Morning Meditation – the Secret to Successful Business Meetings

March 26, 2019

Namaste, friend.

Have you ever wondered why you were so unfocused and felt displaced during your last meeting? Most likely because of lack of discipline!

So, how do you become disciplined? A quick fix is morning meditation! I know meditation at work for some may seem a bit unusual. However, recently manycompanies have started practicing quick meditation techniques at work and thanks to the positive changes they still stand by it firmly.

The fast-paced business world creates a lot of stress and pressure, that is make us feel like we are bottled at times. Stress clouds our minds, and we cannot function at full capacity. I can tell you, as an article writer, I have been through many similar situations myself.

However, as people started exchanging their experience online, we’ve learned that early morning meditation can make your employees more productive. And, this is why I meditate!

Why Is Meditation Beneficial?

Meditation affects your brain; it organises your thoughts and prepares your body to respond to stressful situations. Also, thanks to this powerful method, you can relieve depression and anxiety effects, hence, gain stronger mental health.

Not only that, but through guided morning meditation you’ll increase your focus and be more creative when finding solutions at work. Meditation will make you learn new techniques and process information quickly.

All in all, you will be a happy person and a professional that builds strong work relationships with high self-esteem. These are the crucial traits needed for a successful entrepreneur!

Types of Meditation Techniques

Here are many meditation techniques you can practice while at work. From mindfulness meditation to transcendental and guided meditation, you can choose depending on the state of your and your employees’ minds. My favourite technique is the gratitude meditation.

We’ve already written about how much gratitude is essential for your small business. However, that’s only good for certain situations. For the mind of every successful business entrepreneur out there, the best technique is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation Technique

A lot of people mistakenly relate this morning technique with insight meditation. In fact, they are fundamentally different. Insight meditation is more about personal experience and journey through life. On the other hand, mindfulness is all about clearing your mind to a point where emotional balance is restored. It is quite useful when it is practiced in bigger groups. Hence, the great popularity it receives from the business world.

Mindfulness meditations start like every meditation with breathing in and out. As your mind begins to wander, you will need to notice where it goes. Stuff like conversations that you had at home or work, or a task that needs to be finished, will start to pop up in your mind.

As you wander in those thoughts, try focusing only on your breath and nothing more. Please, don’t fully stop your instinct to roam everywhere, because it is the primary force of creativity! Try to remain in the present.
Now, you will feel every point of your body and create a perspective on a whole new dimension. You will be the centre of the universe and you will become the moving force in your life. Do this for at least 10 minutes or more to get the most of it.

Thanks to mindfulness guided morning meditation you will be more focused, more productive and more open to new ideas. Maintaining your creativity will be easy and you’ll be able to resolve any issue, regardless of its nature.

Ground Meditation

The ground technique is by far the shortest meditation you can practice at work. It lasts only a minute and is straightforward and simple to follow.

First, take a seat with your feet touching the ground. Take a deep breath, exhale, and connect with everything around you. Follow every movement as you breathe. Clear your mind. Relax. Rest your head on your chest while breathing in and out. Soon enough you’ll realise it’s one of the best mindful meeting openers.

Start Your Meetings with Meditation

Before any meeting, everyone feels tense. The current project is doing fine, but the expectations from the board are just too high. Some people are under so much pressure that they even cannot think straight, and may not be able to present their ideas at the level they aspire to. So, stop, relax and meditate for a few moments.

It is a fact, that when you use meditations for positive energy, meetings are more impactful. Create a company’s culture of starting every meeting with meditations, and see the difference. Whether you prefer an extended meditation (mindfulness meditation) or quick meditation techniques at work (ground meditation), the results will be evident.

An outsider will be confused when they see guided morning meditation at work. Everyone is sitting in their chairs in a dark room with closed eyes doing nothing. That’s how it starts. The leader of the company should also be the leader of the mindful meditation and say when to breathe in and breathe out.

After everyone is in sync, you continue for 5 to 10 minutes, until everyone has cleared their mind, and feels more relaxed. Moreover, if you want your employees to have more gratitude, you can add a phrase that is repeated by everyone. Instruct them to put their hand on their chest and say phrases such as “I am the heart”, “I am the love”, “I am the presence”. Now you can start the meeting!


You may think starting the day with meditation sounds crazy, and time-wasting, but its recent adoption by big companies shows that it actually works.  If you give your employees time to clear their minds and feel part of a spiritual family, they will only reward you with loyalty, productivity, and hard work.

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