Optimisation tips for media companies looking to thrive in the 2020s

Optimisation tips for media companies looking to thrive in the 2020s

Optimisation tips for media companies looking to thrive in the 2020s

April 15, 2021

Tips for optimizing your media company

The last year has been a challenging one for a lot of companies and entrepreneurs alike. While some businesses stumbled, others thrived in this new, unprecedented environment that we found ourselves in. However, with this in mind, there could be some entrepreneurs and business owners reading this who fall into either category, who are searching for business lessons and practices that they use to help their company thrive as we head further into 2021.

We have created a list of tips below – on ways you can optimise methods and practices within your business to help it thrive in this new environment. Whether you are looking to overhaul numerous business practices, or just one or two, we are confident that there is something of value below.

Three tested optimisation tips for media companies

Before getting started on the process, you will want to make sure that you have ascertained what is working for your business and what isn’t. This gives you a better idea of what you need to focus your efforts on in the coming weeks and months.  

Where do you want your business to go 

The all-important question that entrepreneurs ask themselves regularly and one which is crucial to the development of strategies that will contribute to your business’s success. By having an idea of what projects you will be leading as a media company, what the projects themselves require moving forward, and what you can do to positively contribute towards these projects, you will better understand where your business is heading. Not to mention, by making a note of these things, you can establish what parts of the project you could employ some help with, which leads us to the following point.  

Use the services of well-established businesses

It goes without saying, but to ensure that a job is completed to the fullest extent possible, using the services of a professional company is an ideal place to start. Outsourcing certain aspects of your media process are sure to make a world of difference when wanting to thrive as we head further into the year. Red Bee Media provides budding media moguls with the opportunity to broadcast their project to a broader audience via their playout services and is something well worth considering when wanting to thrive as a media company. Using services such as these will contribute significantly to your business’s success overall; companies like these will already own the equipment necessary to broadcast your content, meaning that you would not have to pay for it yourself.  

Rebranding Your Business

Now, this is not to say that you have to take everything back to the drawing board. However, with this in mind, if you have found that there are certain aspects of your branding that are falling behind, it may be worth researching ways that you can change or alter them. Making changes as and when necessary, and optimising making changes when you set fit, will make sure that your company is keeping up with any current trends and getting attention from audiences as well. After all, it is the audience interest in your business that will contribute towards it being successful.  


We hope that these tips have been of some help in your researching process and that you feel confident going forward that the changes you are making will make a difference to the broader spectrum of your business. With the media world constantly evolving and changing, you must keep up with these changes to stay relevant and remain a frontrunner in your chosen industry.  

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3 tips for streamlining your bid writing process to perfection

3 tips for streamlining your bid writing process to perfection

3 tips for streamlining your bid writing process to perfection

April 14, 2021

Streamlining your bid writing process the right way

When it comes to writing and crafting bids , even the most seasoned bid managers could improve their writing process and track progress more efficiently. Below, we’ve broken down our top tips for streamlining the bid writing process after your bid documents arrive in your inbox.

Decide who is helping and give deadlines straight away

As soon as the bidding documents have arrived and you make the final decision to bid, it’s time to plan, plan, plan.

You’ll already be aware of the best people to write specific pieces – for example, if you have to provide any financial information, you know you’ll likely need documents from your Head of Finance or Accountants. Letting them know what you need and when you need it by is key. The earlier, the better – you don’t want to be held up by any documents that have vanished off the Google Drive!

In some instances, you may need to provide confidential information (e.g. salary information if you are a Living Wage Employer and this supports your application) that the HR department may want to give to you right at the end or submit as a passworded document for the tendering organisation’s eyes only. It’s important that they know who they should be sending the documents to if they are doing this themselves.

In order to streamline this process, we recommend creating a spreadsheet with information about who is writing what, when you gave them the information, their deadline and progress – perhaps in a traffic light colour system. This way you can visually see what you are waiting for without having to scroll through a lot of email chains.

Plan the content and identify ‘win themes’

It may be that you are applying for this specific project as it aligns perfectly with your values or goals, in which case, it’s important to emphasise these. For example, our organisation is committed to providing X, and have a track record to evidence this, this work could help us further our aims… etc.

It’s almost like telling a story – what matters to your business and how do yours and the tendering organisation’s goals align? How can you help them achieve their own targets and what extra benefits can they get from working with you? What is your unique selling point that makes you stand out from your competition?

Make sure the team is aware of these ‘win themes’. For example, if the project is heavily based around social return on investment, this is crucial for the HR department to understand as they have a greater insight into what they can share. It might be proving that you provide opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, pay the Living Wage, that a certain percent of the money your staff earn is invested back into the local town, etc. 

