Business Christmas wishes: What entrepreneurs ask Santa for?

November 25, 2020

Business Christmas wishes

Christmas is time for miracles. And if there ever was a year we needed miracles (in bulk), this would be it. 2020 has been hard for everyone, whether privately or professionally. So if it takes Elves and red-nosed reindeers to make 2021 better and easier, then prepare the sleighs – we’re taking mail to Lapland!

Us adults, teach our children to believe that some fat guy with a beard living in the North Pole could make their wishes come true if they’re nice year around. So this Christmas, we asked entrepreneurs to unbury their belief in magic and write a letter to Santa asking him to come down the chimney and help them turn their business wishes for 2021 into reality.

Jump directly to:

 1. Doing business in person

 2. Dependable delivery times

 3. Longlasting economic prosperity

 4. $20k for marketing

 5. Employee morale booster

 6. Few months of stability

 7. Stop me from micromanaging

 8. Lift the travel restrictions

 9. 3 Ikea Kallax shelves

 10. Slow down time

 11. Piano in the office

 12. More hours in a day

 13. Smooth growth and a beach house

 14. Bring my team together

 15. Ability to do work unencumbered

 16. Keep the housing market steady

 17. Peace on Earth

 18. Let me be the gift

 19. New space for work

 20. Expansion of my business

 21. Polaroid camera for every family

 22. Cheer up the naughty kids

 23. AI assistant to organise my time

 24. End the bad copy

 25. Chance for prosperity

 26. Make me a better employer

 27. Bigger commitment to diversity

 28. Influencers to review my product

 29. Justice

29 entrepreneurs ask Santa to grant their wishes

We received (and forwarded to Santa!) hundreds of Dear Santa letters. Some of them made us laugh out loud, others brought a tear or two, but all of them returned our faith. Faith in miracles, goodness, humanity and good thought.

Whether Santa manages through bureaucracy to obtain travel permits is unsure. But what is sure is that if small businesses stick together and collaborate, together they can find stability and prosperity again.

So let’s see what business Christmas wishes entrepreneurs have this year.

Doing business in person

Dear Santa,

This year, all I want for Christmas is a well-distributed vaccine. As you travel from house to house around the world, if you were able to vaccinate everyone, that would be perfect.

I’ve been very, very good, yet I cannot stand to avoid coffee and lunch and office meetings, nor to stay away from conferences, for much longer.

Regardless of the wonderful technology your elves have created and supported through this time, all I want is to be able to have real, in-person conversations again as business is much, much better when I can develop and sustain real friendships with current and prospective clients.

To let you know how sincere this is, I’m actually Jewish, but at this point, I’m asking everyone for help!

Thank you in advance, and my warmest regards to Mrs. Claus,

Judy Brower Fancher, Founder of Brower Group, Inc

Dependable delivery times

Dear Santa,

All we want for Christmas is dependable delivery times and schedules from our postal carriers. We sell millions of crickets every month to caring reptile owners. These owners love their pets! And they depend on our crickets and roaches arriving on time. Otherwise, their bearded dragons or leopard geckos can lose critical nutrients. 

We understand how challenging your job is during this pandemic, and can’t thank you enough for helping people stay safe by bringing them their essential resources. But please don’t forget about the caring pet owners who need live crickets and roaches to feed to their beautiful pets.


Jeff, Engagement Officer at Critter Depot

Longlasting economic prosperity

Dear Santa

I wish for a period of Economic Boom that lasts for the remainder of my adult working life. And that’s not to say I wish for the good times to end for our children’s generation. In fact, as a caveat to my wish (if the rules of a Dear Santa letter will permit) I would add that any future economic downturn be short, small and swift. As an economist by trade, I know there is a need for all things to be cyclical, but this year really does seem to have capped off an unprecedented period of rubbish.

If you could dig deep into your Santa bag of tricks and wonderment and make it so that the American dream can still be a reality for all, then I solemnly do swear to be a very good boy. Not just for this year, but for every year you make my wish come true.

