Best ways to prepare for final exams in one week

July 15, 2022

Preparing for exams on a deadline

The test of a person’s knowledge or efficiency is known as examination. It can also be regarded as a state of being examined. Some Students experience anxiety while preparing for examinations, they experience an extreme level of distress, and when this becomes too much, it can impair learning and interfere with test performance.

To have a successful result after your examination, you must have revised hard for several weeks before the exams. Just like writing academic texts and dissertations, you need to have a plan to write the best essays. You may use some essay help to get your groove going, but you still need to prepare for it. Likewise, preparing for exams requires studying smarter, not harder, understanding the basic techniques of exams, how to read, and how examination questions are answered.

Tips for preparing for exams on a deadline

It is advisable to experiment with a few of these important study techniques to discover which ones are suitable for you. This dissertation has put together some helpful tips that can help prepare you for the final exam in one week.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

For you to be writing final exams, that means you must have been used to writing exams and the pressure that comes with it.

Students can be more anxious when preparing for the final exams; regardless, you should have probably identified your strengths and weaknesses long ago. However, it is of great importance you go through the list again, evaluate your weakness and strength, and, more importantly, focus on your weakness.

Organize your study environment

Organizing a proper study place starts from selecting a perfect location, getting yourself a  comfortable chair and table, arranging your books in order of use, and ensuring you have enough fresh air and proper lighting.

While still preparing, determine what is best suitable for you; you might prefer total silence or some background music. Whatever your choice is, make sure your study environment is comfortable.

Research what your test will be like

Every student must start each study session with the knowledge of what to focus on, especially when the exam is in a few days. Start by knowing things to be expected on the exam day, such as the test format (whether essay or multichoice questions), the number of questions to be answered, and the examination time frame. Knowing all these will give you more insight and how to prepare yourself.

Endeavor to ask your teacher what material you will need for the exam and the list of relevant topics to focus on. More also, look through test questions of past years; this will tell you what to expect as they are similar in structure and content.

Divide studying into sessions

Contrary to popular belief, cramming is wrong. Trying to cram everything in one night is a bad idea, and it has been proven to be unproductive. You have a week on your hand; it is better to plan and spread out your study over the seven days you have left. To ease assimilation, ensure to take breaks regularly.

Divide your study into sessions of at least 30 minutes and take a break of 5 to 10 minutes after each session. This short break is very effective and will help refresh your brain and body from stress. More importantly, this will keep you focused on the task you have at hand and help you achieve your goal fast. Using a timer to monitor your session and break is advisable.

Keep distractions away

Preparing for your final examination demands a great length of hard work, time, and commitment. To achieve your desired goal, every means of distraction must be prevented. The proper and effective study requires putting aside any form of distractions such as cell phones, computer games, avoiding social media, and unnecessary company. To avoid distraction, it is better to read in an environment where such distractions are not allowed, such as libraries or school premises.

Using an app that can help block all sources of distractions through your mobile phones can be put in place; this will help avert the urge to check notifications and replying to messages. If you can’t do without consulting with your friends while reading, it is best to study in a private environment. Distraction can be easily averted by doing away with any distraction, but it is more important to avoid an environment that is not suitable for reading.


You do not always have to get exam jitters, even when it is just a week to exams and you are barely prepared.
Given that this is not the best of scenarios, it is not an impossible task. When you follow this guideline on preparing, you get to cover more grounds swiftly and get set for that exam all within a week.

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