19 innovative drone startups you should know (2023)

February 03, 2022

Most innovative drone startups in 2022

Even though in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, drone technology has already broken through rigid traditional barriers in industries that seemed impenetrable by similar technological innovations in the past few years.

Luckily, experts from various businesses and governmental organizations became aware of the possibilities this technology brings and that increased the need for innovative drone solutions. For that purpose, many drone startups were born in the past few years, and thousands of ambitious experts are aiming for the same thing – the adoption of drone technology across industries.

What are drone startups?

Drone startups are focusing on finding innovations by taking a variety of approaches in the drone industry. From scanning unreachable places to quick and more ecological deliveries, drones are extremely beneficial if you implement them in workflows where people cannot reach or are dangerous or even unable to perform in an efficient and timely manner.

Promising drone startups that are changing the industry

Using drone technology, businesses can increase work efficiency and productivity, cut workload, cut operating and production costs, refine service and customer relations, resolve security issues, and many more.

To prove to you that drone technology is the future of automated workflows, we are listing you the 19 most innovative drone startups that have already penetrated their amazing solutions into some industries, and significantly improved their workflow.

1. Ware

Starting the list with a drone startup that is automating warehouse inventory tracking by using drones and AI. Ware developed self-flying, autonomous drones that can soar into your warehouse, avoid obstacles, and capture images of your inventory.

That means, having the world’s smartest drones will enable you to scan your entire warehouse as often as you need and refer back to the images whenever you want. The team of Ware developed a supply chain digitization platform that is building technology at the intersection of robotics and machine learning.

2. AirSmat Inc

AirSmat developed extraordinary software solutions that provide AI processed insights for farmers and insurers. By adopting drones into daily operations farmers can increase the efficiency and sustainability of their farming business by having access to real-time information that can help owners always make the right decision.

This is the most innovative solution to diagnostics of farmland yet, hence it empowers the agricultural industry to adopt and scale resilient agricultural practices. With such insights, farmers will be able to get the most out of every season, and for insurers, these risk monitoring solutions will highlight with extreme accuracy the associated risk and opportunity of any farmland.

3. Voliro Airborne Robotics

Voliro has developed a 360° drone specialized for industrial inspection that can be equipped with a variety of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sensors. Also, thanks to advanced assistive technology, the Voliro T is safe and easy to fly and allows the pilot and inspector to work together seamlessly.

Moreover, forces of up to 2kg can be applied in any direction, ensuring stable and reliable contact between the inspection sensor and inspected surface. Voliro’s flying robot also navigates in 3D space while maintaining a fixed orientation.

4. Skyqraft

Skyqraft united passionate and highly motivated experts with the same vision to combine their knowledge to create a safer, smarter, and sustainable future. By harnessing the power of AI, aerospace technology, and advancements in image processing, this drone startup is making transmission and distribution grid inspections drastically more efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

With Skyqraft’s innovations, machines are making grid inspections safer since no helicopters are precariously hovering over powerlines. Furthermore, with the help of AI, it automatically analyzes the autonomous high-definition images of powerlines and identifies potential defects.

5. Iris Automation

As drones become more popular and are found useful in many industries, it’s imperative to find a solution for safe flying that will assure you there won’t be drone collisions. Therefore, one of the best drone startups in 2022, Iris Automation, provides drone collision avoidance systems based on computer vision.

Casia, the leading system for safe flights is extensively tested with more than 16,000 real-world encounters and 50,000 encounters in simulation. Moreover, it works with nearly all industrial drones and integrates with the most popular commercially available autopilot software.

6. All In Drone

All In Drone is dedicated to showcasing properties and portfolios within high-quality branded or unbranded formats. and the team behind this drone startup is dedicated to commercial real estate.

With their innovations, property drone videos became nationwide available, and with more than 20 years of property marketing experience certified, the drone network is dedicated to leveraging industry-leading drone technologies.

7. Meshine Swarm Technologies

Meshine Swarm Technologies is another one of the most promising drone startups that with a team of four engineers provides autonomy to drones and allows them to work in a swarm. They are focused on swarm robotics because it aims to perform the tasks that robots will perform individually at a high cost and that will also take a long time.

What makes them so special is their simulation services, which means their technology creates a virtual copy of your products in connection with many electronic and mechanical parts. In the near future, they will still be focused to find solutions to your electronic problems with engineering services, to freeing search and rescue units that require early intervention in emergency situations.

8. Skyfarer

Nowadays everyone can have or technically fly a drone, but not everyone can recognize the opportunity to improve our everyday lives by leveraging the possibilities of drone technology. By focusing on saving lives, Skyfarer is leveling up medical delivery.

More specifically, they are automating and improving speed to all medical deliveries, from blood transporting to ensuring a donated organ has a recipient, Skyfarer’s goal is to allow for same-day delivery to be the new normal.

9. Superwake

Superwake’s platform of long-endurance solar-electric drones can provide the imagery and data you need when you need it. With its high-efficiency solar cells and custom high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, the SW-96 RPAS is able to perform ultra-long endurance aerial missions, which means more time will be spent flying and doing the work.

