing reusable water bottles in order to minimize this waste. Reusable water bottles manufacturers are on the forefront of the movement to save the environment as they should be because they’re producing a product that should minimize plastic waste.

Water bottles manufacturers you should be aware of

Let’s dive deep into the list of water bottles manufacturers who are really doing everything in their power to save the planet!


Waterdrop is a company that’s trying to encourage people to use reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water. 

Their products range from water bottles to smart caps and smart formulas that promote good health by implementing nutrients in the water.

Air Up

Innovation and style is the name of the game in Air Up. This company was founded in 2018 when two graduates Lena and Tim designed the first prototype of this reusable water bottle for their University project.

Today, Air Up is selling products ranging from the original Air Up bottle, accessories and pods.


REBO are working on cleaning the planet with every gulp of water their users take. Namely, their initiative is collecting and recycling one plastic water bottle from landfills for every 600ml of water their users drink from their bottles. 

Their smart bottle and app allow the user to track their liquids intake. You can find the REBO bottle on their webstore in different colors that suit your style. 


Boomerang is tackling the problem of single use water bottles by allowing its users to take a bottle of water, drink it and return it on site. Their bottles are produced from durable glass and aluminum and negate the health risks posed by single use plastic water bottles.

Founded in 2020 by veteran Jason Dibble, Boomerang is striving to end the use of plastic bottles.


Established in 2019, Paboco strives to change the industry for good by implementing recyclable paper bottles. Their bottles are much easier to recycle, and in the odd chance of these bottles ending up somewhere in nature or even in landfills, they’ll be much quicker to degrade than the traditional single use plastic water bottles.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle has the vision of a clean ocean, because, as they say, it gives us every other breath we take and we keep on polluting it. Their clean the ocean initiative revolves around their brand. If you buy one Ocean Bottle, they promise to clean the ocean of 1000.


Petainer is an environmentally friendly company that cares about our planet. That’s why they are using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for their products. Their products are easily recyclable, and they even offer multiple use water bottles as well. There is a great range of bottles and containers that you can choose from depending on your needs.


Ohelo is a great environmentally friendly company that’s trying to help in saving the planet by bringing water bottles and coffee cups that are better for people’s as well as the plant’s health.

Their products are 360 laser etched from stainless steel which makes them lead free, BPA, BPS and BPF free which makes them healthier and eco-friendly.

VOSS Water

VOSS is a company well-known for its sleek, recognizable and modern reusable water bottles. Established in 2000, VOSS quickly became the standard for reusable water bottles both for their sleek design, but also for their cause, which is the core belief to many companies today.

All American Containers

All American Containers is a glass and metal water bottle supplier. All American Containers is working as a brand under the fortune 500 company Veritiv who is one of the biggest packaging companies in the world.

Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is one of the best companies bringing PTE, metal, and glass containers to companies all over the world. Their containers are available in multiple colors and capacities ranging anywhere between 60ml to 2l.

The Cary Company

Established back in 1895, The Cary Company is one of the oldest companies on this list. They do it all, from plastic bottles to metal containers serving the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Their experience and expertise show how a company can change their values throughout the years and stay on the market for as long as they have stayed.


Everich is a company that was founded in 2000 specializing in manufacturing and exporting stainless steel reusable water bottles. You can experience their 22-year expertise in the market by trying out some of their products such as water bottles, coffee cups, tea infusers, etc.

Robinson Packaging

Robinson packaging is a custom packaging manufacturer. Established in 1839, this company has been taking care of their customers as well as the planet for nearly 200 years now. 

They offer products ranging from easily recyclable plastic for custom packaging, to reusable water bottles.


Takeya’s insulated bottles are made from stainless steel. They promise that their bottles are able to hold a cold drink for 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 12.

You can find their insulated stainless steel reusable water bottle on their website in a multitude of color options and you can kit it up by getting some of the additional accessories.

Liberty Works

Liberty Works is a US based reusable water bottles manufacturer that creates their water bottles from scratch. We’re talking pen to paper to reality. 

Established in 2010, Liberty Works have spent nearly 13 years perfecting their products, and today they offer a leak proof regular reusable water bottle or an insulated thermos keeping your drinks cold or hot.


Dopper is an innovative company when it comes to reusable water bottles. They allow their users to choose from their Dopper Original reusable water bottle or their Insulated water bottle which will keep your drinks hot for 9 hours or cold for a whole day. 

They’ve built a compact 2-in-1 solution (a reusable water bottle and a cup) or in the thermos case 3 in 1 (a reusable water bottle, thermos, and a cup).


SIGG is taking the reusable water bottle industry to a whole new level. This company is creating whole sets of reusable utensils and containers. SIGG is taking “Care for the planet” really seriously, and they’re imagining a future where there is no plastic waste in landfills and in nature.


24Bottles was created in 2013 in Bologna, Italy. Since then, this company has been imagining a future without one-use plastic water bottles. Their goal is to allow people to have healthy, ecological, and sleek hydration by using their multiple-use water bottles.

What all water bottles manufacturers have in common

These companies are doing everything they can in order to save the planet and stop pollution – one water bottle at a time.

Whether through innovation, design or other means, these companies are trying to turn people’s attention to reusable water bottles which would be a great step towards sleeping our planet safe and having healthy and reusable water bottles.

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