Hudson Lancaster – An Energy Broker You Can Trust

Hudson Lancaster – An Energy Broker You Can Trust

Atanas Georgiev

4 min read
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There are only a few things that can make Mondays more likeable, and one of them definitely is our weekly series Members of EL. 

So here we are today, presenting you Hudson Lancaster Ltd, a 100% independent energy brokerage working with large as well as small companies throughout the UK. 

What sets them apart from the rest is their mission to educate businesses in responsible energy consumption, and help them significantly reduce costs and carbon imprint. They use a ground-breaking software that quickly compares 150 different tariffs from 30 of the UK’s top commercial energy suppliers to give you the best deal. Transparency is their trademark, and nothing can beat their ethical, fair prices 

Read the brief, but insightful interview with their director Phillip Hudson, and don’t forget that you can be the next one published..

Athena was born from Zeus’ head after he suffered a severe headache. How was your company born?

Trying to bring fair and honest pricing to businesses when they are looking to renew or acquire new energy supply contracts.

With today’s experience, what advice would you give to yourself at your first day as a business owner?

Never take your eyes of the numbers!

Share a curious fact or an anecdote related to you as an entrepreneur or your business

I’m obsessed with saving money on energy bills and encouraging others to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s the main reason I went into this business.

What’s one thing about your business that you absolutely adore and makes you get up from your bed in the morning?

Knowing that we are trying to make a difference to the world by educating our customers about the effect their businesses have on the planet.

What is so special about your company that you wish more people would understand?

We actually care, we don’t just want to make money from our customers we want to help them spend less with us by reducing their energy consumption.

Where is your company headed? What road are you walking on?

We’re headed for national domination by educating businesses on the importance of their energy usage.

As a member, what do you expect from Enterprise League?

To make new contacts and educate more businesses.

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How to Effectively Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers for Your eCommerce Business

How to Effectively Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers for Your eCommerce Business

Atanas Georgiev

3 min read

how do i find wholesale suppliers
Suppliers are one of the most significant business partners, especially when running an e-commerce business. A good supplier can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why finding a reliable wholesale supplier connection means everything for the future of your e-commerce company. SMEs regard wholesalers as the most desired choice when choosing suppliers on the market. We explain the reasons why in detail below.

What Are Wholesalers?

Not everyone can become a wholesaler. Wholesalers are companies that have a huge amount of money to spend on buying products in bulk directly from the manufacturers and then reselling them to other companies with small margin profit.

Best Way to Find Wholesale Suppliers

Like everything else in 2019, wholesale suppliers can be found on the internet. However, not every search engine, website or a directory offer credible information. They never provide detailed information about their capacity, past dealings or a way to make the first contact quickly. Methods like searching on Google have become obsolete – finding and contacting all those connections becomes a data entry job that hardly ever gives any results.

In order to be able to shortlist the suppliers that match your specific criteria you must go hours of research and and making spreadsheets.

To avoid losing precious time, we’ve worked hard to create a solution. Enterprise League is a free platform that helps you find wholesale suppliers easily, and just about any business collaborator you may need. On our platform you can search for wholesale suppliers based on their industry, location, keyword and number of employees.

All you need to do is input your requirements in the search bar and all companies matching the set filter criteria will appear. Should you need to expand your search, you can modify the filters in order to find better suited companies. Or, you can even start with a worldwide location and explore all the suppliers from a particular niche or a keyword. Once you discover a promising wholesaler, make the first step and contact them. Message them via our chat system to get information about prices, delivery times and negotiate the most suitable offer. Build partnerships that can last for many years! As your business expands you can repeat the process to find even more partners to help you meet the demand.


We truly believe that our input and our platform can help you find valuable connections for your business. Since we have worked with companies struggling to find dependable suppliers, we understood the issue at its core and came up with the solution.
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The Story Behind Enterprise League

The Story Behind Enterprise League

Atanas Georgiev

5 min read

I remember the day I started my first graduate job in the financial industry in London. It was a pretty good place to be in, or as one person on the initial training would say: ‘You should be proud you are here today.’ Those words did make me feel a bit special for a few moments. Then back to work…

Outside of work I had started to think about entrepreneurship and was already going through a list of books related to the topic. I was also inspired by my father’s work with small companies, as he has been an entrepreneur and a small business owner for the past 25 years. 