Thank you Santa, in the era of Trump, COVID-19, Brexit and the death of James Bond – this really will help.

Chris Panteli, Founder of LifeUpswing

$20k for marketing

Dear Santa,

Thank you SO much for the unexpected (but much appreciated!) early gifts! I was pleasantly surprised when so many ideal clients reached out to the firm so soon, and I was even more pleasantly surprised to already experience growth in such a new business!

While the organic growth that we have experienced has been great, I would REALLY appreciate a Christmas gift of $20,000 for our marketing budget so we can reach even more of the entrepreneurs and businesses that we are so very passionate about helping achieve exponential growth! 

I’m sure this seems like a big ask (though of course, nothing is too big for you!) but as you know I’ve been very nice AND your gift will certainly be supporting a great cause. 

Thanks again, Santa (and thanks in advance!). 

Shakera Thompson, Business and Intellectual Property Attorney at TKA Law Firm

Employee morale booster

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I would like nothing more than a dose of employee morale booster. If you could pretty please sprinkle some of your Christmas magic on my employees to improve their attitude and give them a shot of energy, it would be oh so appreciated. 2020 has dampened their Christmas (and business) spirit and they need a little cheer this holiday season.

Working from home has been tough on my team of 10 tight-knit employees, who are used to seeing each other in person every day. Quarantine, Zoom call fatigue, and work-from-home isolation have taken their toll on my employees’ typical go get ’em attitudes. So if I could ask for one Christmas gift, it would be some employee morale. 

Thanks, Santa.


John Ross, President & CEO of Test Prep Insight

Few months of stability

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I would like some stability. I hope it’s not too much to ask. I don’t even need a whole year of stability, just a few months in a row, where I can plan for the future with a reasonable expectation of what is coming next! 

I can deal with kids under foot for homeschool, I can deal with an election, I can even deal with a global pandemic. I can change travel plans and I can take all my meetings over Zoom. But, please, just a little bit of forewarning, the ability to plan ahead, and perhaps not having every possible challenge arriving at once would be wonderful. 

Oh, and if you think I’ve been naughty, a lump of coal is perfectly suitable, just, please don’t give us another year like 2020! 

Yours in gratitude,

Mark Coster, Owner of Web Design for Businesses

Stop me from micromanaging

Dear Santa,

This year, please give me the power to resist the urge to do everything myself. When I first started my digital marketing business, I had to wear many hats and do it myself. But now the company has grown, and we have a wonderful team who are exceptionally good at what they do. So please give me the power to let go and let them do their jobs so I can focus on the big picture.

Josh Imhoff, Owner of Always Relevant Digital

Lift the travel restrictions

Dear Santa,

I bet you consider yourself something of a travel expert. Making it around the world in one night is no easy feat, after all. Maybe you can help me and my company, in that case. You see, we’ve been struggling a bit because of the (necessary) travel restrictions from COVID-19.

We want everyone to be safe, but the RV parks and campsites we support are losing business. So if you could give us a viable end to the COVID threat and the return of domestic travel at full strength, I would be incredibly appreciative.

If not that, I wouldn’t say no to a bike.

Ravi Parikh, CEO at RoverPass

3 Ikea Kallax shelves

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, this year could you not bring me any more board games? I have literally every Kickstarter board game known to man and it’s going to be a flood of cardboard when they come in.

Instead, this year could you send me 3 Ikea Kallax shelves so that I have room in my apartment to store all of them. Otherwise, my girlfriend has threatened to leave me if I don’t stop leaving board games everywhere.

Bryan Truong, Founder of GameCows

Slow down time

Dear Santa, 

I’m writing to you as a business owner in need! What I really want this Christmas is only a small ask and since you and I both know magic is real, I’m sure you’ll be able to provide.

What I want for Christmas is the ability to slow time.

Things are going really well with the business, but unfortunately, the days are far to short to get through my to-do list. So, I was hoping you could share some of your magic that you use every year to slow time to get to all the houses in one night. I don’t mind giving it back on Christmas Eve but for the other 364 could I please borrow?

