8 arguments to create an email list right now

August 29, 2022

Arguments for creating a email list

Emails have been around for the longest period and stand out as one of the most effective online marketing strategies for business owners. Asides from its outstanding benefits, emails are cost-effective and easy to use. You can use automation tools to send your email messages or send them manually. 

It’s easier to get your website visitors’ email on their initial visit than persuade them to make a purchase. Building an email list enables you to create an audience from existing prospects and turn them into leads. 

With a solid email list and quality content, you get to build a well-targeted audience and nurture them for future deals. 

How does email list building work?

Email list building entails collecting emails from your website visitors and compiling them to create a list of a well-targeted audience. You can use your email list to connect with users and turn them into buyers. 

The list-building process involves gaining more subscribers to your emails. You can utilize list building software to ease the list-building processes and boost your results. 

Also, incorporate a CTA to your homepage to work as a means to grow your email list. Strive to motivate your website visitors to subscribe to your email and boost your list performance.

Why do you need to create an email list?

When you send an email, your message is conveyed directly to your subscribers’ inbox. Such direct access makes email lists a valuable asset and a more effective means to get information to your potential clients than social media. Emails are 40 times better than social media in customer gain.

The potentials of a well-built email list are endless. However, we’ll look at some reasons and benefits of creating an email list.

Easy to reach a large audience

As earlier stated, emails record millions of users worldwide. It’s a marketing medium that presents the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Building an email list should be a top priority, considering the outstanding potential of emails to other platforms

87% of marketers utilize emails to deliver content organically. Aim to build a list for your target audience and present them with personalized offers and emails to help you easily convert them to customers.

Personalized communication solution

Generally, customers love personalized messages. Asides from the vast audience reach, emails provide an avenue to personalize communication. Emails are relatively effective in addressing prospects by name and delivering relevant offers.  

Emails are personal and allow business owners and managers to relate to their customers in a more excellent and direct tone. Customers prefer direct conversations and are more likely to make orders via personalized channels.

Complete control over the list

Once it pertains to your online business, very few platforms allow total control of your marketing strategy like emails do. When you create an email list, you decide you handle your list. You can choose to use automation or manually manage your email marketing. 

When you successfully acquire a lot of subscribers, you have complete control over your subscribers. You can regulate how you communicate with them without thinking of algorithms or guidelines consistent with other marketing platforms.

Email subscribers can help you share your content

Emails allow you to communicate care to your audience on a personal level and build relationships with them. Unlike social media, you can have a one-on-one discussion, giving them a sense of value. 

The more you connect with your subscribers, the more willing they are to spread the word about your content. Emails create loyalty that makes your subscribers more willing to share your content.

Fantastic means to build trust

Email messages are intimate and allow you to connect and build trust with your potential customers.

Business owners and managers understand the significance of trust and connection in business. Customers delight in buying from brands they trust, and in building trust, you need to relate to them repeatedly in a personalized manner. An email list helps you build trust with prospects and convert them to customers.

Email marketing records a higher ROI than other marketing mediums

Typically, the ROI on email marketing is 4300%, making it an extremely inexpensive marketing strategy. 

The ROI computation involves two aspects, the cost, and the return. Emails record a high conversion and profit rate, making their ROI stay on the high side. Emails allow you to make cost-effective investments. They are more affordable when compared to other marketing techniques. More than 59% of marketers assert emails are their greatest source of ROI. 

Most people that visit your site are interested in the product or service you offer. It’s wise to get their info and follow up with them. Investing in building your email list enables you to quickly sieve out potential clients from the visitors that visit your website.

An excellent means to launch a new product or service

An email list is a cheap and effective way to launch a new product. It provides the platform to promote and receive feedback on your product. Prospects can easily ask questions and get detailed info on the newly launched product or service.

With the right content, you can choose to market your product to your subscribers at will with no restrictions.

Perfect for building a loyal visitor base

Whether you are looking for engagements or traffic on your blog posts, your email audience can always look forward to the content you put out. Including a CTA on your home page is essential to help them easily access your content. 

Email lists provide a loyal audience base. Building a list of loyal subscribers may not be spontaneous, but the results are worth the whole process. Most people return to your website when they receive an email from you. You should leverage this and send them emails as you make new posts.

Easy steps to creating an email list

Here are a couple of unique options that will help you create an email list.

Create a website

The company website is the best channel to receive email addresses. You can use WordPress to build your website if you run a small business.

Include a subscription form to your website

After creating a website, ensure you include a subscription form. The subscription form will allow website visitors to subscribe to your page by inputting their email addresses.

Add a survey form to your website and include a system to compile emails of the survey contributors.

Attach your subscription form to an email marketing tool

You can choose the software that best suits your needs with the several email marketing software available

Integrate an email opt-in plugin to your site

Email opt-in forms help to build your email list faster. The forms attract site guests to complete your form and allow you to receive their emails.

Send emails wisely

After you’ve gathered several email addresses, the next step is to send emails. Sending emails is significant because your emails will have no effect until they reach your subscribers.

Ensure to compose emails properly to avoid them from sounding like spam messages. Consistently, evaluate the performance of your emails and strive to make steady improvements.


A well-built email list is priceless, and its effects can be rapid. When you have a substantial list, you can easily build loyal users of your blog and, subsequently, customers for your business. You can also promote new products with ease. 

Regardless of the kind of business you run, if you want to turn your website visitors into customers, you need to create an email list.

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