5 Healthcare Startups That Are Changing the World Forever

Apr 8, 2019

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Yesterday we celebrated World Health Day, an event started by the World Health Organization back in 1947. Since then, on April 7th every year, we look back and remember the importance of health for better quality of life.

Everyone wants to live a long life. However, sometimes different factors push people to make bad health choices, often without even considering the consequences on the long-run.
During the last few years, the business world has shown an increased amount of interest in employee wellbeing. It is well known that happy and healthy employees equal a successful business. Every entrepreneur who has been in business for quite some time, understands the importance of employee wellbeing, and how it affects the company.

Compelling data shows that healthy employees are more productive at their jobs. It might seem obvious, but such statement backed by scientific facts is what motivated many entrepreneurs to invest in medical research and innovation.

Looking back 100 years and comparing medical research to today, we can conclude that health innovation has improved, with the speed of light. Even looking 25 years in the past – MRI and CT machines required a half an hour to create one segment, while today’s MRIs finish the whole procedure, made from hundreds of segments, in just a couple of seconds.

Today, without a doubt, we are living in the golden age of medical research and innovation. The front runners of medical research and innovation are entrepreneurs from all over the world, who have bright ideas and vision to make the world a healthier place to live. For that reason, to better understand how these entrepreneurs succeeded with their ideas, we will introduce their startups and explain what they do.

One of five people suffers from a mental disorder, at least once in their lifetime. Furthermore, 50% of them don’t receive treatment and continue to live their lives in agony. The most common place where people experience these disorders are usually at work.

For that reason, Farina Schurzfeld and Nora Blum from Germany founded their startup and created a therapy support tool, that has already helped many individuals to deal with mental instabilities. This platform offers anonymity and does not focus on individuals, but functions as a group, people collectively helping each other to solve their problems.

Obesity is a chronicle medical condition that implicates the health of millions of people around the globe. Also, it is a known that it triggers a series of health issues. One of them and most common is diabetes.

Sometimes life will turn you upside down. Stress, fatigue, lack of exercise and fast food destroy your organism. On the other hand, unhealthy eating habits is one of the main reason, along with genetics, that contribute to getting a diabetes disease.

OurPath created a wristband that monitors the daily activity of their users to make lives easier for people who combat diabetes, especially those who have type 2. It shows the number of taken steps, the time they’ve slept, their weight and heart rate.

Thanks to this device, users will know how much exercise they’ve done during the day and whether they need to do more or not, so they remain on the right course. OurPath was founded back in 2014 in the UK, and have raised more than $500.000 in venture capital funding. Since then, they continue to grow and are expected to remain on the market and potentially becoming a leader in fighting diabetes.

3. Kry

Hypochondriacs are the first ones to take cover when someone sneezes at work. Moreover, hypochondriac call their doctor all the time, even when it is not needed. Sadly, one day the doctor will not answer, because they’ve crossed the line. We all know people who are hypochondriacs and at some point of our lives we can relate to them.

If you feel that you are becoming a hypochondriac, or feel the fear that something is wrong with your health, a Swedish startup named Kry has the answer.

They created an app where you can write down all of your symptoms and even upload a picture. Afterward, all of that is reviewed by a professional and you get a 15 minute time slot for a call from them, to understand if everything is all right with your health and provide next step recommendations when necessary.

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