Bethan Wright, Director at RED Digital & Events

Piano in the office

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I’d love a piano in the office! Before we moved offices earlier this year, we had worked in an office with a bar and an old honky-tonk piano next door. For our staff Christmas party last Christmas the team spent the whole day getting merry on eggnog singing a mixture of Christmas carols and rock ‘n roll classics. 

Having spent the last few months in and out of the office, I honestly can’t think of a better way to lift team spirits and bring in 2021.

Jack Kelly, Owner of Sharpshaft

More hours in a day

Dear Santa,

This won’t be your typical request. I don’t need an Xbox, and nobody’s taking a cruise this year, least of all me. 

What I want might be beyond the scope of your elves, but if you could see your way into giving me a few extra hours a day next year, I’d be much obliged.

You see, Santa, I’m a one-woman shop. I’m busy making cats around the world happy with my cardboard box playhouses. But I’m also emptying the office wastebasket, and doing Quickbooks, and fixing the postage printer.

I love packing boxes addressed to my cat customers, and I’m doing it all day long, all by myself. But what I really need is a few more hours to design some new things for my kitty friends. I’ve got some great ideas, Santa, that I know cats will surely love. But I need a few more hours of daylight. And maybe a few more hours of sleep.


Dawn LaFontaine, Founder of Cat in the Box

Smooth growth and a beach house

Dear Santa,

Rona’s been naughty enough for us all so I think we deserve a little something extra this Christmas. I only want 3 things (4 if you’re feeling particularly generous):

  1. A high-functioning executive assistant who is trustworthy, brave, hard-working and forward-thinking
  2. A strong executive team to help drive growth
  3. I could really use some investors so that I can hire more staff and expand this empire

Bonus: It’s been a long year and I’ve been faithful to stay quarantined in the house. How about a beach house with full staff for like 3 months? I just need a change of scenery to reset and help keep me inspired. Plus, it would be nice to not have to cook and clean every day.

I trust that you’ll come through with the goods. Thanks, big guy!

Merry Christmas,

Talia Boone, Founder & CEO of Postal Petals

Bring my team together

Dear Santa,

Crazy year, huh? So, this Christmas I would love to see my team for one final year-end bash! I haven’t seen many of them since March and God knows we could all use a release. Now, I know the logistics of this are tough since I am only giving you a few weeks to bring 70+ people together, all of which reside in different states and countries across the globe, each with their own travel advisories, mask mandates, and self-quarantine orders. What is CT’s gathering capacity for Phase 2.1 anyway? Or is this Phase 3 now?

Eh, the more I think this through, the more complicated it sounds; let’s just push this off to the Spring. In the meantime, I guess it’s kind of nice having the office to myself where I can sneak away from my kids and just take a nap on the couch anytime I like.

Stay safe out there,

DJ Haddad, CEO of Haddad & Partners

P.S. Cookies aren’t very COVID-friendly so I left sanitizer on the table instead.

Ability to do work unencumbered

Dear Santa, 

Surprisingly, the one thing I want for business Christmas isn’t lower taxes. It is the ability to do work unencumbered. You see, down here away from the isolation of the North Pole, we’ve got this new, highly contagious virus. Do elves catch colds? Many businesses are in peril from being severely restricted, and many businesses have already failed. 

So, if you could do us a solid, use your jolly magic to create a vaccine, and get us back doing what we do best, you’ll have a much shorter naughty list next year. Be sure to strap on an N95 mask before you fire up the sleigh on Christmas Eve. Your age, and weight probably make you high risk. No offense. 

Mike Falahee, Owner of Marygrove Awnings

Keep the housing market steady

Dear Santa, 

All I want for Christmas is for you to help struggling homeowners and tenants find the means to stay in their homes, keep their families safe and prosper with all of us. Please keep the housing market steady as we are all preparing for a crash with a wave of foreclosures coming our way next year. 

