5 affiliate marketing trends to watch out for in 2023

March 01, 2023

It seems there are new marketing trends every quarter, and it can be hard for businesses to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years as it can generate better leads with a word-of-mouth marketing tactic. 

In 2022, 8 out of 10 brands had an affiliate marketing program for their potential customers. Companies of various sizes and operating in different industries understand the benefits of having affiliates promote their products or services because they can build trust and convince customers to complete a purchase.

You have to keep in mind that affiliate marketing is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with the trends to achieve the best results. From apps like Honeygain to makeup brands like Morphe, many companies welcome affiliates to boost their brands in new ways. 

Here are some of the affiliate marketing trends that you should consider implementing!

Top 5 affiliate marketing trends you should pay attention to

We’ve created a list of the top five affiliate marketing trends to watch out for as we go into 2023. Check it out below and make sure to implement some of them into your marketing strategy.

The rise of content marketing

The rise of content marketing has been a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. Brands produce different types of content for various social media platforms, and each type of content requires different approaches from the marketing team. It’s an excellent way to reach target audiences in record time effectively!

Content marketing reaches people in various ways — through broadcast television or radio commercials, digital ads, social media channels, written articles, eBooks, and more. It depends on your business and which channels your target audience uses the most. 

Additionally, promoting your affiliate marketing program with unique content is an excellent idea. Segment a group you wish to target, produce a high-quality infographic on why being your brand’s affiliate is beneficial, and publish it so people can join it! 

More focus on mobile traffic

As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to focus on mobile traffic more and more. People are taking their phones everywhere, and it’s a great opportunity to adjust your strategy to accommodate more mobile users. 

One example of a great app integration across different platforms is Honeygain. It’s a passive income app that pays users for sharing their unused Internet bandwidth. The company offers different installers based on your device for easy access to its services. Users can make $3 for sharing 10GB of traffic and refer a friend for more money. Honeygain’s referral program is an affiliate marketing program suited for recommending the app to close friends. All you have to do is copy your referral link and share it with others so they can join. The copy and paste function is adapted to desktop and mobile users, offering easy navigation for Honeygain users. 

Another way to boost your earnings is by turning on JumpTask mode which offers a 10% bonus as long as you transfer your payout to your crypto wallet. Once again, Honeygain offers impressive cross-channel integration, making it easy for mobile users to navigate the app on their phones.

The power of social media influencers

Social media influencers have become increasingly powerful in recent years, and their impact can be seen in various industries. From fitness to financial gurus, people with a large following on social media make a lot of money from affiliate marketing programs. Whether it’s a link to a new gym wear set or a discount on financial consultation sessions, influencers make commissions as affiliates and brand ambassadors.

In addition, many people now turn to influencers for ideas on how to style themselves or what products they should buy over others. Influencers can sway a customer’s opinion and even change people’s buying habits. That’s why companies collaborate with influencers to drive more sales or build brand awareness. It’s clear that social media influencers have a strong influence today and positively impact customers, companies, and consumer behavior.

Personalization and retargeting

Does your business need more engagement? You should consider personalizing your affiliate marketing program to fit the profile of your target audience. Identify their age, location, hobbies, and other attributes that can impact their decision to become your affiliate or finish a purchase. Then tailor your messages to give them the benefits of becoming your customer and watch your sales skyrocket.

Whether it’s designing marketing campaigns that target individuals based on their preferences or creating content tailored to match each user, personalization helps companies build relationships with their customers in a more meaningful way. You should track user patterns and create experiences that your customers will enjoy. 

A funny TikTok or an engaging email can solve a problem, and a person is more likely to trust your brand and your affiliates! Through personalization and retargeting, businesses can engage with their customers on a deeper level and better understand how they interact with different products and services.

Increased use of video content

With platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels becoming the go-to social media platforms, video content is an important part of your marketing strategy. It offers a vivid visual experience that speaks more to us as viewers than static images or words on a page. List the benefits of joining your affiliate marketing program with a trending sound, and watch how the algorithm picks it up!

You can reach hundreds of thousands worldwide with short videos, so make sure to include top-notch messages in your videos. It’s always a good idea to highlight your company’s strengths and unique attributes! By branching out with your content, you can build reliable connections with your audience and make them your customers through affiliate links.


With so many options and possibilities, companies should focus on creating cohesive content strategies that connect all these components into one powerful package. It’s not all about short videos on TikTok that will bring you many viewers. Your marketing strategy should include different approaches to boost sales and make the user experience as efficient as possible.

Businesses that get creative and take advantage of all that new technology offers will surely benefit from the possibilities that come with affiliate marketing trends in 2023.

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