Again, it is worth including some of this information in your spreadsheet under a ‘Notes’ column for specific details you have asked them to include.

Write and submit the bid

Once each contributor knows which parts they are writing and the themes to emphasise, it’s time to get writing. Different parts from different departments will likely be sent over to you in dribs and drabs so save them into the document immediately and make any changes necessary.

If you get stuck – don’t panic! If you find the bid submission and research hard to figure out , you can always search the internet for some extra help like this Thornton & Lowe’s guide or read a bit how governments handle bid submissions.

Make sure you are completely happy with the information provided – it might be that you have just thought of another factor that could be included (e.g. statistics from a case study), in which case you can get back to the relevant department and request this information with time left to make very final changes. Then, it’s time to submit and wait to hear back! 

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Tips to help you make the most out of your advertising budget

Tips to help you make the most out of your advertising budget

Tips to help you make the most out of your advertising budget

April 09, 2021

Ways the maximize the impact of your advertising budget

No matter the size of your business, you want your efforts to come to fruition and see results. Naturally, these things take time, but that does not stop the anticipation and impatience sometimes coming to light. The drive and determination required to be an entrepreneur can often take center stage, and that is not necessarily a bad thing! 

By making this determination and putting it back into your business, you are sure to witness changes and results in no  time. However, with that being said, there are some things that you can learn about, which could positively contribute and influence the results that come from your business. 

Advertising strategies are crucial to a business’s success and can make or break the supply and demand for a service or product. Detailed below are tips on how you can maximize your advertising budget within your business to get the results you want.  

Whether you are a complete novice and just starting in digital marketing, or are an experienced business-minded individual looking to learn new skills, we’re sure these tips will be useful. 

Identifying Your Target Audience

It goes without saying, but if you want to use your advertising to target audiences who will be interested in your products and services, you need to know who that audience is. Hazarding a guess as to this type of information would not be proactive and would not guarantee that you get results for your efforts, nor any conversions on people paying for your goods.This makes the conducting of proper market research a priority.

We recommend creating a user persona (or multiple). and pinpointing the demographic (age, gender, socioeconomic status), interests and behaviour your target audience would share. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what type of messaging would work best for them.

By knowing the audiences who demand the products or services you supply, you can directly target them with your advertising. Bring them on the customer journey and ultimately drive conversions and sales.

Consider Digital Advertising

It is natural to become distracted every now and then when running a business. Let’s be honest; there are often a million and one things – at least, it feels like there are that many – that require your attention; your mind is often elsewhere! While we can recognize and understand that this is very well the case, it is crucial that when wanting to maximize your advertising budget, that you are keeping as on track as you can.  

This does not mean that you must go down the more traditional route of advertising, such as television or print ads. You should be tailoring your ad creatives to where your target audience would be. Maybe you’re trying to reach a younger audience, consider running ads on social media channels like Snapchat or Instagram

Every business is unique and has different business goals, which means your advertising strategy would vary too. With so many advertising channels out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to run ad campaigns on.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a digital method that is used by companies worldwide that streamlines ad buying process online and consolidating digital advertising into one central platform.Here are some benefits:

  • Saves time by bypassing the lengthy sales process (everything is automated)
  • Ad channels include social, search, streaming TV, video, mobile apps and so much more
  • You can attribution ad clicks to dollars — the transparency allows you to know where your ad spend is going

Teaming up with a digital agency that specializes in programmatic advertising can be helpful as they can help with the strategy and execution of your advertising.

Monitoring and Analyzing Your Efforts

Once you have got your advertising strategy set up and executed, the hard part is out the way! However, that does not mean that the effort stops here. If anything, it is only just beginning. 

A successful advertising strategy will need frequent monitoring and optimizing, so you can ensure if your campaign is performing to its full potential. By comparing the data insights you’re collecting from various ad channels,, you can pinpoint which ads are performing well (such as ad image of keywords) and identify any low-hanging fruit and areas of opportunity., and if any consumer trends are beginning to emerge. You can allocate your ad dollars to the ad campaigns

Once you get an idea of these types of things, you can make informed decisions to tweak your advertising strategy to tackle these potential issues before they begin to impact your broader efforts.

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Lead generation in the real estate industry: 5 ways to make it work

Lead generation in the real estate industry: 5 ways to make it work

Lead generation in the real estate industry: 5 ways to make it work

April 08, 2021

Real estate lead generation strategies

It’s not a secret that real estate is one of the most profitable business niches, but it’s hard to get to the top due to the high number of realtors on the market and stiff competition between them. If you want to conquer this field, you will need to attract more customers and close more successful deals because the broader is the list the more chances there are to find the perfect fit for the client. To do so, you will need to get more people to interact with your agency, website, or company you are working for. 