I love speaking with him about his companies and during one of those conversations we discussed the challenges he was facing with one of his ventures. It was related to the difficulties of finding suppliers and buyers.

He had spent hours searching on Google, going through online directories and contacting companies on them, as well as a serious budget on SEO & digital marketing, but the results were not coming. The only deals he had made with this venture were established through a personal connection from his network.

We were thinking that there has to be a better way. How amazing would it be to just go on one place, search for the type of product/service that you want, and you’re able to contact the right people in that company straightaway?

This is where the idea of Enterprise League was born!

Our vision is to bring all small and medium sized companies who want to grow and expand their business into one platform. The sole goal is to facilitate their search for the right business partners and speed it up from weeks and months, to simply minutes. We want to make these benefits available to all companies, which is why the platform is completely free.

To accomplish this we’ve spend the last year and a half refining the idea, designing & developing the product and did a bit of PR and networking, before starting the beta test on Tuesday 28th May.

So what does Enterprise League actually solve?

1) Lower the barrier of entry to a market.
There are thousands of companies operating extremely well in their market (this can be a specific location or a product), but they are afraid to expand to a different market because of the insecurities it brings.
Finding the right partners when entering the market in a new country can be incredibly challenging, and despite how good your products or services are, you will struggle if you fail to make the right partnerships.

2) Find new suppliers.
Most established companies already have partnerships with their suppliers. But things in business change and in order to grow you need to add new products or scale on the current ones. The current supplier might not always be able to meet these demands. On another hand, some companies would definitely benefit from decreasing their costs, so finding a cheaper supplier would be a viable option for them. 

3) Get new leads & Diversify your client base
There are a lot of ways to generate leads for companies who sell directly to end users. But the situation is slightly different between companies as it is impossible to target a company working in a specific sector with most types of ads. Ideally companies would search for the products & services they need, and can let the other firms know what they’re looking for.
Also, many businesses get the majority of their revenue from a small number of  clients, which creates a risky dependency. Generating more clients is an important step to diversify the revenue streams.

4) Share Knowledge & Collaborate with other companies
A company in the UK could be going through exactly the same problems that a company in Australia in the same sector overcame just a few weeks ago. If the two companies aren’t competitors, they can both have amazing benefits from sharing experience and knowledge!

How does it actually work?

1) Create a profile of your company
First things first; you will need to setup your company’s profile to be as detailed as possible. Think of it as a mini website dedicated just for your B2B partners. Location/s, what you offer, what you’re looking for.
All these information need to be as detailed as possible in order for our search engine to give the relevant information to the firms who will be looking to find you. You also want to avoid being contacted by irrelevant companies, make sure to be as clear as possible about it in your profile.

2) Search for companies who match your criteria

All the information entered in the company profile is relevant for searching. If a company is looking for specific information, our search engine will look through all companies relevant to the query, and return them as the result. You want your company to appear first out of 100 results who match the same way? Be more active, and the algorithm will reward you. The most active companies are given priority in the results display.

3) Publish what you offer.
You don’t have time to browse through all the companies who might be interested in what you offer? Don’t worry! You can simply post a special post we call – Tender, mention what you’re offering or what you need, and let other companies contact you. Tenders are designed to stand out from the usual posts and help companies make business deals faster than ever!

4) Contact companies & speak directly with the decision maker
If you’ve decided you want to go ahead and contact one of the companies you’re interested in discussing business with, just send them a connection request and mention how you envision your business partnership. If they’re interested, they will accept and you can start speaking directly with the decision makers! 

5) Arrange the terms & close the deal.
After getting to know the other company, and discuss the terms of the potential deal it’s time to make a call. Ask for all the information important to you in order to make a well informed decision.

