How to get followers on Instagram without following anyone

June 14, 2022

How to get followers on Instagram

When you start assessing research on acquiring more followers and gaining visibility on social media platforms – like Instagram,  you will come across a myriad of different tactics.  Everyone has a different opinion about what approach works the best but the reality is that only a small percentage of tactics work long term for getting followers on Instagram.

One of those random recommendations is to just start following a variety of other accounts. Many of them will click ‘follow’ for you in return.

The cold hard truth is that this is really just a nuisance more than an assist. It’s really not genuinely effective either. You just find random things in the news feed, and many of those never return a follow favor. There are systematically other ways that one might be able to boost Instagram followers. It just requires a bit of will and some effort too.

It might be hard and time consuming but still, with dedicating, it is possible to grow your Instagram and become a influencer.

7 tips for getting followers on Instagram

We’ve compiled some the best tips for how to sustainable gain followers on Instagram.

Caption each posting wisely

We know what you are likely thinking. Your posts have no titles or subheadings, so how can you caption them? It’s all about learning how to position and type out the post so that it’s attractive. Figure out some small catch line or phrase to start the post out. Use emojis to catch people’s eye. 

Then skip a line and say what else you need to say. That first little tidbit is the caption in reference here. If you’re looking for tips for how to get noticed on Instagram, scenarios such as this are optimal ways to improve the odds. First, consider a small phrase that encompasses the approach. 

Instagram actually has the capability to develop captions so you should take advantage of the concept. However, you can choose to simply formulate each created content to be catching in the setup. If you choose to develop your post well beyond the caption, that’s quite alright. Just add some sort of one-liner to captivate first. 

You can then proceed to sharing more details, providing lists, typing out a how to, or whatever else. Don’t forget to always provide a closing. We will talk about this a bit later in the guide!

Take the easy way

Hard work is where it’s really at primarily. However, you also could simply choose to perhaps buy some followers. When you make this particular purchase, you never have to follow others just to scrape for a single like or follower. Yet one accomplishes a guaranteed number of new fans with said purchase. 

Several varying companies and package options exist online. To buy Instagram followers, start at 1 dollar on a small package that will allow you increased options as well. This is how to get Instagram followers fast and with guaranteed assurance of delivery. These companies often begin delivering results almost immediately and will fulfill an order in a matter of just days. 

One logically good idea is to always make sure they use active fans and absolutely no bots ever. It’s also necessary to check for little details like guarantees and the timeline for delivery. Other than details such as this, buying fans is a cheap and quick solution.

Make your bio magical

The first thing you see when you check someone on IG? You review the bio or profile as you will. When someone is curious, they sniff out the profile details. This often determines what happens next, right? 

This will work the same for you. The magical bio is the means to be recognized and gain some traction here. It’s ultimately just a quick highlight about an individual or business. It reflects the basic notions about a person, the brand, and details. 

IG’s bio is a tricky place so do some research to figure out the best approach to pack tons of details into that tiny little space. You need short snippets to share. This should include a short descriptive piece, a designated link, and maybe a CTA, depending on initial goals. 

Some people even create custom hashtags for their brand and showcase them here. IG forces you to squeeze all of this detail into 150 characters so short, sweet, and efficient is the key to your magical process here.

Tagging is your friend

You know who already has thousands of followers? Influencers! Really striving for the potential to be seen might involve tagging influencers. Now, be strategic with the approach. You can’t just choose some random influencer that is irrelevant with posted subject matter or a dedicated nichel. 

In fact, this approach is viably efficient at negating your hard work to get Instagram followers free fall and leaving you hanging. People will take one look, shrug their shoulders, and just move right along or get suspicious. 

Let’s be honest. Anyone would likely react the same. Someone tagged one of your favorite influencers, so you hopped over to their page thinking it could be spectacular. But you find out they were way off base. Denied! 

When you’re choosing influencers, make them relevant. Either find them by relevant hashtags or even relatable content. Always tag them but make it worth the tag, you know? Chances are an influencer or manager will take note of the tag and be grateful but everyone who follows them will also be subjected to noticing the tag and this could bring you some gained following in the meantime. 

Use this like a rare treat and not a daily practice. Just choose to tag them on occasion and always make it applicable. Quality will make a substantial difference.

Sharing products

Maybe you have a side hustle that sells something? This is the winning chance to demonstrate it! Surely you’ve noticed posts for giveaways on IG? It’s considerably the perfect way to drastically improve a fan base and get some traction. 

There are so many different options here. Maybe choose to give away a product or even some sort of service. It technically isn’t required to be your own product. Although, if you sell products, it makes sense to stick to the line of ideas. You could collaborate with someone in this scenario too. 

Beauty bloggers might choose to give away something like their favorite hairbrush or a favorite lipstick or something like that. If you create custom t-shirts, you could do a t-shirt giveaway. Find something that will engage the people and give them something in return. 

Not only can you effectively spotlight a specific product or offering but it just might bring people flocking in. Statistics reflect many times these fans will keep following you at least for a while even after your giveaway ends. 

One can opt to host regular giveaways to provide the people something to appeal to later. Design some sort of a contest, pick a random winner, or whatever you decide. You can require anything feasible such as likes, shares, follows, etc. You would be surprised at how much this can grow a fan base. 

Utilize hashtags

You know that hashtags are an integral piece of the Instagram system. Those that love Instagram love the searchability of a simple hashtag. People use those all the time. You’re allotted the ability to add 30 hashtags in any single post you create. While that many are not required, if you want to boost Instagram followers, it is essential to be using at least a few. 

Hashtags should be chosen carefully. Avoid randomly typing in a bunch of nonsense tags. Find some highly relevant tags to include. Try to mix in a few common ones as well. If you need inspiration, try doing some research through other similar users and reflect on your options for inspiration. 

Make an effort not to simply copy them completely but this might help inspire you. We recommend a mix of the following.

    • Highly relevant to post content
    • Brand relevance
    • Popular options that everyone sees

Choose wisely and if you only end up with 10, that’s fine. Just make them great ones! Don’t skip hashtags completely.

Deliver a Killer Closing

Now that we know the basics of creating things like profile bios and valued content, don’t forget to wrap up each post usine a closing line. This should always have some sort of call to action. It’s a closing line, a request to do something, or a question designed to develop engagement. 

For example, one could end a posting by asking a question to the audience. Maybe you told a funny story. Invite those readers to then versions of a story of their own in the comments. Perhaps you talked about some fantastic product. 

Close that post with a call to purchase theirs right away and direct them with instructions to accomplish just that. This is where you might say “visit the link in the bio to get yours today” or something along those lines. But don’t just use that wording. Give them an excuse to visit said link. 

Without the invitation to do something, it’s possible these readers never will take action. 


The end-all prize is simply to be seen. It’s not enough to just waste all of your time following everyone else and crossing your fingers they will then do the same for you. You also aren’t required to turn around and follow everyone who does choose you. 

Instead, use valuable time to really create amazing content designed to draw people in. Learn how to increase Instagram followers by taking advantage of varying tools like buying them or offering contests and giveaways to become more known and followed.

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