10 hiring software systems you should be aware of

September 01, 2022

Best hiring software systems you should be aware

You’d imagine a typical job interview would be you sitting in an office with candidates going in and out. You call them to visit, and they’d come at your command. But times have changed.

PWC suggests that workers are willing to trade 12% of their salary for flexibility and training. It simply means that candidates care about a lot more than money. Tiring application procedures and a truckload of applicant data might cost you your dream candidate

Companies need to adapt to new recruitment trends to hire and retain candidates as the workforce goes remote. Two key factors shape your hiring process: 

  • Community 
  • Software 

An easy hiring software can cut down hours of back and forth between you and your applicants while you build relationships. Be part of communities or business directories to grow your network and let the software take care of the rest.

10 top hiring software systems in 2022

60% of candidates quit the application process if it’s too lengthy and complex. Remember, you might have only one vacancy, but each applicant has several options. That’s why you must speed up the hiring process with software that takes care of tedious tasks while you build relationships with your applicants. 

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)  helps you create an effortless candidate experience so they feel drawn to your company. With effective data analysis tools, easy collaboration and built-in templates, hiring software make HR’s job much easier. Let the software handle mundane tasks while you focus on building relationships.


With Recruitee, you can share job posts across 1450+ job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google. Moreover, Recruitee partners with sourcing tools like hire EZ, Joonko, and Trusty to expand your candidate pool.

Hiring employees takes weeks of research, communication, and additional costs for your company. Before starting the recruitment process, learn about the cost per hire to make the best monetary decisions.

Recruitee provides an engaging candidate experience with a fair and structured evaluation which also gives hiring managers organized data to work with. It has HelloSign, DocuSign, and Signequest integration to ease e-signature.

You can monitor the whole hiring process with custom dashboards and reports which you can easily share with your teams. Recruitee supports easy data analysis, which helps HRs make more innovative, data-backed decisions without fully relying on their instincts.


Workable makes hiring easy for both the recruiters and candidates. Recruiters can post their jobs on over 200 sites with a single click. 

You can use attractive graphics to appeal to young candidates in the mobile-friendly application form, which comes with language preferences. Tone down the gender or caste bias with features like anonymized screening. 

Workable’s advanced referrals help you leverage employee connections to hire the best candidate. They can simply drop a name or online profile in Workable as a referral. AI recruiter works in the background to source you the 50 best candidates instantly.

Hire – Trackstar

Hire offers a three-step recruiting process that begins with crafting an attractive hiring pitch. Hire pulls out essential data from various resumes and creates customized workflows for hiring. No more storing information in large excel sheets. You can filter out our favorite candidates from Hire and share them with your hiring managers and founders. 

Offer templates help you automate the offer management process by auto-filling templates with candidates’ information and e-signatures. Your hiring team can collaborate on Hire effortlessly. Hire ensures each person has access to the candidate’s information to avoid the tiring back and forth.

Jazz HR

Jazz HR is robust hiring software that automates the entire hiring process. It helps with candidate sourcing, employer branding, assessments, and collaborative hiring. There’s no limit to the recruiting process as Jazz HR supports unlimited users and applicants for free. Custom branding options help you place yourself as a lucrative opportunity for applicants.

It generates unique insights based on data so you can easily separate one candidate from the other. Quick recruiting reports reduce your time to hire and escalates the whole process. Effective candidate sourcing helps you identify where your best applicants are coming from, so you maximize your efforts in that area.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers stabilization and remote hiring tools for internal HR teams to match the right candidate. It helps you build engaging career sites to attract the right candidate.

You can post on 50+ job boards, including Facebook jobs and LinkedIn. It opens up an employee referral program where your existing employees recommend qualified individuals that fit your company profile.

Zoho Recruit AI analyzes different resumes and finds the ideal candidate based on set skills, location and other filters you apply. Then, you can conduct background checks and skill tests for easier shortlisting. Zoho offers one-way video interviews from anywhere in the world so you can judge the candidate face-to-face and find the right fit for your company.

Clear Company

Clear Company unifies the hiring workflow with recruiting, onboarding, performance tracking and workforce planning. Clear Company provides expert advice and strategies for hiring top-notch talent along with powerful software.

An efficient candidate tracking system manages and promotes your job post on the best job sites so you can bring in the best candidates.

It promises an effortless candidate experience with a modern interface, text and video interaction, and application builder. You can connect Clear company with a LinkedIn recruiter license to seamlessly share the candidate data from LinkedIn.

Crelate Talent

Crelate Talent is created by recruiters for recruiters to ease the hiring process. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface which is super easy to move candidates through the workflow. You can communicate with the candidates, make recording interactions and manage essential tasks all within the software.

Create takes care of all mundane tasks like verifying documents and certificates, so HRs have everything they need to work with. You can have your documents signed right within Crelate by sending a customized e-signature document. 

Crelate is integrated with Checkr, an online background check software that verifies your candidate’s authenticity to make them fully ready to join your team.


Freshteam is an HR software that takes care of employee information, hiring, onboarding, and offboarding. You can share job postings via your site to keep them private to employees or share them publicly on job boards and sites. Freshteam supports paperless onboarding with customizable workflows and follow-ups. It contains in-built job description templates to make your job easier.

Freshteam allows your hiring team to review a profile collectively. Moreover, you can connect your work email with Freshteam ATS, so you never miss an email application. It allows you to add a custom tag to your brand page so people can also apply from Facebook.


Talenture offers comprehensive support for your hiring process. You can also source candidates from various job boards and your employee network. Marvin, the virtual recruitment expert, monitors the hiring process for any roadblocks and makes insightful suggestions to get the work done.

At the same time, the CRM provides a 360-degree view of your recruitment process and stores all notes and tasks in one place. You can track your speed and efficiency with concise metrics like candidate ratio, recruiting pace, and vacancy TAT to get an extensive framework for candidate sourcing, relationship building, and nurturing relationships.


Jobvite is an applicant tracking and recruiting software that takes care of all mundane tasks involved in the hiring process so HRs can focus on hunting the best talent.

The software starts action as soon as you post a job. It compiles a list of top candidates from your CRM and alerts them of the opportunity. When candidates show interest, the software guides them through the application process.

Jobvite helps you share candidate data across teams so hiring managers can share personalized messages to communicate efficiently with job seekers. It uses machine learning and natural language processing for candidate engagement, diversity, and intelligent matching. With Jobvite, you become an ideal candidate’s favorite choice.


Applicant Tracking System automates most hiring procedures and enhances your candidate’s experience. Build long-lasting relationships with candidates, so they choose your company over everyone else and leave the rest to the hiring software. Choose the software that fits your needs and get started today.

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