How can B2B marketing automation help your small business succeed

July 14, 2021

One of the most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is a never-ending improvement. Ambitious business owners are always looking for a way to get the most out of their business. Investing time and money in B2B marketing automation is one of those investments that can change the business for good. 

10 benefits from investing in B2B marketing automation

So if you are afraid to make the decision to invest in B2B marketing automation, we’ve asked experienced entrepreneurs how marketing automation changed their business, so you can be aware of the benefits.

Personalized email marketing

Personalization and customization are more crucial than ever before since they help you stand out from your competitors. Personalized email marketing can deplete your resources. This is when your email marketing campaigns’ automation comes into play. We built up an auto-reply based on the information we gathered at VPNOverview to guarantee that potential clients received a prompt and personalized answer, which resulted in a significant boost in sales.

You may more efficiently identify your audience using artificial intelligence to understand better when, how, and why they use your website. This will have an effect on future decisions. You can keep sending personalized emails and responses even as your list expands if you set up the correct automated routines. This B2B marketing automation saves you money, time, and relieves your marketing team of some stress.

Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert at VPNoverview 

Generate measurable ROIs for your marketing strategy

One of the biggest benefits of B2B marketing automation for small businesses is that it generates measurable ROIs for the marketing strategy. Business leaders and other key decision-makers want proof that your marketing plan is profitable for the organization. This requires the availability of measurable and objective data to back up the budget.

The prospect of spending endless hours each month gathering data is a nightmare for many marketers. Fortunately, many B2B organizations are using marketing automation to simplify this process and, as a result, increase revenue. B2B marketing automation systems gather data and assess ROI to make data analysis easier and more efficient, helping your company to maximize its marketing efforts and increase sales.

Benjamin Aronson, Founder at FinancePond 

Automate your lead generation processes

The biggest benefit B2B marketing automation brings is that it automates the lead generation process. Marketing automation software consists of assigning prospects and contacts based on how ready they are to sell. It also provides improved visibility, higher-quality leads, and automated follow-ups. These are just a few ways that marketing automation can help you improve your lead generation approach.

Once your company begins to generate a steady stream of qualified leads, marketing automation software can update their sales-readiness scores on a regular basis and continue to nurture the leads by sending out content tailored to their stage in the buyer’s journey, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Tommy Gallagher, Founder of Top Mobile Banks

Increasing the marketing team’s productivity

Professional services B2B marketing automation systems always seem to have a significant impact on marketing team productivity due to their design and functionality. That’s exactly what they were created for: to take the monotony out of marketing efforts. Of course, they must be set up at first, which is a time-consuming process, but after that, the time savings add up every day.  

Eric Rohrback, CMO at Hill and Ponton 

Align sales and marketing through automation

The terms ‘sales automation’ and ‘marketing automation’ are not identical. However, for the two processes to work together, they must be on the same page. In the past, aligning sales and marketing automation has been difficult. However, effectively adopting both for your company is essential.

Fortunately, utilizing marketing automation using CRMs to accomplish this in 2021 has never been easier. The key to achieving alignment and ensuring that leads don’t fall through the cracks is proper segmentation. Keep in mind that aligning these two different processes can be challenging without segmentation.  

Saskia Ketz, CEO of Mojomox 

Reduce customer churn

Marketing automation systems do more than just nurturing new leads. Reducing client churn is one of the most significant impacts of B2B marketing automation. Reducing attrition or boosting retention by 5% is proven to increase earnings by 25-90%.

You can easily add value and build relationships with your database by segmenting it and sending out free, relevant information, helpful advice, and best practice suggestions – whether or not it equals an additional sale for you. You exhibit your caring and establish a stronger relationship by continuing to contribute.

Create a procedure for each consumer segment and use a marketing automation system to deliver it consistently and automatically. Your creativity and the correct technology will surely build a strong buyer-supplier relationship.

Stewart McGrenary, Director at Freedom Mobiles

Enhanced customer experience

The customer experience is about much more than personalization. It’s all about knowing what your customers care about. What channels they want to use to interact. And what they anticipate at each stage of the client experience.

B2B marketing automation is not only beneficial to customer experience but is also required. Your core CX command center is marketing automation. It’s where you’ll send out targeted email marketing campaigns and customized follow-up messages.

It’s where you can keep track of your online interactions and use A/B testing to see which actions and content your customers respond to the most. You may also use it to start, track, and improve webinars and event marketing registration. The complexity of the customer experience may be simplified and brought down to earth with marketing automation.

Jeroen van Gils, Managing Director at

Maximize efficiency with internal workflows

The ability to employ internal processes is an advantage of automation that is sometimes neglected in B2B marketing. Internal workflows are designed to make existing procedures more efficient. For example, instead of having a salesman check the email every couple of days after someone fills out a form on your website, you can set up a workflow.

When the form is finished, the process notifies the salesperson instantly, allowing for rapid answers. With CRM solutions, you can take it a step further and have activities shift people into different phases – from cold lead to warm lead.

Alex Claro, VPN Analyst at Credit Donkey

Easily onboard new clients

B2B marketing automation is a large part of our overall marketing strategy, mainly due to the way in which it pursues leads and generates conversions for our business without requiring constant attention. Although it initially required heavy time investment, our current B2B marketing automation strategy allows us to quickly and easily onboard new clients by sending them up-to-date market data, new and exciting office spaces, and other information regarding their desired office location.

Our ‘Get Prices and Info’ form allows users to input their desired location and contact details, prompting our automated system to send them all salient information regarding the area and our offerings.

Since implementing this automated system, we have seen a dramatic increase in engagements and conversions across many of our global locations. Automating these emails has allowed our marketing team to focus on additional research and market offerings, bolstering our overall service and ensuring that clients are receiving up-to-date information.

Harrison Sharrett, Digital Marketing and Content Manager at

Helps you handle more workloads

Automating your B2B processes can help you handle more workloads, 24/7, and provide timely engagement on your website than if you did it all by yourself, one by one. Automating chatbots has worked well for us in the past. Now it’s quite common to see chatbots that pop up automatically asking your site visitors where they need help.

The next step was to use AI to analyze the sentiment in chatbot messages. We wanted to detect emotional words in messages, so we could redirect the queries to human agents to save the situation and boost customer retention. We are currently seeing a marked improvement in our attrition rate, meaning the adaptable customer assistance is working.

Jon Torres, Founder of John Torres

Segmenting users based on actions that they take

Marketing automation gives you the ability to instantly reach out to new leads through some form of automation, such as email marketing.  The faster that you can reach out to new leads, the more likely they are to trust and interact with your business.

Another important aspect of B2B marketing automation is segmenting users based on actions that they take.  When new leads receive a tag based on an action that they take on your sales funnel you gain valuable information that lets you build unique buyer’s journeys that nurture your lead into a lifelong customer. The more information you have about your customers the more efficient and optimized your marketing becomes.

Matthew Smith, Co-founder of Urban Vine Consulting

Customer Service

Even though it might seem to fly in the face of “not driven by human creativity”, but don’t worry – it doesn’t. The parts of customer service you’ll want to automate are those that are rote/repetitive – questions like “What are your hours of operation?” or “What is the cost of this product?”.

Chatbots are an excellent way of automating customer service. They can be programmed to answer FAQs, and they’re tireless. Someone’s up at 3 AM looking through your website? The chatbot can answer their question. Whenever a question is too detailed for the chatbot to answer, you can have an option for the customer to talk to a real person.

Kiara Fulham, Content Manager at BookedIN

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