12 perks of unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs

June 22, 2021

Social media for entrepreneurs

Social media has undoubtedly become a huge part of our lives. Whether you are using it from your personal account or for growing your business, it’s time-consuming and it can easily become a focus of your everyday life.

Therefore, since we all know what are the benefits of using social media, today let’s see what good can come from unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs. What is more valuable in life than an amazing social media marketing strategy for your business? What will make you happier than turning your followers into customers

The digital era surely shifted our priorities in life, but your mental health and unlimited creativity are still considered priceless things in life. Staying true to yourself and feeling fulfilled in life will definitely make you happier.

 1. Feel better about your business and ideas

 2. Focus on your own lane

 3. Good for mental health

 4. Stay away from shiny object syndrome

 5. Breaking the cycle of social comparison

 6. Increased concentration

 7. It helps you sleep better

 8. Network face to face

 9. Avoid the inevitable PR risks

 10. Work-life balance

 11. Vanquish your FOMO

 12. Keeping away from negativity

Benefits of unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs you’ll feel lucky to claim

Still not convinced about the benefits of unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs? We’ve explained how unplugging from social media can help you live a healthy life while bringing good to your business path. 

Feel better about your business and ideas

When you do a digital detox and put down the social media for a while you’ll start to feel better about yourself, your business, and your ideas. This is especially true if you spend much of your digital life in various social media echo chambers that encourage conformity and groupthink and punish dissenting opinions or new approaches.

Therefore, unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs means being safe from failing to reach goals they have set simply because they feel like they will be judged by the social media or have allowed self-doubt to creep in because of things they have heard or seen on social media.

Focus on your own lane

Unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs throughout launching their business enables them to focus on their own lane. Constantly keeping an eye on your competition will decrease your creativity and distract you from what you set out to achieve. 

However, it is vital to keep a close eye on social media to understand what is trending, what mistakes others are making, and how one can learn from them. Hence, there is an important balance needed between being unplugged to achieve individuality and creativity whilst remaining plugged in to learn from others and remain connected with societal trends.

Good for mental health

The internet has helped to remove much of the stigma associated with discussing mental health, but it can also exacerbate mental health difficulties for entrepreneurs. Attachment to technology has been linked to a variety of mental health issues. 

Occasional social media users are nearly three times less likely to be depressed, but most young people – who are heavy users – are much more likely to be depressed and have a bad mental health rating. Entrepreneurs who don’t spend as much time on social media are more likely to have strong mental health and feel good about themselves in the longer term.

In a world where people are becoming more nervous all of the time, it would be foolish not to believe that smartphones had something to do with this. Constantly staring at your phone might lead to a sensation of anxiety and stress. 

Stay away from shiny object syndrome

Unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs will help them stay away from shiny object syndrome. There are always new ideas on social media and those can often seem very exciting. Just looking at a tweet with a great hook was enough to make the wheels start turning.

But often, these are not proven ideas. They’re concepts that sound good to a mass audience. And chasing them blindly can cause entrepreneurs to lose time, money, and their original vision.

Breaking the cycle of social comparison

The majority of people who use social media compare their lives to those of everyone they know. The issue is that this might have a negative impact on an entrepreneur’s self-esteem. For example, if everyone you know is succeeding in business but you’re still having trouble as an entrepreneur, you may feel alone and lonely. 

For some people, this can even lead to significant depression. Break out from this harmful pattern by disconnecting from social media and reconnecting with all of the positive things in your life. Social media pulls out your competitive nature, even if you aren’t conscious of it.

This is because the primary goal of social media platforms is to get others to notice your posts. Each like and comment is a barometer of how popular a post is, which might drive you to try to outdo others and even yourself. 

Increased concentration

Your phone can be a significant distraction in both personal and professional life. So, it’s best to switch your phone off and put it to the side so you won’t be inundated with emails and notifications while working. 

Social media is designed to keep you on there as long as possible because it uses algorithms and designers to keep you as addicted as possible. That’s why switching your phone off will help you concentrate on the project you’re currently working on and complete more work in less time.

It helps you sleep better

A good night’s sleep is essential for your overall health, both mentally and physically. The blue light emitted by our electronic gadgets can have a negative impact on our sleep because it interferes with the production of melatonin in our bodies. So you can start leaving your phone in another room and start enjoying your day without being tempted to go through your phone.

Network face to face

Unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs allows them to get out and network face to face. It’s true that virtual networking events are new normal, but when you attend meetings and conferences, you get to socialize and vibe with others who could become potential clients or customers. This allows people to experience you in a different setting that showcases your expertise.

Avoid the inevitable PR risks

Unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs means being able to avoid the inevitable PR risks that come from being active on these platforms. Even if you’re careful to stay professional on social media, something as innocuous as liking a particular post or following a certain public figure can draw attention from the public or media.

These days, you have to assume that everything you do on social media is being screenshotted and shared. Staying off the platforms altogether is often the easiest route. You don’t have to worry about a one-off comment impacting your business’s bottom line. Plus, you’ll save a bunch of time that you can put towards growing your business and building viable strategies. It is truly a win-win. 

Work-life balance

Unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs helps to create separation between work life and personal life. If you are someone who uses social media heavily for your business, if you try to use it casually, you will probably end up thinking about work.

Vanquish your FOMO

When you first stop using social media, you can predict resignation syndromes. Experts say that this is because of the naturally inherent fear of missing out. After all, you could miss something entertaining or important if you step aside from your laptop or smartphone.

The notification amount makes it even heavier to stay away. But those who become addicted to social media can end up impairing their personal and professional relations. You can diminish this effect after your detox by appointing a once-a-day visit to your favorite social media sites. After that visit is over, do not seek social media for the rest of the day.

Keeping away from negativity

Social media is all about connection, but it hurts the way we connect. It significantly reduces the time for personal interaction and makes you get into a toxic environment where you tend to be rude, anxious, depressed, mentally exhausted, and emotional.

Therefore keeping away from negativity is one of the benefits of unplugging from social media for entrepreneurs. We often lose control over what we see while scrolling and we see posts that make us feel bad about ourselves. Entrepreneurs need to isolate themselves from those things by unplugging from social media or unfollowing the people who spread negativity.

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