Finally I want to mention something that I’ve been told I don’t emphasize enough. Enterprise League is completely free, and always will be. No registration fees, no premium models, no in app purchases.

I’d be really happy to hear your thoughts about Enterprise League, as well as any constructive feedback or ideas you might have thought of while reading this article. If you like the concept and you believe it can be useful please do share it with your network.
We want to get as many quality beta users so we can make the platform the place to be for growing your company.

You can register your interest on or contact me directly –

Thanks for taking the time to read and wish you a wonderful day!  

Atanas Georgiev

Atanas Georgiev

Co-Founder & CTO @ Enterprise League

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5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Help Your Body and Soul

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Help Your Body and Soul

Atanas Georgiev

3 min read

Exercise & Healthy Diet

Physical activity is the best medicine you can get to treat your anxiety. It seems like all negative energy is released from your body through sweat. Regular exercising makes you feel calmer and full of energy. Moreover, combine a healthy diet with your exercise routine and the results are inevitable. Eating healthy and highly nutritious food is a super-fuel to your body that changes your body from the inside out.

Write Down Negative Thoughts

As we said in the beginning, to be in control of the situation, you must find out the source of your anxiety. The best way to achieve that is by writing down all of your negative thoughts. In a strange way, this will make anxiety feel less scary. Later, when you read what you’ve written, use logic to debunk the worries and balance out your mind.


Our bodies are our temples. We must take care of them if we want to live a happy and long life. If we stay healthy, we will build great careers and prosperous businesses. Hard times will eventually come; nonetheless, you possess the mechanisms to stop anxiety and continue living your life to the fullest.

If business is the root of your anxiety issues, then you should know that Enterprise League can help you deal with common problems such as leads, suppliers and connections. That way you will be building a strong company with a strong character.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek professional help!

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5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Help Your Body and Soul

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Help Your Body and Soul

Atanas Georgiev

3 min read

Mental health day
As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019, we look back at the most common mental health problem entrepreneurs have in the 21st century – anxiety. This year mental awareness week theme is all about body image and how we think and feel about our bodies. That’s why we chose to talk about how anxiety affects our eating choices and the effect it has on our bodies and mental health.

First of all, no one is immune to anxiety. We all experience it at least a couple of times in our lifetime. However, if we don’t pay attention to it and treat it properly, anxiety can become a chronic problem that interferes with our eating habits and affects our body both physically and mentally.

Anxiety is a state of worry, nervousness and expecting something terrible to happen at any moment. The red alert is always on in our mind and we’re in constant state of emergency. It usually comes from unfulfilling personal goals, which might be set too high in the first place. One of its most frighting effects is excessive weight gain. There are people who gained up to 50kg in under 2 years, all because of anxiety. In some cases, people choose not to rely on professional expertise and find a (wrong) mechanism to deal with it. If you are struggling with it now and want to turn back to being healthy, both physically and mentally, here are five ways to cope with anxiety and get yourself back on the healthy track!

Question the Pattern of Your Thoughts

Anxiety feeds on negative thoughts and feelings that imprison your mind and soul. The first step towards treating anxiety is discovering when and why this negativity has started taking over your mind. So, ask yourself whether the concerns are real or not. Is there a logical explanation behind them? What triggers these poisonous thoughts and fears ? Now, reflect on the answers rationally and start to regain control over your health again.


Often times alternative medicine can do wonders for the human mind and body. Essential oils are the weapon that aromatherapy uses to relax you to a level where all anxiety is gone and the mind is calm once again. Some of them can truly stabilise your appetite and aid your body in finding balance again. Chamomile, lavender and sandalwood are one of the scents that have the best impact on mental health. They have powerful properties that activate specific receptors in the brain and decreases the symptoms of anxiety.

Deep Breaths

Deep breathing deals with anxiety quicker than any other method. There are several deep breathing techniques, with the five-minute one offering the best results. Breathing is done in four counts in and four counts out in an interval of five minutes. When you even your breathing, your heart’s rate gets back to normal and calmness overtakes your body.
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