49 characteristics of an entrepreneur that bring up triumph

June 08, 2021

Characteristics of entrepreneurs that make a difference whether their are outstanding or not

Entrepreneurs, whether born or made, operate with a higher and unique core value system, which makes them more persuasive and successful. Some people are born with the right attitude and aptitude for leadership, while many others develop it through preparation, learning, practice, and introspection. 

As you can see, entrepreneurship has many distinct characteristics. As a business leader, you can use these characteristics of an entrepreneur to become one of those entrepreneurs who leave an unforgettable mark in their industry. It turns out that whether entrepreneurs are born or created isn’t the most important factor. What matters most is that leaders learn or cultivate the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

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 1. Creativity

 2. Passion

 3. Adaptability

 4. Stamina

 5. Ability to delay gratification

 6. Curiosity

 7. Determination

 8. Competitiveness

 9. Decisive

 10. Patience

 11. Risk-taking

 12. Proactive learner

 13. Clear vision

 14. Authenticity

 15. Effective communicator

 16. Willingness to listen

 17. Selflessness

 18. Self-motivation

 19. Consciousness

 20. Professionalism

 21. Optimism

 22. Planning

 23. Empathy

 24. Growth mindset

 25. Accepting feedback

 26. Goal-oriented mindset

 27. Great people skills

 28. Active participation

 29. Commitment

 30. Perseverance

 31. Networking

 32. Discipline

 33. Open for help

 34. Person of action

 35. Never-ending improvement

 36. Not taking things personally

 37. Leadership

 38. Confidence

 39. Consistency

 40. Tirelessness

 41. Empowerment

 42. Desire to learn

 43. Grit

 44. Humility

 45. Adventurous

 46. Low mental switching costs

 47. Level-headed

 48. Ambition

 49. Desire

 50. Conclusion

Most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

Wondering what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that win every battle in business? Don’t stay in the shadow doubting yourself that you are not born to be an entrepreneur. Read the most valuable characteristics of an entrepreneur, find out what you are missing, and start investing in yourself.


Nikola Tesla said, “I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own” and we couldn’t agree more. Undoubtedly creativity is one of the most valuable characteristics of an entrepreneur, that will keep your business in the game. Anything new is born from creativity and there can be no invention without imagination.

Not every idea would indeed be a success but the knowledge gained is priceless. Creativity helps in the development of innovative solutions to problems and the ability to consider solutions that are beyond the box. It also allows an entrepreneur to create new goods for markets that are close to the ones he is currently operating in.


Passion is a strong driving force and surely one of the most beneficial characteristics of entrepreneurs. Although a good payday at the end of the tunnel can be motivating, people are more likely to be motivated by a passion for their product and a desire to make a difference. Bad days are the reality for any kind of work, but passion is one of the few things that can win over the discouragement life can bring. 

The job can be a source of joy and it depends on you whether you’ll appreciate what you do or you will end up blaming Mondays for your unpleasant life. Every entrepreneurial venture beginning has roadblocks, and your passion will ensure that you resolve them and continue on your path to your target. Entrepreneurial performance is fueled by passion, so if you find yourself losing interest in something, it might be time to move on to something else.


Speaking of what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur, being open to change when it’s needed is a must for any successful entrepreneur. Keep up with your industry and be ready to make improvements to your processes and products as required. 

This is also a crucial step in the problem-solving process. You want to be able to come up with original and practical solutions to problems. An adaptable entrepreneur is a good entrepreneur. They can adapt and improve as they move along, learning from their mistakes. More so, being adaptable allows the entrepreneur to rise above losses, which often happens in the business industry. 

Entrepreneurs must be flexible. Almost any new start-up begins with an idea, but the marketplace or government policies change and steer the company in different directions. Adaptability and flexibility to pivot and change course to pursue a process that is working are key for a startup to earn revenue and compete in the marketplace. Flexibility allows one to seize opportunities and capitalize on untapped revenue streams.


One of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that will make your life easier is the ability to deal with failures and mistakes and turn them into continuous iterations. You will overcome the fear of failure by acknowledging that there are no failures! Every failure is an experiment on your way to reaching the desired result. They’ll help you boost learning and optimize solutions faster than if you wouldn’t have tried and failed.

The ability to accept failure is the most important characteristic an entrepreneur can have. If you can perceive failure as a learning experience, then you never truly are failing. You’re going to slip and fall, but as long as you can get back up and look back to reflect on what caused you to slip, ensuring you don’t do it again, that is where the true growth and success comes.

