How to Stop Fear of Making Decisions from Damaging Your Business

April 01, 2019

Fear of making decisions

Life is not a video game. You cannot go to your previously saved game when you make mistakes and continue from that point. Nope, life and business are about making decisions and taking the right opportunity.
Even though it is in our nature to fail, and we spoke about how failure can be turned into an advantage, today we are going to talk about one of the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs are facing – fear of making decisions.

Fear is a powerful emotion. Some people spend their lives not taking any chances, nor making hard decisions, because they are afraid. I know everybody feels comfortable in their safe zone, that’s why the same customers keep buying the same products.

Every day at work you expect nothing more than what happened yesterday. I dare say this is the wrong path for your business and you are limiting your real potential.

Fear of Making Decisions

Let’s get technical for a minute and learn the exact term and meaning of fear of decision making – Decidophobia. From the name, you can notice that, it is a phobia and we know that phobias are triggered by traumatic events happening throughout life. Also, genes play a role. Science says that some people are born to be cautious and are more afraid than others.

People with decidophobia do not have control over their lives. Their low self-esteem lowers their confidence and prevents them from making tough game-changing decisions about their businesses. However, that isn’t your game. I am sure about it. You are here to learn that you can break stereotypes, challenge science and finally realise how good you can become.

How the Inability to Make Decisions Affects Your Business

If you do nothing, nothing will ever happen. Fear prevents you from fulfilling your dreams and blinds your vision when creating long-term plans. You get stuck in a circle – my business is okay, I will be fine, there is no need to change; If I try something, I will fail; I am afraid to change anything, leave it as it is; and so on.

The moment you accept this as your reality, you’ve failed. You will be a silent voice in the business world, only hearing the satisfying waves of laughter from your competitors. You don’t want to become that! Your business will be sabotaged not by your competitors, but by yourself. One thing you must realise is that when you are unable to make decisions you are holding yourself back.

That voice in your head is almost always wrong. It is called super ego and it is made of rules and fears created by our parents, teachers, friends i.e. our overall personal life experience. The truth is, if you have fear of making decisions, you’re just like the majority of people, which means you’re not alone. However, some have learned their lesson, whilst others have not. If you are one of the latter, it is a time to put your foot down, level your game up and stop being afraid to make decisions.

How the Inability to Make Decisions Affects Your Business

The very first step is to accept it. Yes, sometimes you’ll make investments that may not pay off, but taking action is still better than standing still. If you don’t do anything, you are eliminating all chances of succeeding by default.
Of course the market can be unforgiving and predicting the future of your business industry is hard if you don’t possess the right knowledge. But then again, you should understand that to gain new information you first need to make a decision on how you’re going to find a good way to upgrade your business knowledge.

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