19 fashion startups that are dominating the fashion industry in 2022

April 21, 2022

World's most innovative fashion startups.

Fashion startups are changing the way we shop. From fashion consumers becoming more tech-savvy to technology breaking down barriers in the industry, there’s a lot happening in fashion these days.

Fashion startups are now going beyond eCommerce, raising more money and adopting technology earlier than ever. In fact, the industry is starting to heat up. So what’s the future of fashion startups? How do they impact the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is moving toward modernization and more and more startups appear, hence experts are predicting that the fashion industry will continue to grow and fashion startups will play important roles in this modernization process.

Fashion startups are changing the strategy for fashion commerce. Previously these kinds of companies were limited by the high risks involved, but with the improvements in technology and more accessible funding, there is a growing number of fashion startups, helping to change the industry.

What are fashion startups?

Fashion startups are the new companies that sell apparel and accessories, beauty products, and any other kind of product that can be sold to make you look good or trendy. These startups are trying to become a hub of the latest and greatest fashion and are constantly bringing changes that are disrupting the existing way of doing business in fashion.

Most innovative fashion startups nowadays have evolved from being an exclusive privilege of the high-class society and have grown into a way to express personal style for people from diverse backgrounds.

Therefore, now fashion startups are about creating products that are unique to each customer, and here the technology solves the problem of finding clothes that suit one’s body shape, skin tone, and personal taste.

World’s 19 most promising fashion startups you must know

Fashion startups are set to dominate the world in 2022, with new technologies making it easier for everyone to get what they want at a price they can afford. Thus, let’s dive into the latest innovations and the companies that are shaping the future of the fashion industry.


INTELISTYLE is a fashion AI platform that helps fashion retailers differentiate by creating digital discovery experiences that increase conversion, basket size, and repeat purchase rate. To help customers find the right clothes regardless of their body type, style, or occasion, they’ve developed features such as visual search, shop the look, and personalization and attribute tagging.

This is one of the most promising fashion startups because they’ve found a solution to develop fashion-specific personalization that understands customer’s styles so well, that it outperformed human stylists. This resulted in a 10% revenue uplift and a 130% increased revenue.


GENOSTYLE is developing fashion AI and data analytics solutions in order to measure style, diagnose performance, and drive results. This fashion startup uses a smart algorithm to give mathematical precision to identify which ‘style’ or styles characterize each customer’s buying behavior.

Furthermore, they measure the style of your current and potential customers, and that way they enable retailers to understand shoppers’ style behavior and deliver the right product at the right time to the right audience. Using this solution you can make profitable sales by optimizing style decisions in areas of merchandising, pricing and marketing.


Beardoholic is a premium brand focused on helping men grow beards and hairstyles of their dreams, while caring for them the best possible way, using only the finest and safest products. As a prime resource of quality products and information about beard and haircuts, their mission is to provide men with the most detailed, latest and data-driven tips.

The team consists of top-notch barbers, hairdressers and experts in the field of beard and hair care and styling. To help their customers and readers achieve the desired look, they continue to learn about beards and the most popular men’s hairstyles each day so they can offer only the best advice, tips and products in the industry.


THE FABRICANT is designing their own highly crafted digital clothing, and they are working together with fashion brands to define the future of fashion. They waste nothing but data, therefore they are operating at the intersection of fashion and technology fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences. 

As a fashion startup of creative technologists, they envision a future where fashion transcends the physical body, and their digital identities permeate daily life to become the new reality. That being said, we believe that this fashion house is leading the fashion industry towards a new digital-only clothing sector.


We can all agree that most men are not a big fan of shopping, hence THE CHAPAR‘s goal is to make shopping easier for them. To achieve that, they have expert stylists who act as points of access to a world of high-end men’s fashion.

When shopping using THE CHAPAR, you’ll be matched with your own personal stylist who will handpick outfits specifically for you. Moreover, as a Premium customer, you can select the stylist who you think best meets your needs and continue to work with them to develop your look and build out your wardrobe.


STAY WILD SWIM is a premium brand with a focus on slow-fashion and sustainably sourced fabrics. Their pieces are designed and made in London and have a purpose with every element considering people and the planet.

The mission of the founders of STAY WILD SWIM is to produce swimwear with a purpose. Not only their pieces are created using regenerated ocean plastic through the most sustainable practices possible, but they are made into clean-cut styles which are designed to flatter every woman. Briefly explained, they want to enable customers to make the best choice without compromising style or substance.


For Days has a mission to end fashion waste and create industry change and to achieve that they make non-toxic, organic, and 100% recyclable basics. Through their take-back program, they collect used items from any brand and keep them out of landfills.

They’ve built a community so they can together eliminate clothing waste in order to benefit people and the planet. According to the team behind this fashion startup, fashion should be fun and expressive, but also guilt-free and waste-free.


LYLIE’S is another one of the most innovative fashion startups that are the future of the fashion industry. This London-based sustainable jewelry brand aims to create beautiful jewelry that is made with respect for the planet and the people who populate it.

Their Salvaged Gold is recycled from e-waste and their gold exchange and in 2018 was acknowledged and awarded as an industry-first hallmark. Their jewelry is handmade by some exceptional craftspeople, using lab-grown or recycled-antique diamonds.


VIVIDYE is a fashion startup founded by two chemists that first came up with a concept that was meant to provide a solution to the color-related inefficiencies the textile industry faces when trying to reuse and recycle garments. 