In marketing, this process is called “lead generation”. This is probably the best way to scale the business because the more leads you have, the more chances there are to convert them into successful sales.

So here we go with the main ways you can use to attract more leads for your real estate business: 

Real estate listings

The simplest yet no less effective way to grow the database of your potential customers is to acquire access to the listings compiled by reputable lead generation companies like the one listed at ais-cpa.com to have more time to focus on converting these leads into clients rather than investing time into the search. Moreover, by using the compiled database of contacts, you can know for sure that these contacts are relevant and are interested in real estate services.  Note though, that the same contacts are shared with your competitors, so you’ll need to be inventive to get the attention of your prospects and suggest them unique offerings that will be more attractive than those from other agents.

Social media presence

Create a profile dedicated to your business on Instagram, and a Facebook page or share news in your personal feed to spread the word about your services so that your network can see it. This way you also let your social media friends and followers know that you are dealing with real estate and encourage them to use your services. It’s a great tactic because people tend to work with a person they can trust, that is why usually the first clients are coming from your closest connections. 

When it comes to the question of which social media is the best for the real estate business, there is no correct answer, as it all depends on the audience engagement. Some people give preference to Youtube while others want to see short posts while scrolling Facebook feed. So you will need to experiment with several social media to find what works best for you. Joining real estate communities is also a great idea to monitor the market demand and understand the clients’ needs. Besides that, it’s a great way to build partnerships.

Partnerships with niche businesses

Speaking of partnerships with fellow real estate agents that can recommend clients to one another when it comes to some specific types of properties, it’s one more way to attract leads to your business

However, you can also get benefit from partnerships in niche businesses like insurance brokers, cleaning agencies, catering, and other local businesses that will help to grow your network. This will help you to enhance your unique service proposition for your users where they will be able to save their time, as there will be no need in searching for separate specialists on their own. You can even consider bundling services or referral discounts creating higher value for your potential clients.

Creating your website

Launching your website is one of the key steps of building a personal brand and produce quality content for your target audience. This can be sharing useful guides on how to choose or sell the property, most common mistakes, and providing valuable life hacks when it comes to dealing with real estate. Plus, the wisely done SEO will attract more visitors to your website that can become your clients. 

Since the real estate market seem to be oversaturated, it’s better to focus on local SEO and its techniques like including keywords that contain location, register a GoogleMyBusiness account, and launch your presence in local real estate listings as most likely you will be interesting to find clients in your area. 

Having your website opens new opportunities when it comes to user engagement. You can consider interesting quizzes to choose the type of property, perform some giveaways, and develop your social media by content repurposing or cross-posting the most interesting materials.  It also boosts lead generation when you use encouraging surveys, discounts, and offering to subscribe to the newsletter on your website helping you to gain more contacts to work with.

Adopt a CRM

CRM is a lifesaver for busy realtors because this way you can rest assured that nothing skips your attention. If you have a lot of things to attend to, it’s easy to miss a follow-up or a promised update. With the software available on the market, you can automate these tasks, aggregate all the data about your leads and existing clients in one place including their contacts, interests, personal data like birthdays, and communication history. Modern solutions will remind you to make a call, send greetings, and even analyze the behavior of your leads to give you a hint when the probability of closing the deal is reaching its peak. 

With technology development and AI integration, CRM systems can completely transform the traditional operation management in real estate. Using an automatic user segmentation you can divide users into specific groups based on their initial request, age, interests, and GEO location. In its turn, it will allow you to use a more personalized approach when crafting communication, developing promos, and other marketing activities.


Developing a lead generation strategy may seem to be complicated at first, but the tips above will help you to optimize this process and customize the workflows according to the needs of your business. They work well when used alone, but can be more effective when you combine them and attract new leads using several channels. This way your business receives more growth potential. 

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How to predict future trends and transform your business

How to predict future trends and transform your business

How to predict future trends and transform your business

April 07, 2021

Predicting future trends in business

Who doesn’t want a crystal ball to predict the future? Knowing the future of the market can help you make the right moves and become a millionaire overnight. But let’s be real, no fortune teller can predict the future 100%.

However, that doesn’t mean that predicting the future of business is impossible. It all comes down to your analytical skills and having the right tools to prepare for what’s to come. As we said, this won’t always be 100% accurate, but it will give you a good idea of where things are headed.

There’s a risk of making mistakes when it comes to predicting future trends, but playing on the safe side will never bring growth to your company.

