Top 20 innovative wearables startups in 2023

September 14, 2023

Successful wearables startups shaking up the tech industry

The number of users of wearable devices is over 1 billion – so you won’t be surprised that the number of wearables startups has been growing rapidly in the past couple of years.

With star products like FitBit and Apple Watch, wearables are becoming part of the daily “gear” of many people.

What are wearable startups?

Wearable startups are working on products, data, research, and innovation related to wearable technology. From health benefits to increased productivity, these wearable startups are providing solutions that improve people’s lives.

Apollo Neuroscience

Founded in 2016, Apollo has engineered a wristband and app that provide therapies activating touch and proprioceptive nerves to signal safety to the brain and body. This aims to control fight-or-flight stress response for better sleep, focus, and recovery.

Apollo’s therapies leverage neuroscience research on using vibration to influence key bodily processes involved in managing stress and anxiety. The platform makes this science easily accessible.


Founded in 2018, Silvertree offers a pendant, wristwatch, and app providing families with activity tracking and alerts if a fall or health event is detected, while maintaining users’ dignity through discreet design. This aims to prolong safe, confident independent living.

By blending familiar wearable designs with practical safety features, Silvertree demonstrates consumer tech’s potential to assist vulnerable populations when thoughtfully applied. Their innovations point to a more inclusive future.


Founded in 2011, Whoop tracks key metrics like heart rate variability, respiratory rate, sleep quality, and exercise strain to quantify recovery needs and optimize training among other uses. Users receive a daily “recovery score.”

Whoop aims to unlock human performance potential by using biometric data to balance training with rest and lifestyle factors. Their system provides a scientific framework for training optimization.


Founded in 2015, Metacore designs unique gameplay experiences tailored for wrist-worn devices. Their hit title Runeblade for Apple Watch pioneered an adventuring RPG designed wholly around touch input on a small wearable display.

By developing novel games purpose-built for smartwatches, Metacore demonstrates compelling possibilities in interactive entertainment possible as wearables evolve into first-class computing platforms. Their innovations point to the wider applications ahead.


Founded in 2012, Tractive enables responsible pet owners to give their animal companions more freedom while ensuring security. As an early pioneer in consumer GPS pet tech, Tractive unlocked the category’s mass potential across millions of households.

With over 300,000 active users, Tractive demonstrates mainstream demand for applying connectivity and wearable technology to enhance pets’ wellbeing. Their continued innovation drives the market forward responsibly.

Atlas Tracking

Founded in 2019, Atlas Tracking brings innovative wireless technology originally developed for IoT supply chain use cases to transform race operations and integrity. Their platform restores credibility lost as races scale by confirming legit participant performance.

Major marathon and Ironman organizers are partnering with Atlas Tracking as demand grows for verifiable results across entire racing fields. Their technology progression reflects how cancers threatening sports can be defeated with innovation.


Founded in 2016, FightCamp demonstrates how digitally-enhanced equipment can unlock new fitness experiences once confined to gyms. Their technology-assisted training reduces barriers to learn proper boxing fundamentals at home.

With rave reviews and waitlists to join, FightCamp shows mainstream appetite for innovative home strength training using familiar modalities enhanced by connectivity. Their platform points to a new wave of immersive, social fitness powered by technology.

German Bionic

Founded in 2017, German Bionic applies robotics breakthroughs to solve musculoskeletal disorders threatening industries relying on manual labor. Their technology upgrades jobs once hazardous over time into opportunities for long-term prosperity.

Major firms like BMW now equip workers with German Bionic exoskeletons to champion their most valuable asset – human talent. Their products showcase how connected robotics can transform duties into lifelong careers by preventing irreversible damage.

Rise Science

Founded by neuroscientists in 2016, Rise Science set out to translate laboratory sleep science into practical, accessible sleep help for the public good. Their technology empowers better living through the life essential of quality sleep.

Validating clinical trials with Harvard Medical School demonstrated Rise users added an hour of nightly sleep on average while also improving mood after 2 months. Their solution proves even engrained sleep problems can be corrected.


