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4 Easy Ways How You Can Find Business Leads During Coronavirus

March 30, 2020

how to find leads

The current coronavirus crisis is proving to be causing a lot of damage to businesses. From forced lockdowns to isolation and thousands of canceled business events, every day it is more challenging to keep your business operational. What is nearly impossible to do with the traditional means of business is to get new business leads. B2B leads primarily come from face to face contact and networking hence with the pandemic these methods are no longer possible to use. 

Luckily the business world is very dynamic and we already have alternative ways how we can find new business leads even during coronavirus lockdown.

Join a B2B Platform

The new hotspot where you can find new business leads, opportunities and deals is the Enterprise League. Thousands of companies are joining every day to promote their products and services and bid on tenders of other companies in an attempt to get new business during this difficult time. 

The pandemic crisis that is currently shaking the world shows signs that it may last for months. Hence why it is imminent to proactively use alternative ways to connect with companies and entrepreneurs if you want to keep your business alive during coronavirus. 

Regardless of the pandemic, having your business on a B2B platform gives you an effortless 24/7 online presence through which other companies can find you and contact you with business deal proposals. 

You can never have too many opportunities right?!

Check out some online webinars

There are countless webinars out there on the internet. You have a huge selection of topics that they cover. Identify the topics that your leads would be most interested in and sign up for some of them. You will actively listen to the discussion and make first-hand notes on what is important to them which will enable you to create a better target market strategy. Additionally, you can always plug in your business as part of a useful tip and indirectly generate new business leads during coronavirus.

Remote networking events

Remote networking events are a new up and coming branch of events that are spreading throughout the internet like wildfire atm. You can attend workshops, talks and similar, online through conference calls. Why don’t you search for some events that are happening in your business field and see how it goes.

Social Media presence

Increasing your social media presence during the pandemic that we are currently living will give you a lot of exposure to potential new business leads. People have an abundance of free time which majority of them are spending on social media. So more engagement on facebook and twitter will undoubtedly get you leads remotely during coronavirus. 

The sooner you start practicing these 4 tips the quicker you will begin to notice the results. You will see your leads list increase with new potential business you have found completely online. So start acting now and get ahead of your competition. Whilst your competitors are crying about the damage they are feeling from the coronavirus, you should be out there hustling and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents its way to you.

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