How to Keep Your Business Running During a Crisis

March 30, 2020

Commuting for work is slowly becoming harder and harder, nearing close to impossible during this time of crisis. With many people panicking about the spread, and governments taking drastic preventive measures, businesses are starting to see rapid decline in traffic. No business owner wants to shut down their business if they don’t have to, and as things are progressing most of them have to.

For certain industries, types of companies and businesses, work can continue in one form or another, whilst taking extra safety precautions. With the pandemic crisis worsening, you as a business owner have to pause for a second and ask yourself “What’s my Plan B? Do I have a plan how I will manage by business in a crisis”.

Make a crisis management contingency plan

In order to protect your business and keep it running in the midst of a crisis, you need to do a lot of risk planning. Having a contingency plan will outline the steps your company should take in the event of a crisis. Your plan should clearly state the measures you are going to take in regards to your employees and business operations.

During a pandemic crisis make sure you include: steps you are taking to protect your employees, what you plan to do if an outbreak happens in your business, ways employees can contact you in cases of emergency and what may happen to your business operations if the business is infected.

Move your business online

Most brick and mortar businesses can become great online businesses with a few tweaks. If you have an in-person trade, this might actually be an opportunity to expand your reach or adapt your service. You can move your scheduled classes online, set up an online store and so on, the only limit is your imagination.

For B2B operating businesses, EL B2B platform is a fantastic way to keep up your business operations running, generate new business deals and identify opportunities completely remotely. A crisis is the final moment when you should utilize all resources in your hands to keep your business afloat.

Adapting to how things are during a crisis, and moving your business online can increase your chances of surviving and even thriving when the crisis is over.

Adopt a Work from Home Policy

Finding alternative work arrangements can really keep your business running during a crisis. Moreover, having a work from home policy offers a variety of benefits to both the remote employee and their employers. If you can introduce a work from home system and create specific guidelines to ensure all employees understand what exactly is required from them when they work remotely. Some of the key elements include: proper technology, secure connection, implementing active communication, setting clear expectations and most importantly – trusting your employees.

Depending on your industry and business, working from home may not be possible to implement. However, if at all possible, consider implementing it and make your company operations swift to be fully remote. Not only will it keep your business running during a pandemic crisis, it will also protect everyone’s health, lower some of your costs and increase the efficiency of your employees.

Step Up Your Cleaning Game

If implementing a temporary work from home arrangement, or moving your business online is impossible for you, it is necessary to sanitize your business on the daily. Regardless of how often your business was being cleaned till now, whether it be once a week or once every day, you need to step it up and do it more frequently.

Implement a mandatory rule for employees to disinfect their work stations daily (or maybe even multiple times per day), request sick employees not to come to the office, be flexible with sick leave, and most importantly stack up on soap, disinfectants and hand sanitizer. Because nothing keeps a business running in crisis, like happy and healthy employees.

Take Advantage of Government Help Programs

The current crisis is hitting the business world and economy hard, but there is no need for panic because Government help and Small Business Reliefs are on the way!If your business is struggling to gather funds to cover your business expenses due to the crisis, you are not out of luck just yet.

As part of its budget announcement, the governments around the world announced a number of welcome measures to help small businesses cope with coronavirus, including support for those that need to pay statutory sick pay and changes to the benefits system to help employees on zero-hour contracts. The help available varies from Government Grants, to Business Loans, help with tax and VAT, help with salaries and so on… just to help business’ keep running during crisis.

The worldwide pandemic will affect everyone in some way. You may be hit hard, or survive with nothing but a scratch. Either way, it is important to remember that this situation does not have to break your business. There are ways to stay operational and keep your business running in crisis, and we’ve offered you some tips that will help..

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