Founded in 2016, boAt designs trendy Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and speakers combining performance, aesthetics and value. Their products target youthful demographics in India focused on bold accessories.

By reinventing the budget electronics space with cooler industrial design, boAt injected excitement into a commoditized category. Their success reflects demands of an aspirational young nation reaching for brands that get them.


Launched in 2020, FORTË provides an interactive fitness platform streaming cutting-edge workouts and programs on demand. Their classes range from dance to HIIT to yoga led by renowned instructors.

By providing studio-quality experiences at home, FORTË makes experiential fitness more accessible. Users feel immersed in classes together through competitive social features and hardware integration.

Wyze Labs

Founded in 2017, Wyze offers affordable smart home products directly to consumers including cameras, lights, sensors, and plugs. Their low cost and simple design makes IoT approachable.

By focusing value, Wyze opened smart home technology to wider demographics beyond just tech enthusiasts. Their products let anyone experiment with connectivity to enhance convenience and safety.

Dot Inc.

Founded in 2016, Dot develops accessible smart devices like braille displays, smartphone assistants, and sign language translation tools. Their innovations aim to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities.

By inventing affordable, easy-to-use products, Dot fulfills fundamental needs often overlooked by consumer tech companies. Users gain independence, engagement, and access to information.

Sarcos Robotics

Founded in 1983, Sarcos develops wearable robotics and teleoperated robotic avatars for hazardous environments. Their exoskeletons and robotic arms aim to reduce injury risks and fatigue for workers.

By combining human oversight and robotic capabilities, Sarcos enables safer, more productive industrial operations. Complex tasks can be performed with precision, reliability, and force beyond human limitations.


Founded in 2017, Summersalt designs and sells comfortable, minimalist swimsuits and apparel directly to consumers online. Their direct-to-consumer model provides quality at attractive prices by eliminating middlemen.

Summersalt focuses on elegant, versatile staples in a simplified color palette. Their community embraces effortless style and the freedom that comes with feeling comfortable and confident.


Founded in 2017, Wandelbots created a intuitive solution to program industrial robots simply by demonstrating the desired motions. Their teach pendants, software, and cloud platform enable fast deployment without coding.

Key innovations include motion trace technology, computer vision-based monitoring, and integrations with leading robotics brands. This opens up automation to subject matter experts beyond IT and engineering.

Soapbox Labs

Founded in 2013, Soapbox Labs develops speech technology specifically for children to power voice interfaces and chatbots. Their youth-optimized speech engine improves comprehension of young voices.

Key features include age-appropriate voice models, vocabulary filters, and kid-friendly tools for building voice skills. This enables safer, more useful voice apps catering to children’s needs.

Robosoft Technologies

Founded in 1996, Robosoft partners with brands to envision and deliver transformative digital products, platforms, and experiences. Their integrated teams provide end-to-end capabilities from research through development.

Key offerings include experience strategy, interaction design, visual design, front-end development, mobile app development, conversational AI, and IoT solutions. This covers the full cycle to bring digital visions to market.


Founded in 2018, Actofit has developed a personalized health coaching platform combining wearable technology, personalized recommendations, and motivation tools to help people achieve fitness goals.

Key innovations include their Actofit band with motion tracking and heart rate monitoring, integrated fitness and diet plans, and accountability features like progress dashboards and reminders. This enables holistic habit building.


Founded in 2019, Wisear developed Ear-ID, an in-ear biometric authentication platform enabling touchless control of devices using earprints. Their technology authenticates identities and interprets micro-movements for interface navigation.

Key features include highly secure authentication, touchless gesture commands, fit personalization, and integration APIs for headphones and earbuds. This provides intuitive, integrated control without voice or buttons.


Over 1 billion people now use wearable technology, representing a massive market opportunity for wearable startups. The future looks bright for startups that can leverage advancements in sensor technology, AI, and materials to take wearables to the next level.

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