9 ways to grow eCommerce business successfully in 2023

March 02, 2023

9 ways to grow eCommerce business and become huge within years

Imagine being able to retire within the next decade because your e-commerce site is so successful. While you’re lying on the beach, professional business accountants will be letting you know how much you’re making.

Most of the business owners are starting an eCommerce business aiming to become able to earn some passive income. But, you’ve got to find ways to grow eCommerce business first. It’s a good time to focus on growth, even though the world isn’t back to itself yet.

Proven and test ways to grow eCommerce business 

We are not gonna lie. Huge business growth doesn’t happen overnight, but there are surely some proven ways to grow eCommerce business faster than you thought you could. Let’s discuss the 9 most efficient ways further.

Start selling on Amazon

Amazon will keep selling products no matter what’s going on in the world. It’s worth using Amazon FBA to list your products on their website. In some countries, everyone who wants to buy a product uses their search engine.

Will you be able to keep selling products on your own website? Sure, but it’s okay to sell them in more than one place. Most customers who buy your products on Amazon will never stumble across your website unless you’re a big brand.

Think about the metaverse

Everyone will have stores inside the metaverse in the future. Customers will be able to walk around looking at what’s on your digital shelves. It’s worth getting in early before the competition gets too strong.

Entrepreneurs who get into new inventions early become extremely rich. Look at all those original Instagram and Tik Tok users. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to learn how to code unless you hire a developer.

Expanding product line

When you see photos of multiple container ships waiting to dock, it doesn’t give you lots of confidence to order more products from China. During Covid, businesses have tried to avoid expanding their product line.

We know everything is up in the air, but one of the ways to grow eCommerce business is to start offering new products. That way you’ll be able to sneak ahead of your competitors. If you’re worried about ordering stuff from overseas, see what’s available at home.

Free returns + deliveries

One of the reasons why people love Amazon is the free shipping. Customers must spend a certain amount of money, which they likely would have spent anyway. Amazon then gets its products to them as fast as possible.

If you offer free delivery, customers will be more inclined to buy from you. Free returns are even more important. When someone can return a faulty product for free, they’ll be less likely to leave a bad review.

New social media platforms

Tik Tok has become a great platform for business growth thanks to users being stuck at home. We saw the same kind of growth with platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. It’s hard to succeed on them now due to tough competition.

If you wait a while, a new social app will grow exponentially. You must be ready to strike when it does, which means you should have accounts set up. Study new apps closely, and you’ll be able to tell which ones have the most potential.

Email autoresponder copy

Email autoresponders are great because they almost run themselves. You just need to spend time preloading the emails in the first place. Autoresponder technology has advanced quite a lot in the last decade.

Sadly, companies are still not taking advantage of the technology. The biggest mistake businesses make is sending the same emails to every customer. You need to start sending emails to people based on what they open/click on.

Popular brand ambassadors

It feels like everyone is on social media these days, but that’s great news for eCommerce business owners. Influencers with a few hundred thousand followers will find it difficult to get brand deals because there is so much competition. Here’s where you can come in.

One of the ways to grow eCommerce business is by reaching out to anyone you think might promote your products. Some will be happy to recommend you to their followers for a good price. Once you’ve worked with a few dozen people, your customers should be through the roof.

Becoming part of the family

Persuading someone to buy your products is a good achievement, but getting them to come back multiple times is life-changing. It’s good if you have products customers love, but you should also build a community around your brand.

If you sold fitness supplements, you could build a community around weight lifting. Add a forum onto your website so they have somewhere to go. People will generate buzz around your products even when you’re not there.

Better quality products

When you’re starting out, it’s okay to sell less-than-perfect products. You might not be able to afford the best product designers or get your inventory manufactured at the best factories. Look into doing things differently now.

Maybe it’s time to spend a little extra on product development. It will hurt in the short term because it’s never nice to spend money, but in the long term you’ll be on your way to owning the best brand in the industry.


Don’t sit around copying what all your competitors are doing. It’s okay to use your competitors’ good ideas, but you must use your initiative to test out new ones. Therefore, use these ways to grow eCommerce business to build the fundamentals of your growth strategy, but don’t forget to implement your brand voice and personalize it along the way.

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