Great writing apps that help to boost your academic skills

December 20, 2022

Great writing apps to help you with your academic skills

It is very hard to write various academic papers and meet the different demands they have. Students have to sharpen all kinds of academic skills because each can be applied during a certain stage of fulfilling an academic project. You never know which one will be needed. That is why many smart learners use special tech apps to check possible errors and improve their academic skills.

There are many excellent writing apps that help to control a lot of processes and stay away from all sorts of mistakes. We have analyzed the best 5 tools that are perfect in their directions – grammar, plagiarism, topic selection, editing, and citing. Mind that the apps we intend to highlight in our critical overview are free apps to improve writing skills. Although some of them offer paid versions, you can always use them for free to never spend your money.


First of all, we will start with a grammar checker called Grammarly. We have decided to start with grammar because all students have these or those issues related to this aspect of writing. Grammarly is the best in its niche for many consecutive years. This English writing app offers the next benefits:

  • Checkup of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Checkup of word choice
  • Fast scanning of the text – 15-30 seconds
  • Integration into Microsoft Office and Browser
  • Correction of mistakes instead of you
  • Smart and user-friendly interface
  • Plagiarism checkup

As you can see, it offers a wide range of benefits for every writer. It marks the mistakes and offers commonly correct corrections. Besides, you can use it as a plagiarism checker. Perhaps it’s not the most reliable checker. Nonetheless, you can combine it with another similar plagiarism-checking tool for better outcomes.


Plagiarism checkers must be constantly on the list of apps for writers. You have no right to plagiarize other authors, even accidentally. To be sure you never do that use Quetext. It’s a reliable, modern plagiarism checker that uses:

  • Deep search technology
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Conditional scoring

It compares your text with others to underline any possible signs of plagiarism. You will even learn the source that you have plagiarized.


Not all students are good at selecting relevant topics. So, they need HubSpot to get help with writing great topic lists for every assignment type and in every academic subject. You only need to write a few words and the machine will create 15-20 topic ideas by using those words.

The Hemingway Editor

If you are focused on improving your writing skills, a good digital editor is one of the compulsory tools. The Hemingway Editor will help to boost the readability of your texts. It underlines the next drawbacks:

  • Too long sentences
  • Sentences or sections that are hard to read
  • Overuse of adjectives and adverbs
  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Words that have simpler meanings
  • Correction of mistakes instead of you

Citation Machine Plus

Students require help in writing their academic papers because of many issues. One of them is the issue of formatting and inserting their citations. If you use Citation Machine Plus, you may forget about this trouble. It offers paid and free versions. As promised to highlight free options, we will focus on the features you enjoy if you use a free version.

It helps to check 7000+ academic writing styles! This is an incredible proposal. You can check whatever style you may need to be sure you have inserted your citations correctly. Besides, this version checks the first 5 grammar errors.

This is one of the most resourceful apps for writing due to other crucial features. It also offers an in-built grammar checker, as well as a plagiarism checkup function. As a result, it combines 3 various aspects of writing academic papers.

Of course, you need to understand that such a combination isn’t perfect. The tool was created to check plagiarism. Grammar checkup isn’t as dependable as you may count on. Plagiarism checkup isn’t 100% confident as well. Therefore, you’d better use Grammarly to check your grammar and Quetext to check plagiarism.


The use of the right writing app is always beneficial for every student. It controls a lot of vital processes and its functions help to improve your skills, as well as avoid mistakes. The better writing app you find, the better benefits you will enjoy. We have highlighted several quite different tools. You can use them all for every academic paper you need to write. Apply them in turn to check the availability of various kinds of errors. Thus, your papers will be free of them to provide you with the highest grades. You will need to essay writers for hire if you use these helpful tools regularly.

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