From Passion to Profit: EARN MONEY with Your Hobby

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turn a hobby into a business
The internet offers more opportunities than ever before. Today, you can have a stable job and still earn additional money by doing the activity you love the most! A hobby is an activity where you have a lot of fun,yet feel no obligations or have a fixed schedule. Did you know that you can monetise that fun? How to turn your hobby into a side hustle? – you ask. Easily. There is a high certainty that the way you practice your hobby can be educational and entertaining. Also, possibly you can reach thousands or even millions of people with it. You can always make YouTube videos and teach something. Alternatively, you can offer opinions and also get traffic and monetisation; the opportunities are infinite. Everybody knows PewDiePie – a famous YouTuber. He has a net worth over $20 million. And, you have the potential to become just like him.

A Gaming Passion Turned into Business

There are many examples of how a lot of people turn a hobby into business. Are you familiar with Twitch? People are now making thousands of dollars each month just by playing video games. A hobby that was flagged for being unpractical and childish. How things have changed in the last decade. Twitch streamers get sponsors, and people pay them monthly just to watch them play their favourite games. So, it is possible to go from passion to profit. From baking cakes to video games, there are millions of opportunities to make additional money. So, here are a couple of tips if you want to know how to turn a hobby into a business.

Decide if There is an Audience for your Hobby

Is there an audience for your hobby? What is the competition? Every beginning is hard, but the most crucial thing is to analyse the market. Today, you can find competition in everything. However, if the competition is weak, there is a greater chance to succeed.

On the other hand, if the competitor has built a brand over the years, it would be futile to invest time in creating a business from your hobby. However, you can always test the product or service that comes from your hobby before investing in it. Try to attend fairs and test the product among the public. If you get positive feedback, nothing is stopping you from turning a hobby into a business. Or, if you offer a service, try advertising it only and see what happens. If it generates enough buzz and asks how much it is worth, it might be time to create a business model around it.

Transition From Hobby to Business, Slowly yet Consistently

Obviously, You already have a job. So take things slowly – baby steps. You still have mouth/s to feed and going bankrupt is out of the question. Invest as little time as possible at the beginning. Nevertheless, as profit starts to pour, you need to invest more time. There will be a point in time where you,will quit your first job and go full-time with your new business.

Time Management is Important

Having two jobs can be hell. Also, not to mention other responsibilities (family and stuff). For that reason, you must develop excellent time management skills. If you do it right, you might even have free time left. All you need to do is create a functioning schedule. Everything must be planned beforehand. For instance, Tuesday’s go like this for me: pick up the kids at 5 pm, do the laundry at 6 pm, write an article at 7 pm, and me-time at 8 pm. Never, ever forget about me-time. It’s quite important if you want to stay sane. Sometimes, there will be emergencies, but try to stick to the plan as much as possible.

Create a Website and Use Social Media

In 2019, the internet is the place, where all money is made. All you need is a good and functional website as well asstaying active on social media. People like stories, especially personal ones. Therefore, try to tell your story on your website. There are many talented designers that can make that real. After your website, create social media accounts. However, be careful with social media; some pros and cons can come from it. Invest in SEO and Internet campaigns so you will get a new audience. If your product or service is so unique and useful, you might get viral and become a millionaire overnight. It can happen, so never give up.

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