Energetic Community Builder and Manager


An Extra Ambitious Startup

At Enterprise League, we are passionate about helping people improve the way they do business. We are on a mission to help millions of entrepreneurs expand their business horizon and increase their company’s success. If you’re excited about projects that could change the world, we’d love for you to join us.

Enterprise League is a B2B collaborations platform for startups and small businesses, that embodies five core values: being creative; empowering others; staying tenacious; taking ownership; showing initiative and inventiveness.

Our core values enable us to create a culture of raving fans for both our clients and our team. If you want to work in an ultra-positive environment with a team that is motivated, ambitious and collaborative, then we would love to hear from you.


The Role

Enterprise League is searching for an extremely energetic Community Builder and Manager to join our company. This is a unique opportunity to join a growing startup B2B business, develop a community and grow it strategically using your own ideas. 

Engaging with a digital community can be volatile — one day might be full of positive and rewarding discussions, while the next might be hounded by complaints and disgruntled users. It’s important that the Community Manager maintains and controls emotions in order to handle the various issues that arise.

Our Community Manager should be an advocate for our brand and  must have incredibly strong soft skills. Above all, empathy, good listening skills, and adaptability are crucial to promoting favourable impressions of an organisation and brand.

Beyond interpersonal skills, our Community Managers should be actively researching trends and hot topics — by engaging with the latest industry developments, our Community Managers will be better able to connect with relevant audiences and provide them with the most updated resources and best practices.

Adaptability is an important characteristic for a successful Community Manager. Being flexible to adjust to new trends and expectations is crucial to connect with our community and grow it. Great Community Managers understand that this role is extremely customer service-based and they need to actively listen to customers, address concerns, demonstrate an authentic social presence and maintain productive partnerships with consumers.

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Building and maintaining a brand’s community — both online and offline — and public perception.
  • Engaging audiences on a variety of outlets including online forums, social media platforms, Slack, in-person groups, as well as other community managers. Must be the consistent tone and voice of the brand.
  • Prompt messaging, content and crisis management across networks, consistent with brand and empathetic to create a loyal and delighted community.
  • PR management; engaging with all kinds of press (positive and negative). Navigate legal issues and negative press successfully. 
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams to maintain in-sync operations flow. 
  • Constantly think on how you can experiment, test tactics and don’t be discouraged, progress takes time. 
  • Think long term, invest in an improved strategy, new directions etc. Networking with other community managers to crowdsource informed solutions or lean on experienced others who’ve handled similar situations in the past.
  • Must be vigilant of their organisation’s brand presence and assess the potential consequences of their corporate communications. 
  • Consistency of voice across platforms to keep the company on track in terms of target audience awareness and engagement. Consumers should be able to recognise brand voices across pillars — whether they’re seeing a post on Instagram or a question on Quora.
  • Record and report the engagement you see on a weekly basis. Collaborate with other teams that create content to see the response from consumers. Track whether followers are confused, or what kinds of changes you are noticing within the digital communities. 
  • Ultimately you will need to develop an intuition about the psychology of our audience, to be able to evolve and tweak your outreach strategy in order to most effectively engage with target audiences.
  • Shape content and communication to target the right audience rather than simply building a larger one. 
  • Delight our audience, give positive encouragement through little presents (EL swag items).

    Essential skills:

    • Experience in building communities (very important), driving business growth and commercial revenue streams through innovative, content-lead marketing approaches. 
    • Creative skills: knowledge of web design, SEO practices, marketing techniques and social media incorporation. Come up with designs and written content used for promotion and engagement of people within online communities
    • Time management skills: able to split time between different tasks, especially when managing multiple online communities. Prioritise deadlines but still be able to make time to start conversations on online forums, handle conflict between users, bring in new community members, promote the brand and do other everyday tasks involved with online communities.
    • Adaptable: continually learn new skills and adapt to changes that occur within companies and industries. Be ready for emerging technologies and proficient in using social media and mobile technologies that users use to communicate and gather information.  
    • Analytic skills: collect quantitative data such as user statistics or qualitative data on members’ experiences. Ability to analyze statistics and feedback.
    • Organisational skills: position can be more than an eight-hour-a-day job. You need to be able to handle all of the reports, digital files, meetings and deadlines that are part of running an online community. Need to be able to work independently and develop your own work organising schemes.

    Email us your CV at info@enterpriseleague.com