Year in Review: 2019

Dec 31, 2019

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As I sit down to write this post, we are winding down our busiest season in business ever and I am feeling so very grateful for all of the work and opportunities that 2019 brought our way. This year was the year we launched Enterprise League and while we are still learning, we feel like we have found our groove when it comes to: implementing the Build, Measure, Learn system, collaborating with our members and more. 

This year in review I am sharing with you the things that did work, didn’t work and future plans for 2020. 

What Worked

  • Processes, systems and workflows

I cannot repeat enough how setting up efficient processes and systems has saved us so much time while building Enterprise League. We launched as a b2b platform, measured and learned that we need to shift our branding to an online business club. We redesigned our UX, web and blog, we keep releasing new features and updating existing ones. It has all been the result of the Build, Measure, Learn system and we don’t plan on shifting perspective anytime soon. 

  • Building the EL team

Although there were a couple of partnerships this year which didn’t turn out as a good fit, the current team at Enterprise League have been invaluable to us. The team has proven that amazing things can happen when you loosen the grip on your business and make smart hires. 

We learned and for every new potential teammate, we require a probation period to connect with the project and other teammates. This period served as a great way for both the potential new team member and the current team to determine if we were a fit for working together. 

Remember: for every non-ideal teammate you choose to bring in your team, you’re robbing yourself of a partnership that will bring you a harmonious, inspiring and driven work atmosphere.

What Didn’t Work

  • Working while traveling

Much of our gorgeous Tuscan holiday were actually spent in our apartment room where the wifi was strongest trying to efficiently work for a couple of hours with our remote team. It seemed like it would be doable and productive however it mostly resulted with missed moments and explorations at the expense of a work that could have been delegated. But it was early days of the team and we were still becoming accustomed to each other.

We would advise to certainly avoid mixing work with travel, it’s better to be fully present in one place, than not present in any.

Future Plans

  •  Release more membership plans and even more new and better benefits

As we analysed and learned from our early beginnings we found ways to polish and add more value to our member experience. Starting from January 2020, new members now have the opportunity to join Enterprise League with a lifetime premium membership (later available at a fee) free of charge. The premium membership offers new and refined business tools, that have been and are being added onto the platform continuously. 

2020 is currently tracking to be our year with even more campaigns, features and members, and I can’t wait to see how the next year pans out. We look forward to continuing to expand the club and its business benefits while also continuing to partner with business members and together achieve our mission of giving more business opportunities to small and medium sized businesses.

Wishing you a happy New Year, 

Irina, Co-founder and CEO 


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