Ways to predict future trends and keep your business ahead

As a business owner or manager, you should train your mind as well as your team to detect changes that could open a door to major opportunities. Small businesses rise to large corporations only because they know how to predict future trends and turn them to their advantage.

So let’s see how predicting the future of business is done in real life.

Study the trends of yesterday

If you want to know what the trends of tomorrow will look like, then you should study up on the trends of yesterday. Trends work as a chain reaction in a way.

For example, TikTok. Look back at the famous app Vine and its success. Vine was extremely popular, but like many great things, it died. However, after the death of the app, all other social media apps continued to gain popularity. Now, you could predict that all tech platforms would grow, but now years after the death of Vine, TikTok took the same formula and has become a hit.

When popular things randomly disappear, you cannot expect them to stay gone forever. Nostalgia is a strong tool that everyone should keep their eyes on. If you notice something fading away, remember that people once loved it, and over time that love can come back again.

Melissa South, SVP of Swingtie

The law of inertia

Due to the law of inertia, things will stay the same unless acted upon by an outside force. This means that trends will only occur when one of two things happens:

    • A law forces people to change routines or
    • An influential force releases a concept into the world that gains favor

By keeping informed (but not obsessed) with daily news/pop culture and asking how will this impact the people around me, I’m able to capitalize on up-and-coming trends as they start to grow.

Eric Bechtel, Managing Director at Gameplan Digital Marketing

Research, analytics, and tech

Research, analytics, and tech have proven to be very helpful in my quest of identifying and preparing for future trends. In order to make sure that my team and I are prepared for any change that might affect our industry, I make sure to keep track of important events, data, and studies and do my best to analyze them. Having the right tech or application has helped me make my analysis more accurate and my strategies stronger.

Making the most out of the information and the tools that you have will help you predict future trends and ensure your business’s growth.

Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer at avXperten

Use the power of the Internet

There are 3 ways that I’ve used to predict future trends.

The first technique I used to predict trends is to use Google trends. What you want to do is look for a rising line graph for a one year span. The line graph can’t be gradually going up either, it has to be hockey stick growth.

Another technique is to use Ahrefs which is an SEO tool. I use this tool to look for websites trying to write and monetize about the topic. The more websites that try to monetize off of it, the more likely I believe the trend will be mainstream.

The final way is to look on forums like Reddit. What you want to look for is enthusiasm from the people. The more the people act cult-like, the higher chances the trend will keep going.

Alex Cortez, Founder of Roborefuge

The three ways

Being in the field of marketing, it is really important to understand the current trends of the market and also predict the trends of the future. Based on my experience, here are the top tips for predicting future trends in business:

    • Conduct surveys

In order to predict future trends, it is always a good idea to conduct surveys every once in a while and try to understand the problems of the customers and bring solutions for it because if you don’t make a solution, somebody will and that will become a trend. So it is one of the many ways through which future trends can be predicted.

    • Keep up with technology

With each passing day, there is some engineer out there inventing or making new machines that can tackle a problem much more efficiently. With this in mind, it is recommended to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest inventions and technology as these machines and technology will create a trend in the future.

    • Monitor the competition

Competing in the market is one way of staying with the current trends and also getting an insight about what the future may hold and where the trends may go.

Igor Avidon, Founder of Avidon Marketing Group


Success in business comes easier for those who know how to predict future trends. After all, business growth is all about adapting and pivoting to stay relevant in the market. If the needs of the consumers change, and your products don’t, you can’t expect to stay in business.

Everything seems to change at rapid speed, however, if you look at history you’ll discover patterns that could help you stay ahead of the curve. The important thing is to keep an open mind and don’t for a second believe that things won’t change.

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The ultimate SEO tips for real estate websites in 2021

The ultimate SEO tips for real estate websites in 2021

The ultimate SEO tips for real estate websites in 2021

March 31, 2021

SEO tips for real estate websites

The real estate home buyers sector is not exempt from the need to utilize proper marketing, thus the need for SEO for real estate. The advent of the internet has shifted the landscape, and any business owner must adapt.  

Proper marketing will increase the likelihood of attracting new clients. Profit margins will grow along with your revenue. Also, you will waste fewer resources on fruitless discussions with unqualified prospects. The number of cold calls that you will have to make will decrease as well. 

SEO for real estate seeks to increase the likelihood that your website will rank higher on Google search engine results. 

Most potential buyers use the internet to search for a new property, and a majority of them do not look past the first page on Google. Your business success often depends on your ability to have your website featured among the top search results. Thus SEO directly contributes to getting new clients.

Google has updated the search engine result page to include local map packs and advertisements, leaving even less available page space for your site.

