19 top legal startups that are making justice available for everyone

March 14, 2022

World's best legal startups you must know this year

The legal world has historically been slow to adopt new technologies. But now, it seems, the law is finally catching up to the rest of the tech world—and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

Being a lawyer has it’s own challenges. There are so many rules, and they’re all different depending on what state you’re in, and then you have to keep up with the laws changing. It’s a lot to handle, especially if the industry is not leveraging technology to simplify some processes and save you valuable time.

Fortunately, there are some really great startups out there that are trying to make it easier for lawyers to do their job. And we’ve put together a list of the best startups for lawyers here, but before all that, let’s find out what are legal startups and why legal industry is so excited about them.

What are legal startups?

A legal startup is a small firm or organization that provides services related to the area of law. It may be a new law firm or a software company that provides cloud-based software to service legal practices. Legal startups have gone viral all over the world, as they can bring a significant change in the way we look at law firms and their operations.

Legal startups that are improving the legal industry with innovative solutions

From robots to AI to automation, legal startups are making it easier and cheaper for people to get the help they need. Therefore, if you’re looking for justice, you’re in luck: these legal startups are here for you.


Courtroom5 is one of the rising legal startups that makes sure there is justice for everyone. It offers an end-to-end legal toolbox for people in civil court without a lawyer. With the tools and training, you will be able to navigate the complex legal process.

Using this platform you can update your case history, Sylvia, the intelligent chatbot, will track your progress as you move through the case, and you can train in the library with video-based lessons. Furthermore, you can update elements, find legal support, and finally, since you will have everything you need, you can create your document from the documents tool.

Assembly Software

Assembly Software is unifying Needles and Trialworks under a common roof and is a driving force in legal case management technology. This legal startup brings together experienced legal practitioners with cutting-edge digital operators to deliver a case management platform that simply delivers maximum performance.

The great secret behind software efficiency is the countless hours spent working alongside customers that inspire the real-world insights that power Assembly’s software. And because the customers’ experience of the team becomes their biggest advantage, and Assembly’s innovation becomes the customer’s biggest advantage, this is one of the most promising legal startups in 2022.


mLeAP is an innovative legal startup that developed an AI legal research platform to analyze cases based on briefings and generate actionable intelligence based on the briefings provided. The product works on plain English case facts and it reduces the need to search through keywords and manual searching in books so you can fast and easily find lawyers in India. 

To ease your legal research effort, mLeAP is featuring a machine learning technology stack that is accessible from both, desktop and mobile. Moreover, you can find relevant judgments, case laws with commonly speaking sentences, download judgments, save them in your own workspace, and more. Additionally, by using the mLeAP platform you will save time and save money.

Lightning Law

Lightning Law developed an end-to-end platform for remote testimony, mediations, and legal proceedings so no matter what role you play, they have a solution for your workflow needs. This legal startup has the tools to help you manage multiple cases through each lifecycle stage, from deposition to conducting a mediation.

This is a single platform solution for online litigation and Lightning Law subscription provides access to all the features necessary for legal proceedings processes. By making online justice accessible anywhere and providing indisputable security Lightning Law secured its place on the list of most innovative legal startups to keep an eye on this year.


Knowing that most companies don’t know what’s in their contracts, and don’t have an easy way to find out, Knowable gives corporate clients revolutionary visibility into the contracts that govern their business. They convert dense legal prose into structured data that can be aggregated and analyzed from the enterprise portfolio level down to the individual contract.

By combining self-learning artificial intelligence with domain experts, Knowable enables businesses to map complex statements into simple, highly accurate answers of what’s in their contract—no matter the size, location, or format.


pop.law is a digital legal consultancy with affordable legal packages by friendly, expert lawyers and has a mission to make law available for everyone. They have legal packages from life, death, love, and everything in between, to legal packages for startups, SMEs, and freelancers. 

Their services are available digitally so you can have your personal or business consulting, or even legal document review from almost anywhere in the world. Hence, with a team of experienced lawyers, pop.law is recognized as one of the rising legal startups this year.


The team of LEGID developed an app that connects lawyers and clients through an AI-powered, auction-style legal marketplace. All you need to do is submit a question for free, get price offers from trusted experts and resolve your legal problem online. That way this legal startup is protecting you from hidden costs and poor service.

With this platform, LEGID is bringing quality legal services, at affordable prices to people across the world. It’s accessible, affordable, safe, and has transparent pricing and comparison that leave no surprises.


Arcuity delivers powerful record retrieval and review so you won’t have to settle for what’s available now. Instead, you will activate seamless and authenticated record retrieval and full-case document conceptual search while reducing duplicate records and costs.

This legal startup allows users to rapidly search records by both concept and keyword. Using advanced AI and machine learning, it can easily identify the most important parts of the medical record. Furthermore, the pre-litigation record retrieval service allows users to control the services, costs, and liens. Thus, when a notice of a lawsuit is received, applicant counsel is served with a notice within hours of ADJ filing.


LegalEdison is a research tool that helps professionals, individuals, and students, automatically summarize case law and generate legal citations. It’s an AI-powered tool that makes reading and citing case law faster than ever.

All you need to do is find the case you need to summarize, copy the URL or the case law text, and you will get your McGill Guide citation and a summary of the case containing the most important information. This revolutionary legal startup is finally getting the law industry out of the stone age, hence their place on this list is well deserved.


