Entrepreneurial benefits of learning a new language

August 02, 2022

Business benefits of learning a new language

Knowing another language not only adds to your personality, but it also adds to your business knowledge too. During this era of tiring competition knowing another language can boost your business like nothing else. A person who speaks the language of their clients is someone who is trusted way more than a normal person in their eyes. In recent studies conducted it was revealed that organizations having better communication skills who have the quality to communicate their business strategies better have a 113 times higher rate of achieving success.

Global English conducted another study that revealed that poor communication skills can create misunderstanding. A shocking 83% of employees reported how they saw a downfall in the sales of their respective companies due to poor communication skills.

Ease of learning

It is so easy to learn a new language nowadays thanks to the apps and websites all available by the click of a button. It is inexcusable to not learn a language if you have free time on your hands. The process is made fun of by gamification and by adding a social element to learning languages.

Better communication

A new language allows you to communicate better with your clients and make them understand your goal of the company, other than that you can communicate better with the consumers if you are part of a brand that is selling something. It is way easier to communicate better if you know a language like Chinese as the people of china prefer to communicate in their native language and china is one of the leading countries in all business and has a massive impact on any business.

Want to improve your communication skills to get better business deals? Try to work on the Ling App, which is a great online platform for the people seeking knowledge about different languages


If you are part of a company that is related to advertising then learning a new language can help you communicate better with the masses. Not only that, anyone who knows a person speaks or knows his language gains more trust in the business. People always have an emotional connection with their native language and ad companies use that to form a bond with the buyers of the product.

Trading companies

If you are part of a trading company that sells goods to international companies, learning the language of your chief markets could be useful in increasing the revenue. You can associate yourself with the native speakers and ask for better prices providing them with better offers and trust. Other than that, trading is much easier when both parties are on the same page which becomes easier when the people speak the same language without a middle man.

Ease of travel

We all know businesses require people to travel a lot all over the world. If your business is mainly at the same place and you travel to the same country then learning the language of that country could ease the burden of miscommunication at airports. We all know how daunting airport security is nowadays. Having better communication skills can get you out of any situation because you can communicate better.

Building a connection

The language of the native speakers not only builds a connection with them but also makes them trust you more. If a product is presented to the locals of a country in their local language they are far more likely to buy the product. The same is true for services, when offered in the native language, the people are far more likely to buy the services rather than when offered in an international language.

Speaking to a greater audience

By speaking the native language you are communicating better with the public of the country. They not only see that you put the effort into the product, but they also think you are one of their own who understands the cultural and historical value of their language. Natives have high regard for the language of their ancestors, especially the old generations. They would buy any product which links them to their ancestors.


Some business deals do not go through because they are not simple. By speaking the native language you make the process far easier for the client. There is no translator to cause any delay or maybe mispronounce some words hence causing a great loss.


Other than being useful practically, knowing another language is a powerful move. It gives you more confidence knowing that I understand the language of the people I do business with.I am aware of their thoughts and conversations. Having the ability to make a joke in the native language during a presentation or even presenting in a native language gets you far ahead of the competition.


Your business partners respect you more if they know you speak their native tongue. It’s more of a cultural connection when it comes to speaking another language. They would always choose you over someone who doesn’t speak their native language.

At the same time, they would recognize that you are not someone who can be played with as you are not new to the community.

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