Moreover, because of the slow landing speed of the aircraft, this drone can be hand-launched and landed without damaging the aircraft or payload. This technology can be applied to wildfire detection and monitoring, wildfire conservation, forest resource inventory, long-term surveillance, and more, hence Superwake is one of the most innovative drone startups in 2022.

10. Sky Visor

The main objectives of Sky Visor are reducing your costs and improving your maintenance processes. You plan your inspection from the web interface which is accessible on both mobile and desktop, then set up your SkyVisor inspection, inspect the infrastructure, and review the collected data that is accessible online in their WebApp.

They offer two deployment options: In-house and Service, to fit your inspection workflow and optimize O&M costs. With the In-house option, your team will be trained to use the Skyvisor solution to be fully autonomous inspections planning and review, and with the Service option, SkyVisor technicians inspect your assets and you access to their online review platform.

11. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy has a mission to make drone data accessible anywhere and to anyone, so they can transform the way businesses collect, manage, and interpret drone data. They’ve developed a user-friendly platform that enables companies of any size to improve their workflows through data storage, scalable image processing, and real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models.

On top of that, this drone startup provides a platform to connect developers, pilots, and hardware partners with powerful tools to integrate aerial data into day-to-day operations. That way, DroneDeploy unifies the commercial drone industry under one roof.

12. Skycatch

Skycatch by providing aerial data capture automation, processing, visualization, and analysis tools deserved recognition as one of the best drone startups to keep an eye on this year. With the Flight1 app with just a few clicks, you can fly your fully automated missions, without wasting time setting up, marking, and maintaining ground control points.

After you complete your mission, insert the SD card into your Edge1 base station for high-speed processing right from the field. Finally, you can access your fully processed data on any computer or right from the Edge1 app.

13. Airobotics

This drone startup is known for its data-driven, automated drone solutions, developed to address the unique needs of the world’s most complex industrial environments. For that purpose, Airobotics developed a platform that is fully automated, on-demand, industrial grade, and multi-purpose.

This unmanned drone solution was the first of its kind in the global market, hence Airobotics is considered one of the most innovative drone startups. Moreover, they provide end-to-end, fully automatic solutions for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights.

14. Propeller Aero

Propeller Aero is a global leader in 3D mapping and data analytics solutions that gives worksites the power to measure and manage themselves. That’s accomplished with visual tools that can be used anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

This turnkey 3D drone mapping and data analytics solution for civil construction and earthworks operations is a package of survey data collection, processing, and analysis formula that transforms your survey operations for the better.

15. Flyability

Flyability has a goal to find a solution that will prevent humans from doing dangerous jobs. With that intent, this Swiss drone startup is building safe drones for operating indoors, in complex and confined spaces, and in contact with people.

Their team already knows that allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, enables new interactions and services with UAVs and solves the two most critical issues of one of the fastest-growing industries: collision and injury risks.

16. SkyX

SkyX operates on a Drones-as-a-Service model. To achieve that, they’ve united AI and aerial systems to help you create safer and more efficient midstream assets. This drone startup owns and operates all drones deployed, is responsible for maintaining the fleet, trains drone pilots and operators, can perform ongoing monitoring, and many more.

That being the case, they are revolutionizing the way aerial data is accumulated, analyzed, and actioned. The solution SkyX developed can be applied to hydrocarbon leak verification, corrosion monitoring, right of way, and third-party external disruption.

17. Percepto

Speaking of revolutionizing the way vital infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored, we can’t go without mentioning Percepto. This is one of the most promising drone startups, providing autonomous drones and drone software for multiple industrial uses.

Percepto’s solution enables fully automated inspections and continuous surveillance of industrial sites worldwide. The team behind Percepto includes hardware engineers, software developers, robotics-aficionados, machine vision experts, and industry professionals all working together focused on pushing the boundaries of industrial automation.

18. Dedrone

Dedrone through years developed drones that significantly aid in surveying, delivery, disaster relief, and myriad business and consumer applications. But, unfortunately, when in the wrong hands, however, a drone’s accessibility, capabilities, and ease of flying make it especially suitable for surveillance, hacking, and terrorism.

Therefore, this drone startup protects organizations from malicious drones by securing the airspace using advanced hardware and software technology. If you connect your sensors to DedroneTracker software, it will detect, classify, and protect drone threats, including localizing the drone.

19. D-Fend Solutions

D-Fend Solutions is one of the leading counter-drone takeover technology providers, hence it’s last but not least of the most innovative drone startups with ambitious teams and innovative technology. They enable full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments, to overcome both current and emerging drone threats.

This drone company quickly became a global, hyper-growth company with more than 150 employees spread across eight countries, and continues to enlarge its worldwide footprint and get closer to its existing and prospective customers.

What all these drone startups have in common

Everyone focusing on a different aspect of developing drone solutions, all of the listed drone startups are working towards the same goal – finding adoption of drones in different industries. Usually, they focus on reaching the most remote areas with little to no manpower needed, but also wherever is possible, they want to find a solution so drones can replace people’s work.

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