19 best sports startups that are taking the sports world by storm

February 02, 2022

world’s most innovative sports startups in 2022

The sports-tech industry became more exciting in the past few years. And since the pandemic outburst, everything became even more exciting since the need for effective workouts from home and the need to activate your body after a whole day working from home became bigger. That need was actually the driving force for many sports startups, to bring new innovative solutions available for sports enthusiasts.

It’s a fact that digitalization is accelerating fast, hence, the need for video content and fast and easily accessible tools and insights resulted in developing many sports apps available for people. Furthermore, people are trying to find a solution for the uncomfortable clothes that restrict people’s mobility and restrict them to do their workouts.

What are sports startups?

These dissatisfaction and needs and many other spotted points of improvement in sport are the driving force of sports startups today. These startups are acknowledging the problems and looking for innovative solutions that will increase the pleasure of doing specific sports.

By leveraging technology and uniting the straights of experts and sports professionals, they’ve improved the sports industry in almost every field. From boxing to surfing, to indoor bikes, we are so excited to present to you how these sports startups are revolutionizing sports.

World’s most innovative sports startups in 2022

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or still not, these 19 sports startups are bringing super cool and much-needed innovations that will blow your mind and something might even excite you and motivate you to start a healthier lifestyle.

Airofit PRO

We are starting the best sports startups list with an innovative solution that applies to all kinds of sports. Airofit discovered the benefits of respiratory training and decided to make it accessible to every athlete around the globe. Before we tell you how it works, remember that breathing muscles develop like any other muscle group.

Airofit developed an app that measures your current lung function. Furthermore, Airofit Breathing Trainer provides resistance to your breathing muscles. Primarily it’s focused on the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, making them more capable. It also gives you live feedback, guidance, progress tracking, and adjustable resistance levels to ensure optimized training.


Kymira is a sports startup that brings cutting-edge innovation to the sportswear market. By knowing that the use of infrared light could stimulate human cell growth and accelerate cell performance and healing, after 5 years of academic research, Kymira brought infrared fabric and its scientifically proven benefits to the market.

Today, they have a variety of different products for both, men and women, from sleepwear to accessories. Among the many other benefits, wearing Kymira’s infrared products during performance increases your tissue oxygen levels which are proven to enhance your speed to increase your competitive edge.


Veo developed the ultimate camera for team sports recording that will enable athletes to live-stream their matches automatically and take their game a level up. This kind of innovation became even more needed since the pandemic outburst and restrictions.

With Veo’s sports cameras, all matches can be live-streamed and available for all sports enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, sports professionals can record and analyze games and practices without the need for a camera operator.

Vold Athletics

Vold Athletics is another one of the revolutionary sports startups that are changing the sports industry. They’re making world-class, and research-based workouts accessible to everyone and everywhere. The training content of the Vold Athletics app is based on more than 50 years of exercise science research. Therefore, with this app, you won’t get randomly generated workouts, but intentionally built workouts that will guide you to meet your fitness goals.

Furthermore, Vold’s training AI analyzes each user’s progress and predicts the next workouts. And just like a professional trainer, their app can understand how you respond to the workouts, and updated the workouts in real-time.

Darts Dojo

Darts Dojo is a sports startup focused on improving the Darts game. According to them, this game is so underrated, and only by having specific resources, you can improve your game. From content specialized to improve your game to reviews of the best equipment currently available, it’s fair to say that Darts Dojo covers all your needs.

They have quality sets of darts, dartboards, stands, and even carrying cases, and if by any chance you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact the team of Darts Dojo and they will make sure to cover that for you. Moreover, every product is tested to ensure you are getting reliable advice every time.


We can all agree that besides a sports startup, Clickebikes can be considered an innovative environmental startup as well. With a focus to develop the ultimate compact bike that adapts to the user’s lifestyle, Clickebikes helps decrease environmental footprint by offering people viable and comfortable high-quality compact bicycles.

They are producing electric and 1 non-electric bicycle that is 100% Dutch design and technology. A Clike Bike is a great alternative for people who want to travel quickly and easily, healthily and sustainably, without getting stuck in traffic.


VATA 7 is an illuminated gear company that offers sports lovers sporting goods and clothing accessories. 73% of motorcycle fatalities occur at night when the motorcycle riders disappear into the darkness. But, fortunately, VATA7 came up with a solution.

With their revolutionary, proven, and patented VATA7 technology, motorcycle riders will be safer than any time before. VATA7- GEN2 is the world’s only backpack that wirelessly integrates and mirrors your motorcycle’s lighting system. With that and more other accessories, makes riders and athletes more visible, day and night.

Boost Surfing

Boost Surfing is a blooming sports startup, revolutionizing surfing by developing and producing the fin that gives you just enough extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. Their product is tested with USA Nationals finalists and Vans Slam Tour Champ Bobby and Erryk and already has more than 11500 pre-orders and counting.

This fin is easy to install just like every other fin and hooks up to any surfboard in 5 minutes. The same applies to installing the fin on any SUP to paddle faster and longer. Moreover, you are in control of everything because you can attach the controller to the top of your board or keep it in your hand. Press the big button for a long boost and the small button for a quick 2-second boost.