I really just want life to return too normal even though we don’t know what the new normal will be. Give us the opportunity to build our business to the level where we can donate our time and money to help others who are not as fortunate.

Thank you,

Shad Elia, Owner of SE Homes

Peace on Earth

Dear Santa,

I know it’s a bit cliche, and maybe not within your power, but we really need this so I humbly request: Peace on Earth.

We’re politically divided. Financially struggling. People are lonely. We don’t need more stuff. (We tried that and everything broke.)

Can you help us connect with each other and be a community? Can you help us give generously, even if we feel like we don’t have much ourselves? But also not overextend and not try to do too much?

Maybe, more than anything, we need your help to create inner peace and realize our unique offerings. And that doing our part can be done and can be enough.

Your reindeers seem to have it pretty together. Can they teach us about working together even though we’re very different? (And maybe some reindeer rides for fun, but only if they’re not too tired.)

With Gratitude,

Kerri Feazell, CEO of Concurrent Productions

Let me be the gift

Dear Santa,

Please remind the world, that now more than ever, you need an event planner to guide you with planning an event. Santa, I know that their event may not happen until 2021 but we have to start finding locations now. All of those events that I pushed into 2021 are taking up a lot of space already, and bringing in a new event means more competition and more time in finding availability.

Father Christmas, don’t they know that it’s my business that is going to be the ones that save them when there is a fire? It’s my job to be there to protect them from hurricanes, economic disasters, and even a pandemic. It will be my responsibility to work the venue and all of the vendors to find a new date and dramatically reduce any fees that would normally be associated with something like this. 

Kris, let me be the gift that companies and couples so badly need! 

Text or call when you are ready to pick me up in your sleigh to then drop me off at the CEO’s office.

Keith Willard, Owner/Designer at Keith Willard Events

New space for work

Dear Santa,

You know we’ve had a difficult time defining naughty and nice. There’s always been a little grey area there for me. But this year I think we can both agree I’ve been really nice. Even when Covid turned me into a small business owning, teacher, school counsellor, and lunch lady, I maintained the nice side.

All I want for Christmas this year is a new space to work. You’ve seen the business growing so fast this year and it’s time for a shop of my own to build, paint, and create in. Nothing fancy just four walls and some heat.

A space just for me that I can escape to. You know, when my lunch lady duties are over for the day.

Many blessings to you,

Stacy Verdick Case, Owner of Peony Lane Designs

Expansion of my business

Dear Santa,

As a business owner, I am writing to you to wish for the expansion of my business. I am planning to hire more employees especially the ones who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. A lot of people are still suffering. The government has extended their help but the efforts are not just enough for everyone.

A lot of people need a stable and regular job to meet their everyday needs. I have managed to keep all my employees but I would love to give others a chance. If given the chance, I promise to help as many people as possible in every way that I can.

Chris Norris, Managing Editor at

Polaroid camera for every family

This year has gifted us a new perspective on life, history is being made, so let’s make the life of future historians easy by printing out our memories – so future generations know the good, bad and ugly moments from every city, town and village across the world.

So, a polaroid camera for every family, please.

My biggest business wish is that our digital memories don’t die with our hard drives and are properly archived in print.

Sue Kennedy, Owner/Photographer at Sue Kennedy Photography

Cheer up the naughty kids

Dear Santa,

I know you’re going to take really good care of the nice kids this year, and I’m hoping that together we can do something for the naughty kids this year as well.

My biggest Christmas wish this year would be that instead of giving naughty kids coal… you would deliver to them one of the inspirational coffee mugs from our store.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if those children woke up every day in 2021 feeling positive, hopeful, and like they matter. Maybe just maybe, that would be the support that they need to do good things in 2021 and make it onto your Nice list next year.

With Love,

Chris Cade, Founder of The Miracles Store

AI assistant to organise my time

Dear Santa,

This year I would love to get an AI assistant who would be able to organize my time properly. I tried doing it myself but I started making a lot of mistakes due to the work overload. Since it’s never fun when you miss a deadline or skip an important call, I tried hiring a virtual assistant a few times, but the communication was challenging and I had to double-check each time that the information was properly received. 

