5 ways of using video marketing to connect with your customers

January 29, 2021

Using video marketing to connect with your customers

The world is developing every day in all aspects, and communication is one of the factors. Digital communication is present almost all around the world. The development of technology has lead to the discovery of different ways to communicate. 

Videos are one of the best. Nowadays, businesses are using videos to attract customers and to keep up to date with current world trends. These videos are sent by email or posted on social media platforms. They help to develop a better relationship with clients.

To make your business recognizable, you have to follow the present trends of the world. Video marketing, as part of content marketing, has taken over the spotlight in the past year or so. And in case you’re not using video marketing, you’re probably falling behind. In any case, don’t worry, because even if you lack the skills you can always outsource to a digital marketing company

For most videos, the more basic and crude it is, the more bona fide the substance appears the better will be perceived by the audience. The best thing is that video creation is more financially savvy than any other time in recent memory. You can shoot in high-caliber, 4K video with your cell phone. 

5 ways to connect with customers using video marketing

Between camera gear to lighting to altering programming, the subject of video marketing can at present appear to be really muddled. That is the reason we gathered this guide.

For one, you can use videos to communicate with clients. It can be an announcement, product demonstration, sharing your company’s story, etc.

Explain your product through videos

One way to use videos in communication with clients is to help them understand your products and the way they work. You can make how-to, instructional videos that guide them step-by-step through the experience. Furthermore, explainer videos with animations have proven to be an effective way in this type of communication.

Testimonials and case study videos

Videos with case studies and testimonials of past clients add credibility to the benefits and advantages of your product. They help build trust which is instrumental for having a loyal clientele. Testimonial videos are a proven way to boost sales volume because potential clients need reassurance that the product they’ll be spending their money on is valuable.

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Company news videos

Use videos to keep your clients up to date with upcoming events, product launches and other exciting news. Once you have a date and a concept create a video that will best represent the occasion and keep your clients updated. This way you’ll keep them engaged and interested in your company’s work. 

Share your company’s story

To enhance your brand awareness and gain customer loyalty, you can share videos about your journey with them. Share your company’s culture with behind the scene videos and team introduction videos. It will make them feel as part of your story. You can also upload videos of yourself and create a direct connection to your clients.

Personalized material

When it comes to showing customer appreciation, videos can once again play a key role. For example, you can hold video call conferences once in a while to keep in touch with your clients. This way you will get to know your clients and their interest, and later give them personalised offers. 

Moreover, you can send video cards for some special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. When you use video communication it helps strengthen your relationship with your clients and break down boundaries.


The use of video communication helps to make a better bond with clients.  It helps them get a better understanding of your brand. In the new era, where technology is present and used in almost every household, it’s a shame to miss the opportunity to connect with your clients.

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