By now, they have developed a printing technology that can be used to apply all kinds of colors and designs to textiles. The best part is that, unlike other methods, VIVIDYE’s technology is designed to facilitate the removal of the applied color when it is no longer wanted without harming the material. Simply put, this fashion startup can make it possible to color, decolor and recolor textiles again and again.


TALA creates sustainable activewear and athleisure styles at competitive prices without the need to compromise on high-performance designs and flattering fits. They are aiming to disrupt the fashion industry and demand change with wardrobe staples and on-trend pieces. That way they can make conscious shopping choices easier for everyone.

They are using sustainable and durable fabrics that move when you move, feel comfy when you’re relaxing, and fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Their goal is to make long-lasting clothes so we all together can reduce clothing waste.


DYECOO is a leader in water-free and chemical-free textile dyeing. This aspiring fashion startup uses carbon dioxide instead of water in the dyeing process, effectively freeing textile dyeing companies from reliance on water resources that might be limited and environmentally sensitive.

Their innovative technology uses reclaimed CO2 as the dyeing medium in a closed-loop process. CO2 when heated and pressurized becomes supercritical, a phase between a liquid and a gas. In this state the dye can dissolve easily and deeply into fibers, creating a vibrant color. The advantages and impacts are zero water use in dyeing and therefore zero wastewater, less energy, less dyestuff, zero processing chemicals, a high level of color consistency across batches of textiles, and reuse of 95% of the CO2 within the process.


Mejuri is a D2C fine jewelry brand that introduces handcrafted, everyday jewelry without the traditional retail markups. This fashion startup is powered by a fast supply chain that allows it to introduce new editions on a weekly basis. 

Moreover, Mejuri works directly with expert manufacturers and sells directly to consumers cutting out middlemen costs and passing on the savings to the customers. They believe in jewelry as an expression of self, hence, by committing to sustainability, community, and quality, they are creating jewelry that will embrace your style.


Algaeing is another promising fashion startup that stands out from the crowd by formulating eco-positive, scalable solutions for manufacturing fibers and dyeing fabrics. Their patented algae-powered technology is a triple good solution with a real, planet-positive impact. 

To be more specific, Algaeing’s solution prevents global water pollution, is carbon negative, 100% zero waste, and is free of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Furthermore, it’s ready to use with all factory systems, creates a work environment free of hazardous toxins, it’s free of allergens and pesticides, and more.

Oceans Apart

Oceans Apart is a fashion startup that stands for modern, fashionable activewear of the highest quality. They believe in inner beauty, and that exercise is essential to happiness for all of us, thus they created high-quality active lifestyle wear to support you in bringing out the best and most beautiful in yourself.

Founded in Berlin and with many stores across Europe, they reach several million consumers every month via social media and sell their products through their e-commerce store. They are aiming to continue to expand and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of countless people.


Italist is the leading platform to discover over 1,500 of the world’s best luxury brands at the best price in the market. Amazed by Italy’s amazing luxury shopping and thought, the team behind this fashion startup found a solution to make that accessible to the world? 

Through their innovative site, customers can purchase brand-new, in-season, completely authentic items at the Italian retail price, which is typically lower than retail prices around the world. This startup’s vision is to combine cutting-edge technology, efficient logistics, and the best luxury brands in the world to offer Italian retail prices to global shoppers.

The Vienna Textile Lab

The Vienna Textile Lab fabricates organic colors made from naturally occurring bacteria and provides the most sustainable, wholesome, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic colors.

Using Vienna Textile Lab colors to dye your textiles means acting thoughtful and responsible.

Their team help designers use new type of materials, concepts, and methods in the textile business by making dyeing going easy on human and ecological resources.


SPOKE is a vertically integrated online menswear brand. This fashion startup uses an e-commerce model to give men properly made clothes that really fit, without the luxury markup. Their clothes are cut in more sizes, from the very best fabric and trim, and then sold directly to the consumer, at a sane price.

Men now can find their perfect feet in 60 seconds because SPOKE cuts trousers in more sizes and custom finishes them for a flawless fit. Their products are real craft and they focus obsessively on just a handful of products, so they can optimize every detail of material and construction.


DAI innovates apparel at the intersection of technical, eco-friendly fabrics, elegant tailoring, and, functional, versatile design for the modern professional woman. This fashion startup is a digitally native, direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand that brings premium European craftsmanship to the global contemporary womenswear market. 

Besides high-quality products, the team of DAI is committed to doing better for the environment as well, therefore, has been recognized with numerous awards for its pioneering work in sustainability and social impact.


The people behind Flatheads are an enthusiastic team of young professionals building a retail brand in the casual footwear space. They believe that what’s on your feet is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in. That’s why each Flatheads shoe is designed keeping in mind your every day.

This promising fashion startup makes everyday casual footwear and backs every piece of footwear with research that points to the most innovative, efficient, and useful materials that go into your shoes.

What all these fashion startups have in common

There is no doubt that the world of fashion and retail has been transformed by eCommerce in the past few years. The problem is, that many of our favorite fashion retailers are still playing catch-up and most fashion and apparel brands don’t even have a mobile app.

That’s why we’ve created a list of 19 fashion startups that are truly killing it in the eCommerce space, from their beautifully designed websites to their mobile apps and social media marketing.

Besides focusing on sustainability and high quality, they all have beautiful websites with useful filters, great imagery, and big visuals. Searching for products on their web stores is easy, as is saving them to your wishlist or cart. They also offer plenty of ways to integrate with social media, so you can share your shopping experience with your friends.

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