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5 Reasons Why Virtual Business Networking Is Becoming the New Norm

March 30, 2020

Remember when you were just starting out with your business and everyone told you that netwoking is the road to success? How many of them told you that it’s also time-consuming and tiring? Did anyone of them advised you that virtual business networking is the better option?

Yeah, we said it. We said it over a year ago when we had just launched one of the first business networking platforms, and we’re repeating it now when one-third of the world population is on a lockdown.

They tried to convince us to give up on the idea that online business networking sites will become the new norm. They told us we’re ahead of our time and virtual networking won’t work because the business community is just fine with the traditional ways. They were suspicious and cynical, and we admit that at times they almost had us convinced to throw it all away.

Luckily, they hadn’t, and we continued to build Enterprise League, the virtual B2B networking platform. And now when the whole business community is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud that it’s become their haven. 

Above all, we’re delighted to see more and more virtual networking events, online business networking groups, and tools popping up by the day. The revolution of Virtual Networking has already begun and nothing will be the same as before. Even if you think things will go back to as they were before the crisis began, that’s unlikely to happen. Online business networking isn’t something that will fade away when businesses re-open their doors.


Reason 1: No physical presence is required, yet your business is omnipresent

Some business networking clubs have worse attendance rules than the military. On the other hand, business networking platforms like ours are designed to suit your routines, schedule, and habits. You’re not expected to show up to an early morning breakfast meetup when all you want to do is sleep.

Don’t feel like chatting? No problem, you can reply to the message you just received tomorrow. No need to pretend you’re interested in a conversation when there’s an employees’ mutiny in your company and you’re supposed to be dealing with that.

In essence, you set up your account, floss up your profile and show up whenever you feel like it. No penalties, no side-eyes, no nothing.

Reason 2: Multitasking is perfectly feasible and no one will be offended by it.

God forbid your phone rings while you’re on a networking event, it’s like the Eighth Deadly Sin.

Well, with virtual business networking that’s never going to happen. You can talk on the phone, write emails, run errands, watch TV or run a whole company and people on the other side couldn’t care less.

Reason 3: You can literally make an unlimited number of new connections

Introductory speech no longer than 3 minutes. Event ends in 15 minutes, hurry up. Chat with the same club members over and over again. Know your place, don’t approach the upper echelon.

Does this sound familiar to you? How many times have you felt frustrated because of situations like these?

Thankfully, online business networking doesn’t work that way. You’re able to promote and pitch your business as often and as long as you want. Business networking platforms are open 24/7 so you can take your time. Additionally, there’s no hierarchy or whatsoever to make you feel intimidated. You’re new? Great! You have the same status and rights as the zero-member. 

Mingle with everyone or with no one, that’s your call. Connect with 2 or 54 businesses in one day, again, that’s your prerogative.

Reason 4: Instant results with better quality than an instant soup

Many of the people attending networking events already know what kind of partner, collaborator or client they’re after. However, they can go to 10 events, speak to hundreds of people and to no avail. In fact, they’re just spending valuable time.

On the other hand, business networking platforms have advanced search features backed up by AI that provide results that match your criteria. And all it takes is seconds. Not days, not weeks. 

Yes, as simple as that.

Reason 5: Accessibility – you can network with Aussies while on a remote island in the Caribbean

Contrary to physical business clubs, online business networking sites like Enterprise League are not geographically limited. Their members are from all over the world and can log in from virtually anywhere. 

Basically, you can be on your sofa or drinking a cocktail on a Caribbean beach and you can still network with Jack from Iowa, Charlotte from France or Martin that lives 3 blocks away from you.

 “Because of the rush of human knowledge, because of the digital revolution, I have a voice, and I do not need to scream.” – Roger Ebert

Want to start with virtual business networking but don’t know how? Check this.

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