Ability to delay gratification

Businesses take a long time to build. Even if you have the fortune of being able to start generating revenue quickly, to be successful in the long term you need to reinvest that money to make your product better than the competition.

Therefore, entrepreneurship requires the ability to delay your gratification, and to grind through tough and unglamorous work, even when the rewards are not imminent or obvious.


Curiosity is the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur. And in general as well. The desire to learn or understand something will help you discover new possibilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Stay curious and never ignore your competitors and the market in which your company operates, because that way you risk developing tunnel vision and making poor business decisions.


Being determined is what keeps you moving forward amidst challenges. When you are in the early stages of your business growth, you’ll face numerous hurdles that may seem difficult to win. There are lots of personal battles. But if you remind yourself why you do this and the things you are determined to achieve over and over, you’ll build a stronger will over time.

Determination is a key that every entrepreneur needs to open the door to success. Every year, the number of companies founded grows as each entrepreneur believes they can do a better job than others. And that is the force that makes you do something bigger while protecting you from the discouragement of challenges that accompany it.

Things are going to go wrong, there will be obstacles to overcome and setbacks to recover from, so you will need the determination to find a way around the obstructions and if necessary, pick yourself up and try again.


There are a lot of reasons why competition is good for business, hence one of the most beneficial characteristics of an entrepreneur is competitiveness. Feeling competitive will get you the best version of yourself and will keep you out of your comfort zone. That being said, competition is not only beneficial for customers, but it’s one of a few characteristics that won’t let business owners settle for their second best.


Decision-making ability is the most valuable characteristic of an entrepreneur. The ability to make fast decisions can be the difference between success and failure. Leadership in the context of entrepreneurship necessitates fast decision-making to avoid losing out on opportunities. This requires overcoming the fear of making a decision and a quick assessment of the facts before making one.


“Good things come to those who wait” might be the biggest cliché but it’s undoubtedly true that people who are willing to wait are claiming larger rewards. Being patient will also help you have a better judgment and will cultivate great time culture. The road to success is long and full of obstacles, and if entrepreneurs like yourself are not patient enough, you might give up before you strike gold.


A successful entrepreneur needs to be risk-taking. For your business to grow you need to be able to make decisions that although analytics, research, and experience can aid, cannot guarantee the outcome. These decisions often require a level of investment, confidence, and commitment. Unfortunately, without that, a business cannot succeed.

Always keep in mind that taking risks can make you one step closer to your goals. Not only that, risking can give you real-life experiences that will help you be a better entrepreneur. If taking risks is your cup of tea, nothing can stop you from finding solutions to every obstacle you face.

Proactive learner

Proactive learners are productive entrepreneurs! Effective entrepreneurs understand that entrepreneurship is a lifelong method. In the corporate environment, things move so quickly that you might be a game-changer today and irrelevant tomorrow. Effective entrepreneurs need to read and practice to remain on track and respond quickly to emerging trends.

Clear vision

Successful entrepreneurs possess undeniable vision. They identify opportunities, break new ground and disrupt industries. As true visionaries, they’re not afraid of taking calculated risks to achieve their objectives. Perhaps most important of all, they tend to carry a sense of purpose and unflappable self-confidence, ignoring the naysayers and accomplishing what no one else has done before.

Your intuition should be your compass, pointing you in the direction of possibilities that no one else has discovered. In the end, you have to be able to present your vision to employees and investors to collaborate to achieve the same goal.


Speaking about what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that make him outstand the competition, authenticity is one of the strongest characteristics of a true leader. Your authenticity is something nobody else can have, and that will help your business thrive.

As you begin to gain credibility as someone who shares their views, obstacles, and challenges, your customers or employees begin to see themselves as partners in your journey. Therefore, many people would be loyal to your vision and future leadership endeavors simply because of your authenticity.

Effective communicator

The ability to communicate effectively and a natural flair to connect with your listener are just a few of the irreplaceable characteristics of an entrepreneur. A leader is a person who can frame people into more effective and useful members of an organization or society. 

Effectively communicating besides ensuring that you convey your message to the other side, also lets people know about your feelings and emotions. That way you are creating stronger relationships, providing clarity, and building trust.

Willingness to listen

Communicating with highly successful individuals in your industry will bring to your attention the importance of willingness to listen. People are lifelong learners when surrounded by people who can teach them new things. Being an amazing public speaker is a must, but the other half of effective communication is listening. Hence, entrepreneurs must leave egos at the door and be willing to be persuaded of alternate evidence and new ideas.


