Why Are Buyer Supplier Relationships Important

Sep 11, 2019

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The last couple of years many companies realised the importance of buyer-seller relationship and how nurturing those relationships is key for their long-term success. The importance of suppliers in an organization can be witnessed by the small and medium businesses whose production depends on the supplied goods. From that, we have the biggest problem for SMEs – developing a functional and lucrative buyer-supplier relationships program.

In recent years, traditional terms changed, now the term purchasing has been replaced by the term “supply chain management”. The new method of doing business is no longer connected with the lowest price, but rather with the buyer and supplier relationship hierarchy. That’s why the main benefit of vendor partnering with a supplier is reaching mutual goals. To build a great buyer-supplier relationship you require strong foundations. Those foundations are the following.


By having an open and effective two-way communication both sides, the supplier and buyer, will be able to build a strong business relationship. A quick message or call can resolve any problem. 


When both parties respect each other and have the will to consider and talk over all options laid on the table, the satisfaction is mutual. When both interests are equally met, there is more profit and benefits from the arranged deals.


The most important part of an excellent relationship is being open and honest about everything. It is imperative to be transparent and share all the information with each other. When both parties understand all circumstances, future issues will be resolved quicker than when withholding important information.


Usually, a business relationship breaks down when one of the partners feels like they are not getting a fair deal. Therefore, both parties must split the benefits fairly. Neither  the supplier’s nor the buyer’s requirements should be treated with superiority. It’s simple – everyone should profit, but not at the expense on the other party.


All the foundations we mentioned above build trust. Trust is a building block that holds the partnership together. By having an open and trustworthy partner, both parties feel confident and safe when resolving problems together.

These foundations create a business relationship that changes the game on the market. Buyer supplier relationships are constantly evolving and their complexity changes too. Even though buyer-supplier relationships have been studied from different points of view, they seem to concentrate more with B2B companies than B2G or B2C. Here’s when Enterprise League enters the picture. We are a B2B platform specialized in helping companies around the globe to find reliable and trustworthy buyers and suppliers. Enterprise League understands all the benefits of supplier relationship management. That’s why we’ve built this innovative B2B platform. All you require is a profile and connecting with new businesses can be done with just one click. Join today, and let’s make business great again!

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