Notarize has notaries available 24/7 available from your computer or tablet, and that way it gives people a chance to notarize anywhere and anytime. It’s simple, smart, and absolutely safe to use and people from around the world are already amazed by its features. 

Among the many benefits of this legal startup, it’s recognized as the number one notary service because it has open API for developers, it has document editing and preparation tools, a cloud-based hosting platform, forensic analysis of ID verification, and many other benefits.


Casetext is an AI legal research technology designed for legal teams so that researchers can locate the right legal cases with ease. Having access to Casetext’s CARA AI tool it’s like having a research assistant at the counsel’s table.

Moreover, this legal startup has a superior search engine and its attorney and court analysis features that are real-time-savers. You will also get access to secondary sources without extra fees because when the other guys include other sources in their platforms, you can access them for free.

Legal Innovators

Legal Innovators is a legal service provider that changes the way the law approaches hiring, pricing, and diversity of junior legal talent. This legal startup also provides highly-qualified and well-trained junior-level lawyers to law firms and corporate legal teams at a cost structure that makes sense in today’s economic climate.

What makes them more special than other alternative legal service providers is the opportunity they create for a wide range of talented recent graduates from leading universities, including women and minorities. They are on a mission to provide skilled outsourced junior legal talent to law firms and corporate legal departments. The best part is that they are doing it at a cost structure that makes sense in today’s economic climate.

Izwan and Partners

Izwan and Partners is a law firm for tech companies, venture capitals, and startups that help them do business and raise capital in Malaysia and overseas. They are dedicated to advising early-stage technology companies that are dealing with complex cross-border legal issues in highly regulated industries who appreciate regular and personal contact with senior counsel. 

As a virtual and fully cloud-based law firm, with an eye to the future, they are known for providing practical legal advice for startups regarding the use of cutting-edge technologies in complex and shifting regulatory environments.

Law 365

Law 365 is one of the world’s best legal startups for 2022 that covers everything from winning and delivering work to employment matters, to protecting your business online, or building lasting partnerships. They can also help you grow your business through quick, affordable, and accessible legal services.

They got you covered with expert advice, rapid contract review and timely negotiation. Furthermore, Law 365 works with the UK’s top Microsoft Partners to provide cost-effective solutions at every step of your way to the justice.

Pleasants Law Firm

Pleasants Law Firm is offering estate planning and elderly law services. They provide excellent and affordable legal services whether you are in a difficult situation, or taking the first steps to plan for your future. This legal startup can also help you design your family’s plan for managing your estate after death or during a period of incapacity. 

The main purpose of Pleasants Law Firm is to preserve the assets you have worked so hard to create during your lifetime. Hence, from land and buildings, to items that may not be tangible, such as legal rights, interests and entitlements to real or other types of propert, these professionals will take care of everything. Moreover, plans cover property that is located out of state or out of country.


Advocai by taking a holistic approach to advocating for their clients is more than just a traditional law firm. Their team of professionals aspire to be lawers that can make someones life better, hence they are providing services for injured, sick, and elderly. 

This legal startup adopts technology and new ways of doing business that go beyond the confines of traditional law’s old boys club, and they embrace a collaborative approach to legal and quasi-legal problems that leverages teamwork to deliver outstanding results. Their mission is to create an inclusive workplace that empowers its people to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients.

Legal Aid Law Firm

Legal Aid Law Firm is an independent law firm with an amazing team of professionals devoted and dedicated to all types of legal services along with appropriate consultancy to domestic and international clients. 

Moreover, they have very sound experience in litigation and investigation, examinations of witnesses and expertise in the practice of every law forum, therefore this is one of the best legal startups that is confident to provide complete legal solutions with full satisfactions to its clients.

Horowitz Injury Law

Horowitz Injury Law is one of the most respected and experienced personal injury, disability and car accident law firm in the Greater Toronto Area. They serve clients from all over Ontario, covering Cases involving automobile policies, Types of injuries, and other Negligence claims. 

The founder, Brian A. Horowitz, is a well respected personal injury lawyer within the legal community and has an outstanding reputation amongst his peers, colleagues and clients. That and being a compassionate lawyer who looks out for the best interest of his clients earned the place on the list of the world’s best legal startups in 2022.

Kahn Media Law

Kahn Media Law is a legal startup that represents influencers, models, on-camera talent, artists, BTS talent (hair/makeup/style), and creative consultants working in all areas of the fashion, entertainment industries, and media.

Today’s digital economy is a machine fueled by the contributions of the independent. However, creatives are pressured to sign one-sided contracts without having someone in their corner, so being aware of that, Khan Media Law find a way to build a new type of law firm that will give every independent artist their own business and legal affairs department.

What all these legal startups have in common

All of the legal startups mentioned above are founded by people who want to stay in the legal field, but also want to make a positive impact on the world, and more importantly, they believe it’s possible to do so.

They are run by people who are good at what they do, but aren’t afraid to take risks, because they know that, as long as they keep their firm’s ultimate goals in mind, failure is part of any worthwhile endeavor.

The founders of these innovative legal startups also recognize that the best way for them to make a difference is by helping others, not just thinking about themselves. Their guiding philosophy is that self-improvement isn’t just something you do once, but it’s a lifelong process. And moreover, they encourage their team members to embrace this idea too.

Finally, the most successful legal startups are also among those with an awesome company culture where everyone works hard but also has fun along the way.

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