6 things to know about SEO for real estate

An investment in SEO has a very high ROI, as it is one of the most effective methods to increase online exposure. There are dozens of on-page and off-page optimizations, but here are some tips to help create a successful SEO real estate website:

Provide complete information

The Google search engine prefers websites with complete profiles. This step is easy to complete, as you only need to access Google My Business and start adding your details to the form. 

Basic info such as the company name, website link, exact address, and contact info is essential. In addition, people prefer accessing pages that feature photos, Google Maps coordinates, and user reviews. 

Your website’s goal is to appear in the top 3 spots in the search results when a customer types: “Localcityname real estate.”  A phone number that is formatted will enable the one-click call function directly from the results page. In the SEO industry, they call it the 3-pack. Here is what it looks like:

Results from google query 'best haircuts in phoenix'

Utilize a Schema Markup

A Schema Markup is a method of organizing your business page’s code, making it easier for the search engine to determine its format. This is a useful optimization method, given that businesses who use it will benefit from a 20% higher click rate on average.

You can mark up your company listing, such as contact info, opening hours, and so on. And you can do the same for info tables regarding the properties in question. 

Schema Markup will increase the chance for your information to appear in a rich snippet such as online reviews. Rich snippets appear on the SERP or search engine result pages and they have a nice eye-catching piece of real estate on the results page. Here is an example:

Serp example of the keyword ' how to sell my house fast'

Get reviews from past clients

Potential customers usually read reviews before deciding to work with a company. Having excellent reviews will increase the likelihood of getting new customers. Politely ask satisfied clients to leave you positive comments on Google. 

There are other platforms such as Yelp that specialize in user reviews.However, the same principle applies to the opposite situation. A bad rating will discourage future clients from contacting you. 

A great way to get reviews on Google is by providing your customers with a direct link to your Google Review page. You can find the link on your Google My Business dashboard.

Set up geographic landing pages

A landing page is a web page to which the user is directed after he/she clicks one of your links. While many businesses direct customers to their homepages, “Contact” or “About” sections, these destinations are sub-optimal. 

A veritable landing page is a dedicated post-click destination, removed from your main site’s navigation. 

Landing pages are distinctly designed for one function: to convince the user to engage/purchase your services and are optimized for certain target keywords such as “ Sell my house fast in Phoenix Az”. As the market becomes more data-reliant, these dedicated landing pages are producing higher ROI.

Estimates indicate that businesses who choose to set up 40 or more landing pages will benefit from a 120% increase in leads. Based on these statistics, it is important to include geographic landing pages to your site.

Geographic landing pages perform the same function, with the mention that they are designed to be area-specific. A geo-specific page is beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple cities or towns. 

It allows marketers to be less-vague and generate targeted marketing campaigns that better fit their local area. 

Also, it helps you avoid a mismatch in messaging. Say, for example, you have a promo banner that offers a 10% discount. People expect to get more details regarding the discount after they click it. 

Those expectations will not be met if they are redirected to your “Contact” or “About Us” page. With no discount to be seen, most will close the tab or click away. The message must be consistent, both pre-click and post-click. 

Also, make sure that the landing page has the same color scheme, discount offer, headline, company logo, etc. 

On your landing page it is important to have an optimal URL structure. For example, yoursite.com/arizona/phoenix. Having a hierarchy is the correct way. Here is what it looks like in practice: an example from a Phoenix based company.

example of a SEO friendly url on a website with domain: www.site/arizona/scottsdale

Make personalized content that is also mobile-ready

Almost half of all real estate searches occur via mobile phone. It is crucial to optimize your page for this platform. Test every feature and section to make sure that it is accessible via phones and tablets. 

Properties such as loading speed are essential in driving mobile traffic. 

It is also essential to make efforts towards generating personalized content. While stats, graphs, and data are noteworthy, most clients will be more interested in pictures, reviews, and personal testimonies.

On-Page SEO

These optimizations will directly target your website’s content. The goal is to aid Google in determining the content’s relevance towards a topic or keyword.

You must optimize elements such as titles, hyperlinks, body text, and keywords. 

Regarding keywords, proper keyword integration is essential in search engine optimization. Keyword research is easy to conduct, as Google offers a free tool in Google Ads. You can find the most common search terms in your area and incorporate them into your content. 

There is usually a main keyword, and make sure you include it somewhere near the top of the page. Here is a good example of a Geo landing page with the main keywords at the top of the page:

Example of targeted keyword


SEO for real estate websites is a challenge, yet it is a very productive endeavor. A basic understanding of how Google ranks content is vital. SEO skills are indispensable for any business owner, in real estate or otherwise. And if you feel you’re not up to the task, you can always hire an SEO agency to take care of it.

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