Top tips on how to build leadership skills in 2022

December 01, 2021

Becoming a leader

Developing leadership skills is only one part of being a good boss and manager. The basis of leadership development is your ability to adapt and apply different leadership styles to manage successfully. Whether we are looking for a new job, a promotion, or practice, someone will at least once question our leadership skills and how much they qualify us for the position we aspire to.

Before we embark on testing our leadership skills and assess what kind of leaders we are. Let’s ask ourselves what exactly the notion of leadership potential implies and what are the ways we can improve our skills.

Recognize your knowledge

Keep in mind that you do not have much time available during the day. Since you are the main revenue earner, you should spend more than 90% of your resources on jobs that are closely related to your position, because that is what you are most efficient and most productive at.

However, you will also need to learn to use the skills and capacities of others employed by your company to achieve the goals you have set. “Some leaders persistently try to do everything themselves, but only to find a difficult and stressful situation”, according to Professor Amy Mitchell, who works at PapersOwl as an expert on leadership issues. “Admit to yourself that you can’t do everything at once. That’s why both your situational awareness and your colleagues are so important”.

Listen to others

Busyness at work often leaves enough rhythm just to talk about clients and business tasks with the staff members. The key to successful communication is listening to others and learning from them. Simply admit to yourself that listening is something you need for success and career development. By listening, you gain power, respect, technical skills, and gratitude, and you also get the necessary feedback.

Be stable

Your associates and colleagues will expect leadership, composure, and strength, especially during stressful situations when you step out of your comfort zone. Your employees will only follow you in such situations if they think you know exactly what you are doing. This can only happen if the person in charge shows a lot of strength and confidence in himself. Emotional intelligence is not easy to learn or achieve.

People who pursue a leadership role work extremely hard and their work requires a lot of concentration. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that they also have to face huge pressure on a daily basis. Whether it’s the administrative side – taxes, insurance, and management of other issues – or potential problems of everyday life, it seems like all these pressures are only increasing.

Provide an example

Your behavior affects the way your associates recognise the company. A positive and energetic leader transmits these qualities to the teams and clients. Based on your behavior, the staff can and should conclude that the most important purpose of your company is to create the right workplace for your employees. 

We can address the same thing in other areas of personal life. You need to understand that being a student leader in college also requires standing up and acting as an example.

Good leading also requires a constant positive attitude and being open to talking to people about what is happening in the company. It is necessary to challenge your associates to find solutions to issues in the areas in which they are experienced and motivate them. Leaders can produce this by constantly sending positive messages and signals and providing appropriate rewards.

Distribute tasks

To maximize your productivity and profitability, you need to distribute responsibilities between you and your associates. It could be efficient if you give certain duties that are not in the description of their tasks. Regardless of the fact that each task in the company is of different weight and has different deadlines, proper training will enable employees to perform successfully. By scheduling and distributing tasks, a good leader will allow him/herself to fully concentrate on things that only he/she can do. On the other hand, the team can focus on being effective and not overthinking the tasks.

Build a vision of your company in a few years

Communicating your vision to the associates will certainly help them focus on the direction you want your company to go. Your plan should serve as a mental reminder to help you make decisions. It should show that you, as a true leader, know where your business will be in the next couple of years. If you successfully construct a vision, your team will become more committed to professional goals you want to achieve.

Educate and train your team

Make written descriptions for your associates’ tasks. Provide them with additional education and courses to boost the skill set they need. Set annual goals and hold regular meetings to evaluate work and new soft skills, paying attention to the goals set. 

There are many opportunities for employee training, such as relaxed conversations during the working day, official meetings, performance appraisal of employees, face-to-face meetings, etc. In order for a company and employees to grow, an effective leader must talk to his associates. Both responsible and good leadership focuses on positive, concrete, and practical communication that helps staff perform their duties better.


Leadership is not just one thing, but it is a set of a large number of skills that you can develop. From the mentioned techniques, choose the ones that seem to you that will enhance your leadership in the near future. Remember – anyone can become a better leader. It takes determination, desire and dedication for leaders, and with it – you’ll be an inspiration to your team members.

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