Bombshell Boxing

Bombshell Boxing is developing high-performance, Canadian-made, and environmentally conscious activewear. Their mission is to help women in martial arts train comfortably and challenge themselves in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

This activewear is made to enhance your mobility and give you a chance to fight confidently. No more distractive activewear and worries about wardrobe malfunctions. Additionally, Bombshell Boxing manufactures its products in a woman-owned manufacturing company in Langley, BC, and ships the products in eco-friendly materials only.


Kayezen developed VECTOR systems that deliver new exercise challenges from multiple angles to help people move and perform on the athletic field or in everyday life. The reason behind such innovation was to reduce the need to buy and carry multiple pieces of training equipment. Hence, Kayezen became with dial-in resistance technology.

The patented VECTOR provides a progressive, smooth range of pull with every repetition, and you can find it in two sizes. Furthermore, you can also set up multiple VECTORs to replicate much larger, heavier, and more expensive pieces of functional training equipment.


With Bepro11 you can record matches and training automatically, wherever you are, with a touch of a button. Also, through Bepro11’s platform, you can watch training sessions and matches from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The mission of this sports startup is to revolutionize football analysis, by combining football understanding with the latest technology. Besides the video platform, it includes event data, tracking data, and analysis software.


SPOBI is next on the list of these innovative sports startups that are improving the sports industry. To do so, the team of SPOBI developed a sports management app that provides young athletes and teams with professional tools at no cost. It’s made so you can improve, succeed and get real rewards for what you do.

This way SPOBI is working towards its mission to professionalize amateur sports. Whether it’s football, cycling, hockey, running, swimming, or any other sport, SPOBI gives you access to the same data tracking tools top teams and clubs use to develop players worth millions. All that at no cost.


Stendo is another sports startup to admire and keep an eye on because it has a mission to boost micro-circulation and lymphatic flow without medication. In 2011, under exclusive license from Cardio Innovative Systems, the team of Stendo developed a new technique for biomechanical stimulation of the circulatory system based on discoveries by the winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.

This revolutionary stimulation of the circulatory system applies to health, sports, aging well, body beauty, and face beauty. The Stendo process is a cardio-synchronized massage system created by the Stendo Laboratory that will help you become a new version of yourself.


HUMANoX is a technology sports startup specializing in the health and sports sectors. Their vision is that technology applies to human beings and they are aiming to provide a technology that will improve people’s daily lives and functionalities.

At the end of last year, their dedication was acknowledged by Ennova Health Award and they were rewarded in the e-health category for smart shin guards. That, together with their customer’s satisfaction is a confirmation of their vision, and a motivation to go further with this IOT product.


PlayerData brings athletes together to make the most of their data. This startup has a mission to transform the way athletes train, by giving amateur to professional clubs access to their performance data. They’ve developed one of the smartest sports tracking devices on the planet and they have it available both for individuals and teams.

Industry-leading GPS technology, advanced specs that cater to the whole team, and portable technology for every situation is just a part of what PlayerData is bringing to the sports market, hence their innovation and creativeness put them on our list as one of the best sports startups in 2022.

Punch Lab

Many already consider Punch Lab as the future of combat sports. With this app, you can track your strikes, follow world-class workouts and measure your progress without needing any equipment. You can follow audio workouts from top-level athletes and train anywhere you want.

Turn your punching bag into a device that detects, measures, and reacts to your punches, or even get the premium plan and secure the phone to the punching bag. What makes Punch Lab even more amazing is the fact that you can share with friends or coaches, measure your progress, improve your style or techniques and even set goals and get rewards when you achieve them.

Shapeshift 3D

Aiming at digitizing and automating the customization of high-performance medical and sports body equipment, Shapeshift 3D specializes in the development of software solutions. The mission of their team is to improve quality of life and democratize the customized wearable by bringing innovative, profitable, and scalable solutions for businesses worldwide.

Because of the custom-fit solution they’ve invented, they expect to see a new manufacturing era with more efficient, affordable, and sustainable products. Moreover, they believe that their software is the key solution to realizing the full potential of mass customization.


Indoor and home training became even more popular since the pandemic outburst, thus, the desire for innovations to make exercising more effective became even bigger. OREKA TRAINING is one of those innovative sports startups that is leveraging technology to give customers real road sensations with the safety of an indoor bike roller trainer.

Their bikes transfer the balance of pedaling on the road to indoor roller training which means you can stand up, sprint, etc. just like on the road. It’s safe and simple to use and has built-in sensors that guarantee smooth training. The difference from static bike trainers is the fact that this bike is dynamic and free-moving, without the muscle overloads and injuries that come with spending long hours on a static bike trainer.


Siroko is another sports startup that is focused on making you feel powerful and comfortable in sports accessories and clothes. All of their products are designed in their studio in the North of Spain and they take care of every single detail to make sure that their products meet the required quality standards.

They are designing and producing a variety of products for men and women in four different categories – cycling, snow, fitness, and lifestyle. Therefore, if you are one of those people that are more motivated to do their workouts when they have amazing sports clothes, you’ve just found the best products for you.

What all these sports startups have in common

If you love sports and startups, chances are, you’ve come across a few of these 19 awesome sports startups that fuse the two worlds beautifully. However, you now know all the most innovative and most promising startups in the world industry, all driven by the same force – to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle.

No more excuses for not exercising! By providing thousands of possibilities, these sports startups are giving a chance to everybody to find enjoyable types of workouts, sports clothes, and a chance to exercise wherever and whenever they want.

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