A leader is someone you would follow to a place you would not visit on your own. Integrity, the ability to shape and implement a vision, and faith in one’s abilities are characteristics of an entrepreneur you should also possess.

You would never get people to follow you to a place they wouldn’t go on their own if you don’t dare to be selfless, to put other’s needs and desires ahead of your own. Being selfish is why the majority of people struggle in leadership roles or are incapable of doing so, so make sure you are expressing employee appreciation and grow together with your team.


Self-motivation is one of the most significant characteristics of an entrepreneur. If you want to succeed, you must be able to drive yourself. But as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to respond to someone else, which can make it difficult to get started when you don’t have someone to push you. But that’s not completely true. Although you won’t get fired, you need to keep in mind the responsibility you have for your employees and motivate yourself to do your best for your team.


A successful entrepreneur must possess both competence and awareness. Having the necessary knowledge and skills is one thing, but having the necessary self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and growth mentality to successfully empower others is quite another. “Knowledge is power”, as the saying goes. With that power comes heavy societal obligations that only conscientious leaders can effectively wield. 


Professionalism is a trait that all successful business people must embody. The mannerisms and attitudes of an entrepreneur toward their colleagues and clients go a long way toward shaping the company’s culture. Professionalism is accompanied by dependability and discipline and allows an entrepreneur to meet its goals, stay organized, and lead by example. The overlap of all of these characteristics will drive your company to the top.


Optimism goes a long way in life and business as well. Optimists experience less stress than pessimists when dealing with difficult situations. Hence, that leads to being rational and solve the situation accordingly. Optimists are also more resilient in the face of adversity and make better leaders since people are naturally drawn to leaders that see the world as a glass half full.


As an entrepreneur, the most important step in running a business is planning. All will be a loose string without preparation, as they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning requires devising a strategy for the whole game ahead of time. It essentially adds up all of the tools available to you and allows you to conceive a structure and thinking process for achieving your goal.


It’s essential to know the qualities and shortcomings of any person who works for you as a successful entrepreneur. You must realize that it is the people who make a company successful. Empathy must be used when dealing with people. Unhappy employees are not inspired, and it is up to you as an entrepreneur to build a job atmosphere where people want to come to work.

To ensure their well-being, you, as an entrepreneur, can strive to comprehend their position and consider motivating them to bring in their best effort when doing some tasks. All of this is delivered through empathy.

It’s important to keep a workplace pleasant and cheerful. Because without empathy, an entrepreneur would not be able to enter the hearts of his workers or achieve the success he seeks. 

Growth mindset

Having a growth mindset is being aware that your abilities, skills, and knowledge are not limited to what you are born with, but they can be developed. This way of thinking, where a failure is a learning opportunity, and a challenge is a puzzle to be solved, makes anything possible. 

Instead of wishing that things were easier, decide to be better. Instead of limiting yourself with self-doubt, find a way to do it and open up a world of creative options. A growth mindset embodies self-belief, resilience, and action-taking. Challenges will always arise and if you’re not equipped to deal with them, you won’t have the tenacity, courage, or desire to overcome them.

Accepting feedback

For successful entrepreneurs, success is not only selling and earning more. They feel accomplished when they receive appreciation from their customers. They listen to their customer’s complaints and take feedback positively. Money is a byproduct of customer happiness and every feedback is crucial for customer satisfaction, so always listen and respond to your customer’s grievances and work upon them diligently. Remember that quality can always be better, and customer feedback shows you the path to your best product.

Goal-oriented mindset

No matter your title, job, or industry, the ability to navigate the process of setting goals, reviewing your progress, and revising your strategy are an important part of your journey. Establish both short and long-term objectives for your company. Short-term objectives are those that may be accomplished in an hour, a day or even a week. Long-term objectives can take a year or longer to accomplish. When deciding what to work on, pick the activity that can help you make the most progress on one of your objectives. 

Great people skills

Entrepreneurs are natural leaders who can motivate, inspire, and influence those around them. As a business owner, you should aim to become a better entrepreneur by being a better manager and inspiring your employees to do their best. Your success depends on other people and you have to include them in your business by giving them key responsibilities and autonomy to make decisions.

Active participation

Entrepreneurs are by far proactive and understand that if anything is to be accomplished, it can be done by them. They are ‘doers’ and have very high expectations. They regard their company as an extension of themselves and enjoy being involved in daily activities. 

