Buying more houses for your investment portfolio: 5 effective tips

August 21, 2023

Buying more houses for your investment portfolio

Real estate is one of the sturdiest investment vehicles around that investors can buy. With the right strategies, you can grow your property portfolio faster than you ever imagined. Real estate investing starts with buying properties at the right price. From there, you can expand your portfolio.

5 steps for expanding your investment portfolio

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, these five tips will guide you in purchasing more properties for your investment portfolio.

Leverage other peoples money (OPM)

Using other people’s money is a tried and tested strategy for growing a real estate portfolio. Whether it’s through a mortgage, a private lender, or a business partner, leveraging OPM allows you to buy more properties with less of your own capital. Risk management is key when borrowing someone else’s money to buy a house. You must make sure your investment yields higher returns than your borrowed interest rates. Remember, a smaller piece of a bigger pie can be worth more than a bigger piece of a small pie.

Leveraging OPM allows you to expand your reach without straining your own pockets. With banks and private lenders willing to fund lucrative deals, there’s no reason you shouldn’t tap into these resources. It’s all about establishing credibility and presenting potential high-return properties. Always be ready with a solid business plan, and don’t forget to build strong relationships with these financial institutions. Borrowing money in the future gets easier depending on your real estate investing track record.


Networking is the lifeblood of real estate investing. Join local real estate groups, attend seminars, and always be on the lookout for potential partners or deals. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll come across. Whether it’s a deal that hasn’t hit the market yet or a fellow investor looking to sell a property, your network can be your secret weapon.

Every relationship you nurture today can potentially lead to fruitful opportunities tomorrow. Plus, having insider knowledge can make all the difference in sealing a great deal. Reach out to real estate agents, property managers, and even contractors. They often have firsthand information on potential sales or properties ripe for investment. Also, consider leveraging social media platforms and online forums. Digital connections can be just as valuable as face-to-face ones in today’s interconnected world.

Look for off-market deals

Some of the best property deals never make it to the mainstream market. By looking for off-market deals, you can avoid bidding wars and often secure properties at a lower price. This could involve working with wholesalers, direct mailing homeowners, or even simple door-knocking. Investors oftentimes learn how to wholesale investment properties out of necessity to find more off-market deals. Finding these deals takes more legwork, but the payoff can be substantial.

Going off-market means you’re diving into a pool that many investors don’t even know exists. It’s like having access to a secret shop with exclusive items. How do you find these gems? Establish relationships with estate attorneys—they often know of properties that might be sold due to legal reasons. Also, consider driving around neighborhoods of interest. Look out for distressed properties. Sometimes, owners are willing to sell below market value to quickly offload them. Off-market deals require initiative, but they promise lucrative returns.

Educate yourself continuously

Around 90% of millionaires claim to have made their wealth through real estate investing. This emphasizes the need for continuous education. Laws change. The market changes. By staying educated, you not only avoid potential pitfalls but also spot emerging opportunities before others do. Moreover, keep up with the modern tech and the AI revolution. Ground-breaking startups like Resideline for example, are standing out in the industry by using advanced AI algorithms that analyze vast rental data to help you make better decisions. 

Subscribing to real estate magazines, attending webinars, and even following influential real estate blogs can keep you updated. Business books, too, are an invaluable resource. Many seasoned investors share their secrets in bestsellers. Investing in your knowledge ensures you remain agile, adaptive, and ahead of the curve. When others are puzzled by market changes, you’ll be three steps ahead, ready to capitalize.

Diversify across markets

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Different real estate markets have different growth potentials and risks. By diversifying across multiple markets, you can take advantage of various growth trends and hedge against localized downturns. This might mean investing in a different city, state, or even country. Research different markets, understand the local dynamics, and invest wisely.

Sticking to what you know is comfortable, but comfort seldom leads to exponential growth. Explore markets outside your immediate vicinity. With today’s technology, managing properties interstate or even internationally has never been easier. Different markets respond differently to economic shifts. While one city may be experiencing a downturn, another could be on the rise. It’s like playing chess on multiple boards. You must strategize well.


Growing a robust real estate portfolio isn’t an overnight endeavor, but with persistence, education, and smart strategies, you can steadily expand your property holdings. Remember, the journey of a thousand properties begins with a single house. So, go out there and make that purchase!

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