For this reason, I would love to have some type of AI support that won’t be affected by the work pressure and, most importantly, won’t overlook anything on my agenda.

Malte Scholz, CEO of Airfocus

End the bad copy

Dearest Santa,

My biggest wish this year is to gain your help in annihilating boring copy. Okay, that sounds kinda like it would put me on your naughty list, but hear me out – boring copy sucks!

It’s the sleep aid we never needed and destroying it will lead to awesome things – like meetings that don’t double as soul-sucking vortexes and ad copy that doesn’t trigger dormant narcolepsy.

You’re essentially creating world peace here.

Warmest cocoa and softest cookies,

Rosh Smunt, Founder and CEO of The Disrupters Circle

Chance for prosperity

Dear Santa,

My colleagues and I had an awesome business time last year because we gained many new customers Santa, we worked voluntarily, and just like you, we helped people who needed our special attention. We didn’t even complain about the bad and rude behaviour of some customers. We have always heard from our parents that you bring good items for anyone who does good to others. We have always been good to our customers and want to serve the community. Here is a wishlist that we want to share with you. Please put these in your sleigh and bring these for us:

  1. We need a chance to become mentors for the next generation.
  2. Continuity of journey to serve our customers.
  3. Courage and motivation to help our community.
  4. Most of all, global peace is what we need the most, Santa.

Santa, I want to ask for other business entrepreneurs who didn’t perform well in the current year and are really worried because of their financial crisis. They are in the utmost need of your good luck and prosperity gifts so that they can also plan better strategies for their business.

Dear Santa, thank you in advance for bringing useful resources and tools for the year 2021.

Best Regards,

Damon Routzhan, Founder & CEO at

Make me better for my employees and customers

Dear Santa,

This is Robin. I’m 38 years old and have my own business in San Francisco. I always wanted to be the best version of an entrepreneur so I started practising it at a very early age. You know, when I was in high school, I sold supplies and worked with my friends to do decors for various parties. 

It took almost ten years for me to become a professional and run my own retail business. I have more than 30 employees in my business, and I am grateful because they all are so cooperative and hardworking. I want to do more for my employees and customers; I want you to bring unique ideas and strategies that benefit my employees and customers. Next year, I want to start a mental wellness programme for my employees.

Dear Santa, I’ve put together all my wishes. Promise me that you’ll bring cookies and my favorite milk chocolates too. If you don’t mind, please leave chocolates and cookies at my doorway. I’ll wait for your arrival.


Robin Brown, CEO at Vivipins

Bigger commitment to diversity

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I want for more companies to have a real commitment to diversity and recruit from HBCUs. More specifically, I want law firms to endow scholarships at HBCUs and CEOs from companies to guest lectures at HBCUs. I want this to be the generation that deals with the past and doesn’t kick the can down the road any longer

John Crossman, CCIM, CRX, CEO at Crossman Career Builders

Influencers to review my product

Dear Santa,

This year, I would like to build relationships with some of the main communications influencers and have them review my product. We are now reaching the point where we need to scale up in order to remain competitive. Having word-of-mouth recommendations from some of the top experts in our field would increase our reach and bring us even more clients. 

Therefore, my biggest wish for 2021 is to get these influencers’ contacts and start building relationships that will eventually result in strong partnerships.


Stefan Chekanov, CEO of Brosix


Dear Santa,

One of the greatest opportunities of my life came when I had the chance to pitch my startup Cheekd on an episode of Shark Tank. But that day has also put me in the crosshairs of someone who watched a re-airing of that episode in July 2015. 

Two years later, that same individual named me in 3 back-to-back lawsuits that have cost nearly $150,000 to defend. I’ve done everything in my power to keep my business afloat over the last decade but I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel while continuing to fight this battle with a complete and total stranger whom I still have no idea what looks like to this day. 

What do I want from you this year? I want justice.

Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO of Cheekd

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