Doing a company that expands to the extent where you are unable to manage it yourself is a desirable situation. However, it is important to understand how things are achieved. You can start with spending time with and of the main staff at least once a month to ensure you understand how they are carrying out their responsibilities. Filling in for people when they are out on holiday is a good way to hold your side in the game.


One of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is commitment. You will never be successful if you give up in the face of difficulties. Building a profitable business involves taking risks and overcoming obstacles. Quite often, there are various unforeseen circumstances on the way to success. But success is achieved by those who don’t take giving up as an option. Commitment is the quality that every entrepreneur should develop in themselves to create a first-class business.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t always glamorous but staying the course and learning from your mistakes is key to learning about yourself and your approach to change management within your business.

Learning agility is a vital component of sustainability for entrepreneurs because the one thing you can count on is change so one has to position themselves and their business to pivot to accommodate the demands of their customers and market.


Networking is an essential part of entrepreneurship, especially for B2B business. Sometimes who you know and do your business with is a crucial aspect of success. Connecting with others at networking events and recognizing partnership opportunities can take you a long way as an entrepreneur. 

Figuring out where to go and whom to approach for networking opportunities can bring you the immense success that you could imagine. Luckily nowadays you can find your business partner from the comfort of your home, using the world’s B2B collaboration platform.


Discipline is the first step to having anything or being anything you want in life. It’s the ability to wake up every morning and do what you said you are going to do that day, and do that every day. Having discipline will help you continuously grow your business in the long run.

Hence, the necessity for discipline implements in what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur list. Discipline is something you can fall back on when times get tough, fuels your daily actions, and will help you take small steps forward daily. Discipline also helps set the tone for your team and gives you power and ownership over your life.

Open for help

The most valuable characteristic any entrepreneur should have is the ability and willingness to ask for help. This is vital to be successful in business because no one knows everything. And if you’re not willing to ask for help, it slows your success and ability to advance in your career and makes things harder than it needs to be because you don’t know everything. So the most important trait you can have is your willingness to ask for help and be open to receiving it.

Person of action

A key trait of an entrepreneur is the ability to take action, understanding that there is no 100% right decision. Building a business is full of uncertainty and it is easy to get paralysis from always wanting to make the right decision. This often hinders the ability to move fast and grow. Entrepreneurs who thrive with uncertainty, understand that every decision is made on whatever information is available at that time. Move fast and break things tend to fare better than not moving at all.

Never-ending improvement

The one key characteristic that all good entrepreneurs have is a constant and never-ending improvement. No matter how good you are there is always more to learn and countless ways you can improve. The entrepreneurs that get this, intellectually and emotionally, thrive. The ones that do not get beat up by business and are usually thrown out.

Not taking things personally

We have to keep our customer’s needs personal, understand them, truly want to make their lives better, and solve their problem. But beyond that, it’s all just a series of experiments. You try, iterate, learn, but can’t take growing the numbers personally. Don’t tie your self-esteem to any of it. They’re all just experiments in a big business Petri dish. Caring and distance go hand in hand.


One key characteristic that any good entrepreneur should have is leadership. The main goal of any entrepreneur must be to increase the trust value of the brand among the customers by offering equal respect to every team member and build the brand by leading the team in an inspiring, enthusiastic, and great decision-making environment.

It’s unquestioned that teamwork makes the dream work, but every team needs a leader that will ensure that employees are committed to the success of the organization. This also includes ensuring that each employee understands the vital role they play in the business and that they are valued for their contribution.


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have confidence. The right kind of confidence! A good kind of confidence opens you up to all kinds of growth opportunities, both personally and professionally. Don’t confuse confidence with ego. The latter is damaging and unproductive. When you strike the right balance of what it means to be confident you have the best of both worlds.

You will need to have complete confidence in your abilities to grow your business and shepherd it through the bad times as well as the good. Entrepreneurs face a lot of judgment from outsiders as well as an expectation of failure. It’s your job to become utterly confident so you can block out any negativity on the road to success.


Without a doubt, another crucial characteristic of an entrepreneur is consistency. You have to consistently parent your business with the same tenacity parents grow their children. It requires commitment, investment, empathy, perseverance, and putting the goals of the business as a priority as a consistent goal. It might look like a tall order and it requires so much of an entrepreneur but is rewarding in the long term.


Entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot to achieve greatness. Lunch breaks, catching up on shows, and other hobbies are scaled back for a lot of successful business owners. The same tireless effort can’t dissipate because your business is now up and running and you’ve found an early groove.

You can never feel comfortable or settled. You have to continually grind to better your company, whether that is internal with management or externally with enhancing your product or service. Competition is real so if you’re not thinking ahead, you may find yourself losing business to a zealous competitor. Therefore, tirelessness is one of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur.


Giving good employees the ability to make decisions and act on them, without fear of being criticized. As employers, you must recognize that you need people who can do things you can’t. You can start by giving your employees the freedom to experiment, test their limits, and even embracing their mistakes. Freedom increases creativity and empowers employees, so that’s the way to go if you want to get the best out of them.

Desire to learn

Having an unfaltering desire to learn will guarantee your spot at the top. It’s crucial as a business owner to never be content and settle for good enough. There are always new things to learn that you can apply to better your business. Doing things better than your competitors is what will keep you ahead of them.

If you don’t learn new things, a competitor will come along with smarter tactics or a better business model and replace you. As a business owner, it’s important to lead by example and to ensure your employees are also engaged in learning new things so you can grow together as a whole.


If you ask entrepreneurs what are the most valuable characteristic of an entrepreneur, most of them will probably start with grit. One can have any amount of finances or ideas to back them up, but if you are not ready to fail over and over again, you will fail to be an entrepreneur. 

This is because you have to get investors and consumers to believe in your product as much as you do, and you have to be ready to experience rejection and mockery, and still believe that what you are doing with your business has worth and purpose and that ultimately you will get a financial reward for it too.

Your passion will motivate and fuel your persistence, give you the resilience and the courage to continue and persevere. However, your grit is what will keep you in the game.


Humility is also one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. Attitude can elevate your client’s experience beyond traditional norms but it can also strain the relationship irreparably for future collaboration. Arrogance and pride have never landed us a new client when humility means being open to other’s ideas and input. With humility, your confidence enables you to ask others for help and to value and respect what others can contribute.


This is one of the key characteristics one must possess in this industry. Being adventurous, not just simply means being fun and wild. In entrepreneurship, there’s something more about that word. Being adventurous is someone willing to take risks, get out of their comfort zones, be willing and open to learning new ideas, and most especially ready to embrace failure or success with no fear.

To succeed, you must have the courage to take one step ahead to find out new adventures in your industry. Always tend to be one of those types of entrepreneurs become wiser and bolder as they learn and discover a lot with every adventure.

Low mental switching costs

Entrepreneurs need to have low mental switching costs between tasks. For example, if it is difficult for you to switch between reviewing an ad campaign, coaching a sales rep, and working on business finances within a few hours, then you may struggle.

This trait doesn’t mean you always will be doing those tasks, however, you will always be balancing a cognitive load for a variety of types of information. You need to be able to switch between doing the work, having meetings, reviewing data and more, without burning out.


One key characteristic an entrepreneur should have is the ability to stay calm and level-headed during the chaos. Starting a business brings risks, surprises, and the potential for failure into your life. You have to be the person in the board room who handles that with clarity and focus.

Instead of letting a bad economy or red tape get you down, you have to maintain your composure. People will be looking at how you react to crises and unexpected failures to determine where you’ll go from there. Make sure the image you put forth is a good one.


Ambition not only makes it easier to create goals, but it also makes it easier to obtain the goals as well. Many consider themselves ambitious, but most of them don’t put it to use. If you use your ambition to fuel your inner drive and push yourself and those around you, then success feels extremely natural.

Ambition is something that people are born with. You can always improve your ambition as time goes by, but you can never fully foster the full understanding of what it means to be ambitious unless you have true passion within yourself.


Last but not least, the characteristic of an entrepreneur that is a key factor in making it to the top is just having a desire to get there. That desire will drive your offer, it will form your message, and that desire will determine how you conquer adversity. Reaching your goals and knowing why that matters to you, is going to be the determining factor to success.

If you come from a place of lack or a view that you need to be given something to make a difference, then the road will be long and difficult for most. I truly believe that if you know that your product or service will make a difference, you have what you need to succeed.


Unfortunately, there is not one characteristic of an entrepreneur that will throw the spotlight on your name. Entrepreneurship requires a lifetime of learning and improving skills. It’s definitely not only about the business knowledge you have, but about how you behave and treat your employees and clients. Being successful it’s not only about your wealth, it’s also about the respect and trust you earn through your journey.

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